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spoiled by macs.

Just got a new free laptop cuz I signed up for the 10mbps plan for singtel, but don’t be envious of me. I got this crappy 1 year old laptop which I’m struggling to type on properly right now. I got a thousand and one gripes with this thing.

  • There’s not bloody trackpad, instead I’m stuck with the stupid red dot in the middle of the keyboard which is a pain in the ass to use.
  • No in-built dvd/cd drive (not that I REALLY need one anyway)
  • The screen is way to small for my comfort (my imac is 17″ and mbp is 15.4, both are widescreen), I’m just not used to such small screens.
  • Oh, have I mentioned this stupid crappy thing runs WINDOWS VISTA? Not to mention it’s a Lenovo X61 laptop… I repeat… LENOVO, which means it has stupid crappy extra applications and services whose only purpose is to slow down my computer.
  • BY THE WAY, IT RUNS VISTA. Honestly, I never knew how bad it was… till now. NOTHING WORKS.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve really been spoiled by macs over the past few years already. I never realised how everything seriously JUST WORKS the moment you start up a mac. Different case here. I had to go thru tons of stupid start up screens, then a thousand and one stupid windows which I don’t care about just popped up the moment I logged on onto this already super small screen. The keyboard is so cramped that I can barely type properly on it, have I mentioned how stupid it is to use a red dot as your mouse? It’s impossible!

Thanks to stupid windows and lenovo apps and services I don’t care about, I currently have 80+ processes running and I have no idea where to begin removing them from. Bottom line… I’ll stick to macs.. period.

Now time to go to bed, stupid long day at school again tmr, not to mention project work periods start this week… damn.


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Great… What a To-Do List:

  • Maths Trigo Assignment (2 questions only)
  • Econs Essay (which was actually due today)
  • Computing theory tutorial (hopefully can get answers from janson tmr)
  • Physics test to study for
  • Gotta wake up at 7am tmr morn for computing training

Goodnight cruel world…

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Woots.. O2 OGL πŸ™‚ Had OGL training on friday from 1 -5pm after cross country. Really sucked at the cross country this time (stupid asthma), hope i do better next year…

Anyway, seriously, all the O2 OGLs are super high… We just can’t stop cheering πŸ™‚ Learnt cheers/mass dances and other random stuff on friday and monday.. had to go back to school on tuesday for really boring briefing and dry run of games..Today was a blast though πŸ™‚ Had to reach school by 7 though, so cabbed down. Was a slow start.. but as O2 started, everyone was super duper high.. or rather… the OGLs were super high.

Let’s put it this way: My OG has 2 freshmen in total… and that’s considered a good thing already. Granted, some other sub OGs have like 6 ppl, but many had ZERO. Even the 2nd intakers didn’t come. Can’t blame them, since even some of those of us victorians who were posted to other JCs went there to register, then came back to be OGLs πŸ˜€ (won’t mention names here just in case you all get into trouble, but you know who you are ;))

On that note, I feel sorry for many of the 1st intakers who can’t make it back when they clearly deserve to, unlike some ppl who had successful appeals but didn’t deserve to come back at all… (fuck you RH… though I dont even know you… still, FIGHTKILL)

Anyway.. back to today. We OGLs sure got excited when we saw the rest of the J1s pouring into the hall.. Alas, we were letdown cuz a lot of them came to take their attendance, then “HAD TO GO TOILET”. Thus, in the end, the OGLs outnumbered the freshmen, as the case always is with O2. Of course, that didn’t stop us from having a shitload of fun πŸ™‚

Learned mass dances, did cheers, the usual stuff. By the time we played the dry games, plenty of the J1s left, and many sub OGs only had their OGLs left to play the games. Still, all of us kept cheering non stop.. Today was undoubtedly the day I’ve cheered the most in 16+ years.


ok, gotta report to sch at 7 again tmr to meet my TWO ogmates (at least they bother to show up, thanks loads varruna and krystal, it means a lot to us V4 OGLs :)) and WET GAMES TMR πŸ˜€ should have slept like 2 hours ago, still I survived on 3+hours of sleep last night and screamed the entire day. Shall try to survive on highness tmr again.

