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yeah, didn’t even touch a single piece of work after school today.  Totally slacked off, too tired of working already. Went to mh house after school chiong Gears of War on his 360 all the way, then go so excited when RandomMusings finally approved by PPP 🙂 Then again, I got no pagerank and my alexa rating is sky high, cant do nuts with my PPP account for now.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Procrastinated to much today, gotta continue working tomorrow 😦

oh and another fun video that miss chong played in class, for those who were there it’s the “Cheers” one, found it on youtube (as expected)


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… I got so excited over buying a pen. Seriously, it cost me 5 bucks, but I’m glad I finally got my Pilot Gel-X. The God of Humans swears by this pen, and it’s a breeze to write in. But still, of all the things I get excited about, it’s buying a new pen… wtf. Guess I really am studying too much.

And my visitor count just shot up today again. Haiz, wish that the same thing happened for RandomMusings… I’m having so much trouble getting it approved for stuff.

Ah well, got history test tmr and lessons start at 7 as usual, better go now.

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Need I say more?

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For some reason I can’t find much to blog about here recently. Maybe that’s becuase my daily schedule is now the same: On weekdays, chiong to library after school and stay there (freezing there rather) till around 8+, then go eat dinner then go home. Turn on comp and surf for 1 hour or so, go to bed. On weekends, just keep using the comp for almost the entire day. At most do a little bit of work only.

It’s been like that for the past 3 weeks, and it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna change anytime soon. The only highlight was the stupid PTM meeting last friday where Quay kept repeating the words “I think maybe it’s because he cannot cope with too many subjects” 5 or 6 times to no effect at all.

He’d better stop irritating me or I’ll get very AGRIATED and will DESTRUCT his prefects and chant YOUSERVER! For those of you scratching your heads, don’t worry, only catholic high GENREMEN will understand this 🙂

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I’m blogging like mad in this category, because they just keep coming

You ate fried rice yesterday and you didn’t eat fruits, so you better go and use salt water to gargle your throat because you’re going to have sore throat.

I don’t see the link once again, just cuz I eat fried rice = sore throat?!

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I think you’re addicted to the computer, everytime must surf the net.  

So I mug my ass off in the freezing library everyday for the past week, use the comp for around an hour when i come home everyday, and now after the fucking PTM my mother thinks I should be studying 24/7 or smth. Fucking irritating, thank god she just left the house.

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I’ve never really studied this hard ever in my life. The library is officially my second home now, staying there till almost 8pm every night and reaching home at 9. It’s amazing I’m still alive.

The worst thing is that even though I spend so much time at the library, I don’t even have the time to revise my work. Homework just keeps pouring in and begins to pile up. I can barely clear all my work before the next batch comes. Teacher’s aren’t letting up either. Suah made me redo my letter BECAUSE IT WASN’T PARAGRAPHED PROPERLY. Not to mention the other school’s papers which I’ve been doing, ranging from RGS all the way to even clementi sec or assumption english.

I’m really sick of doing so much work, it seems like I’m not even improving at all. With prelim 3s just around the corner, it looks like I’m definitely headed to poly.


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