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I swear my mother just told me this.

Later go eat eggs, you very long never eat eggs already. Must eat more. Eggs good for you, so later go take your hard boiled egg hor.

Well, it ain’t that funny, but it just reminded me of this one. And I can hear my mother breaking open one of the eggs right now.


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Just realised that’s it been damn long since I blogged already. I’m usually so damn bored at home after O’s. My day usually involves waking up late, eating, stoning in front of the computer (playing wolfteam at times), eating, stoning in front of the computer, eating, showering, stoning in front of the computer, eating then stoning in front of the computer again before I finally go to bed.

Seriously, everyone else is stuck at home dotaing as well. Maybe if I understood what was so FuN abou dota, then I’d enjoy stoning at home as well, but seriously, dota is NOT fun at all and wolfteam can get boring after awhile. Almost want to start playing a MMORPG again (something that I never wanted to do again cuz it saps the life out of you), anything (except Maplestory of course) to keep me occupied and mildly entertained.

Then again, just went to funan and got Guitar Heroes 3 for my PS2 (:D) and Hellgate London for online multiplayer play as well as a new keyboard. Hopefully they’ll keep me entertained slightly longer.

At club now, maybe I’ll go on one of those 5 hour snooker rampage later. Haven’t done that since last year.

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one more…

k she told me this long before my O’s during the0 June holidays when i wanted to bring my Macbook Pro (a laptop btw, for those of you living under a stone) out of the house. My mother told me this when I suggested it to her:

You can’t bring your Macbook Pro out of the house because your O levels are not over yet.

I went “HUH?” when I heard that, and she was serious. She really did let me bring it out of the house after the O’s were over. So her logic was: O levels not over = cannot bring laptop out of house.

Once again, im not kidding. She really did say this.

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So it’s finally over. 4 years of secondary school education ended last night with our graduation night at Marina Mandarin. It was really a blast. Enough said, I’ll let the pictures (and videos as soon as Youtube is done processing them) speak for themselves. Click any picture to view an enlarged version.

Catholic High Graduation Night 2007 1

A whole gang of Cat High students who bumped into each other at Marina Mandrin

(the small figure in the doorway is none other than Collin Tang)

Catholic High Graduation Night 2007 2
Random shot while we were all in the reception area outside the ballroom

Catholic High Graduation Night 2007 3
Another random shot.

A few random shots inside the ballroom:

Catholic High Graduation Night 2007 4

Catholic High Graduation Night 2007 5
Kung Yin and Kenneth Sooi

Catholic High Graduation Night 2007 6

Catholic High Graduation Night 2007 7
Shot of the whole room

Catholic High Graduation Night 2007 8
Shot of the live band. They were awesome! Ending the night off with Smoke on the Water

Catholic High Graduation Night 2007 9
More random shots

Catholic High Graduation Night 2007 10
One last random shot

Catholic High Graduation Night 2007 11
I won a Nintendo DS in the lucky draw! 😀 (Third price, the blue box on top)
Collin got damn lucky and won first prize, an Xbox 360! (Green box below)

Catholic High Graduation Night 2007 12
One last shot of my new Nintendo DS to tease the rest of you 😛 Now if only I had some bloody games to play on this thing. Till then, it’s a shiny, white brick.

Now for some videos:

video I captured of one of the games that the emcee made us play. From the Youtube description I wrote:

Basically the ballroom was split into two halves by the emcee.

My side was called “Tao Tao” cuz the other side chose their name as “Tao Pok”.

This was the 2nd round, my side chanted “WE WILL, WE WILL, TZE HAN YOU, TZE HAN YOU” in case you can’t hear.

The other side then dedicated their cheer to Mr Lee Hak Boon, after which they proceeded to fight back with “WE WILL, WE WILL HAK BOON YOU, HAK BOON YOU”.

It was bloody hilarious.

A video of the graduating class of ’07 singing the Catholic High school song for the very last time as a cohort.

Sayonara cat high, we’ll miss you.


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Almost there……

Just 1.5 more hours to go… I’m typing this from school on my phone in the parade square… The paper’s starting in 20 mins. Just one last mcq paper away from freedom… And we’re still arguing over where the seminal vesicle is…

Time to “switch off our phones and put them in your bag”, then we have “5 minutes to go to the toilet”. Then, later, when i finally shade the 40th answer, i can finally heck care academia for 1.5 months…

Time to go in…

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so near, yet so far.

I don’t care, I’m counting down starting now…

ETR (estimated time remaining): 34 hours, 50 minutes to the end of the bloody O’s

After which I’ll probably stay at home and stone for most of the time.

best of luck all.

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k I honestly can’t remember when was the last time I actually bothered to update this blog. I didn’t have time before monday since I had to mug like shit for the bio and ss papers, then after monday I was busy playing as much as possible. Still, at least I managed to finish 160 Chem MCQs yesterday 🙂

Congrats to combined science people I guess, since their O’s END today… (THANKS for reminding me chrys…..) while I still got around 5 more days to go. Honestly, come to think of it, I have no idea where to start once my O’s are over. I can’t get out of the house as often as I would like to ThAnKs to my WoNdErFuL mother… I’ll get sick and tired of the computer after awhile… so there’s really nothing much for me to do except stay at home and rot while fretting over my results.

And to think I actually bought a shirt today for 40 bucks (and that was after 50% discount……..) which will undoubtedly make me look gay and skinny. Still, I’m sooooo not wearing my black shirt with cargos, and I’ll feel left out if i wear a polo I guess (though I still really really want to). Still, I’ll probably only wear it once to let others laugh at how gay I look in it….

On a sidenote, I finally managed to master the advanced track of daytona… the Expert track beckons.

Hoping i blog again soon, though it’s unlikely…

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