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I’m sitting here in my living room with my secondary laptop blogging this as the tuner is hammering away at my piano, key after key, making my piano emit weird wailing noises. I’m assuming that’s happening because he’s sticking some blue thing in between the tiny wooden hammer thingies while he twists and turns some knobs. Real irritating, don’t understand how a piano tuner can stand hearing such high pitch noises for a long period of time without going absolutely deaf.

Anyway, I suddenly realised how used I am to widescreen computer monitors by now. It feels really weird typing and using this laptop which has a 4:3 screen at only 1024 by 768 resolution. No idea how I could stand such a resolution in the past. Widescreen Macs have really spoiled me.

Speaking of Macs though, now I’m positive that my next computer is going to be a Windows PC already. I’m through with Macs, except of course my beloved Macbook Pro. In my opinion, no PC will EVER be more aesthetically appealing than Macs. In terms of functionality however, I think I’ll be statisfied enough with a PC, so that I don’t need to pay like twice the price for desktop computers. I have a feeling I’ll always want Mac laptops, but as for desktop, I can’t wait to get a quad core computer with dual graphics cards with a terabyte of storage or something at a fraction of what a Mac Pro would cost.

And I apologize if I typed anything incoherent or grammatically incorrect in the last few paragraphs, this piano tuning noise is absolutely driving me crazy. Boy do I pity my neighours. Oh guess what, he’s turning the knobs and hammering the same exact notes as he was earlier, except now it seems the blue thingamagum has become a brown thingamagum. Unfortunately my piano is still emitting awful wailing noises.

Before I go completely barking mad from the noise, I have to say it’s unfortunate I couldn’t even turn up for both of the banner painting days for Thor. I wonder how it’ll end up being like 🙂

That’s it, I’m off for now, will blog on akaspvn later I guess, when the noise dies down and I can hear myself think.


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Merry X’mas

Well, once again, another christmas has gone by without anything going on at home that remotely suggests today is a special day of sorts. I’m more than used to it by now, except this year was the first year I actually gave/received presents in around a decade or so (I’m not exaggerating). A change no doubt, though one that I could probably go without.

Anyway, for the record, went to Grace’s house a few days ago, and it is


Yes, anyway, slept for around 13 or so hours in a row last night, after I reached home from a “christmas celebration” with a throbbing headache. I’ve probably never slept this much since I was a baby. I hope this trend doesn’t continue, or I’m going to have to start sleeping at 4.30pm on school days.

Speaking of school, it’s looming just around the corner now, and there’s still so much stuff to be done. Sigh.

And I’ve just started playing Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 again. A 6 year old game, and proabably one of the most addictive games ever.

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How to be a Gentleman

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  1. Water heater ain’t working
  2. 1 of 2 of my study room’s florescent lights keeps on blinking, and it’s annoying the hell outta me when I’m using the computer
  3. I have no air-con at all
  4. The toilet bowl’s flushing thingy takes like 10 minutes to refill
  5. 3 of the ceiling fans (living room, bedroom and study room) aren’t working at all
  6. 1 of 2 of the kitchen’s florescent lights hasn’t been working for years
  7. and most important of all… I don’t have my own room!

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Busy few days.

Seems like the monotonus days of staying at home all day long during the holis are just about over. The last few days have been pretty hectic and it doesn’t seem like things will change. Today’s the only day in the entire week I’ll be staying at home the entire day, unfortunately. Had the SFCC outing on Sunday, pictures of which I’m too lazy to post here because they’re all over Facebook anyway.

Originally planned to head to sentosa for a day at the beach, but ended up staying at vivo rooftop due to the bloody rain. Still had tons of fun there though, especially in the wading pool. Another note to self though: running in wading pool + wearing slippers = fall down = pain. The rest of the day was still really fun though, Min Yu’s birthday, drinking game with the others (at least I didn’t have to take the alcohol, hate it), etc. Reached home dead tired but still went online.

Ended up not having enough sleep for the next day, OGL training day one. Highlight of the day was supposed to be Sea Regatta Carnival trial run, which unfortunately got marred by the rain. Barely played any games because my first 2 stations were “rest” stations. Came back more exhausted than anything else, but was still a pretty good day.

The next day’s OGL training wasn’t as good for me though, rather the training itself was pretty fun, though tiring, was the later part of the day that completely sucked. First, I had to go home on an empty stomach because they decided to cancel the OG dinner at the last minute because too few people could make it. Next, when I got on the bus to the airport to change bus, I realised my EZ-Link card had a negative value. Even worse, I didn’t even have enough coins to pay for the ride. To make matters even worse, the first 2 people whom I asked to help change my note into coins didn’t even have enough coins. Luckily another kind lady gave me a few more coins.

When I reached the airport, decided to go all the way to the MRT station just to top up my card, but I ended up walking the wrong way and wasted lots of time trying to find the stupid machine. Then when I finally got everything in order and took the bus home, I fell asleep on the bus and missed my stop. So had to get down and cross the road to take a bus back again. Even more inconveniences when I reached home, but too lazy to elaborate now. All in all, not one of the most luckiest days of my life.

The next few days are gonna be pretty busy days again unfortunately, can’t imagine going back to school now that I’m so used to having whole days to myself. 😦

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The ride home on the bus is feeling oddly long today for some reason. Maybe it’s cuz I still feel sticky from all the sea water or something, but this ride has seriously been lasting forever. So much so that I’ve taken to blogging on my iPod, though it’s quite a hassle to type anything of length on it.

Ogl training was pretty fun alright, though i’m completely shagged now 😦 it would have been a hell lot better if it hadn’t rained in the middle of the sea regatta, wait sorry I mean sea carnival (seriously no idea why they changed the name for no reason).

My scab from falling down yesterday in the wading pool at vivo during the gathering for SFCC Project Inspire ’08 broke slightly when my knee hit the sand while “swimming” in the shallower regions of East coast. And for the record, wound + salt water = PAIN!!

I’ve wasted so much time typing this that I’ve finally almost reached my stop. Better end this now and hope I remember to post it when I reach home.

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My little secret project

“your blog? akaspvn dot what?”




Yeah there’s a reason why I’ve been so quiet on here lately, been working on my not-so secret blog (considering how it’s already been on my sidebar for ages). It’s gonna be a separate place for me to just write for fun, seeing as how this is wordpress blog is more of a personal diary rather than anything else. Please, I know my writing ain’t that good, and I just want to write for fun and out of interest, so I hope no one flames me saying how it sucks.

To those that want to help,  I’d really appreciate it if anyone reading this could link “www.akaspvn.com” in your own blog (assuming you have one). It’d really help me a lot. Of course, if you don’t it’s just fine 🙂

Oh but of course this hasn’t been the only thing keepin me occupied recently, I’ve suddenly started playing so many games. Most importantly of all, Team fortress 2! I have no idea why, but this game is ridiculously addictive, especially when I’m playing on the Malaysian server I love to play on. It really is great fun, especially when everyone’s using their mics.

And I’ve realised L4D is really only fun when you’re playing with friends. For some reason, playing with strangers online gets boring after awhile, unless they’re really fun people with mics. Seriously, mics are what make games like these fun.

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