Va, va, vaaa lour. Blue nails… seriously

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Last year, I had an excursion on valentine’s… seriously. Nothing special happened in cat high at all though. Seems like things are completely different in VJ. First, in the morning, I missed my bus stop, members of the public had to wake me up at the last stop before the bus took the highway all the way towards changi. Thank goodness they did. In fact, VJ ppl didn’t even bother to wake me, one of them was even wearing the cat high uniform…. argh.. whatever, I’m so not gonna wake him up next time if he falls asleep. Anyway, I completely forgot it was vday till I stepped into school and saw flowers all over the place. No seriously, they’re ALL OVER THE PLACE. I didn’t even see a single flower in cat high last year. It seriously is overrated in my opinion.

Vday SweetsStill, not complaining about all the sweets I got today. Thanks all πŸ™‚ But seriously, I’m so gonna die from diabetes or something. I mean come on, look at this…

Last, repost of the youtube video I posted last year. Still love this song… Though it’s only for those who celebrate today as “Friendship day” rather than “Valentine’s day” (ie. you’re a big fat loser who nobody wants… like me.)

Valentines by David Choi

I see a couple strollin down the street
They’re so in love, there’s not a worry
and to the clock they said goodbye, they ain’t in a hurry

And sometimes I feel kind of lonely
ask myself where is my one and only
until she comes to me, I’ll wait
until then I shouldn’t be feeling this way

Won’t let no Valentines get me down
or when Christmas time comes around
just cuz I’m alone right now
don’t’ mean I should hold a frown

oh in the meantime love is here you’ll find
the simple things that slip your mind
the joy of hope for better days
you know that love can find it’s ways

When you finally find the one who you can call your own
you can tell yourself the wait was worth it all
cuz you got something to last forever

I can smile cuz there’s so much in store
the futures holds for me more than I will ever know
shouldn’t make no room for feeling sad

Won’t let no Valentines get me down
or when Christmas time comes around
just cuz I’m alone right now
don’t’ mean I should hold a frown

oh in the meantime love is here you’ll find
the simple things that slip your mind
the joy of hope for better days
you know that love can find it’s ways

Gotta go sleep now, Cross country tmr morn, OGL training in the afternoon, gotta watch my debate juniors at night, their first national prelim round. Hoping they do well.

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Waking up at 5.30am in the morning….. sucked like hell.

1 hour journey to school… rocked like hell.
(i’m serious, love long journeys… except the part where i gotta stand for half an hour in a packed train.)

boring physics lecture… sucked like hell.

annoying maths lecture… sucked like hell.

lame physics tutorial… sucked like hell.

the fact that i had no classmates to go out with after school… sucked more like hell.



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Now this is cool. I’ve always found it a hassle to have to charge my portable devices when I get home. Many a times, I’ll forget to do so and I’ll get to use my PSP or DS or iPod for around 10 minutes the next time I go out before the battery dies on me. If only I had this device with me all the time… Then again, I spend most of my time on public transport instead of walking, so this might not work as well as I want it to…

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am I supposed to go “yay” or something? cuz honestly, CNY is getting darn boring, same thing every year… While they were counting down on tv i was busy solving my cube for the umpteenth time…

honestly, the concept of red packets to me is completely pointless, cuz my parents just take away everything and put it in my bank account which I can’t touch… So there’s absolutely no point in visiting now is there? Therefore, I am gonna just bring my cube to my grandmother’s place tomorrow and spend the countless hours there just solving it and probably receive a few “wow”s from relatives from being able to do that.

Though I really need to get faster at the bloody rubik’s cube. No way am I learning the fredich (however u spell that) method which requires you to memorise more than a hundred algorithms as well as the cases in which each one is to be used. I’ll stick with 1 -2 min timings with the beginner method instead, thank you very much. Even then, I need a cube which I can easily turn with my fingers without them hurting.

I am darn bored now though.. almost 3am, really tired, but dont wanna sleep. whatever…

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