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haiz, exams….

time seriously passes too fast.. my mid year exams are starting tomorrow already, and i have barely started studying.. juz cant bring myself to do it, seriously too sian..

and btw, going for quarters, and hopefully semis, of Zero carbon debates again this saturday, hopefully we break so that i can skip sec 3 camp.. haiz. talking about sec 3 camp, doesnt look that interesting leh, some more must go malaysia.. don wanna go leh.

other than that, nothing else much happening.. quite boring recently.. 😦


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haiz, im typing this for the second time, cuz earlier that one i type for 5 mins liao then disappear.. haiz.. nvm still wanna type. nth to do after all (except work that is)

was at zero carbon city debates yesterday at acjc, arrived there in the morning, thinking that i don need to speak today, cuz i not main team, reserve only… in the end after all the first two matches, in which we screwed up, thomas damn depressed (even though we won both).. so he don want speak for last match.. so in the end they tell me that i have to speak ten minutes before they release the motion for the third round which is the only impromptu round. and guess wad?? our opponent was the NATIONAL WORLD SCHOOLS TEAM!! at first i scared, then i realise how rare this oppurtunity will come by, so get quite excited.. but in the end the motion i also blur blur, didnt really understand my second substantive point ( i was 1st prop) so juz read :p anyways, did my job OK lah, not say very good, but at least didnt stutter that much (i think) like last time). in the end lost to national team by 3 points, but put up quite a good fight lah..

after that we went to paradiz play dota.. lol, there real fun, our team, me, wee seng, yi feng and arian, won kenneth kang, tze kai, kevin, feng yao.. lol at first early game seem like we losing liao, mid game we win back lah.. damn fun.

overall, yesterday quite fun, but now hell lot of work to do, and not going to school tomolo cuz have to go for operation.. haiz.. sianz a lot of work sia..

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my blog got deleted or went offline for awhile.. couldnt access it.. anywayz back now and quite a few things have been happening

well first of all obviously failed that physics test.. no surprise there.. juz surprised how careless i was at it, haiz, im hopelss liaoz.

oh and almost forgot to blog abt this, juz bought my new intel duo core imac last friday, indeed it was “Good Friday” 🙂 160gb hard drive, 1gb ram.. more powerful than my current home comp.. how i know?? i installed windows on a second partition (which i accidentally only gave 5gb to) and then played a few games on it.. all the games i tried ran much smoother than on my home comp… and not to mention inbuilt bluetooth, infrared, webcam, microphone.. and not to mention front row.. possibly the most useful media program i’ve seen.. i mean come on, i even have a remote! 🙂

loving my mac so far, prob is not much time to use it, with all the work i have. i even have my physics ws in front of me now.. btw anyone interested in watching practically every apple advertisment, go to this site: Apple TV Ads

that site has plenty of interesting apple ads.. including the famous “Why 1984 won’t be like 1984” and “Think Different” ad.. loved that site..

anyways.. nothing else to say lah.. gotta sleep soon.. oh and almost forgot, going for op next monday, haiz have to go sleep.. wonder take how long to recover, hopefully in time for mid years and zero carbon debates.. anywayz, nitez all..

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haiz, damn busy

long time since i posted and quite a few stuff has happened.. my tongue bled for the first time on thursday when i eating at macs with hong, then later at night i eat dinner only, bleed again. haiz, so i slept late in the end and didnt go school on friday. Instead went to tan tock seng hospital in the morning, their A and E dept. turns out their ent specialist clinic dont see ppl below 16, so they have to refer me to kk hospital instead.. sian, so walk there loh. This time, finally met an ent specialist after few hours of waiting. in the end he schedule me for operation to remove the spot on my tongue tomorrow, haiz.. wish me luck tomolo.. 🙂

Haiz, besides that the usual stuff still happening.. mad homework, and more tests, instead im taking an online test 40 mins from now, at 9 o’clock, lame sia, online test.. haiz.. anyways, better start mugging now, see ya.

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the physics test i took today has got to be the hardest test that i’ve ever taken in my life.. their questions all so chim.. it’ll be a miracle if i pass, at least i completed it though 🙂

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heh, sports day today at school so started school at 9.30, ended at 1.40.. then had to go back to school at 3.30 again for house meeting.. in btw went to the bball court outside pri school there to play bball with marcus.. not very fun, a lot of cat high primary kids there making hell lot of noise and kicking their football around.. in the end shared one hoop with 2 other primary boys who were playing bball also and another girl.. later, went canteen eat with marcus then went to assemble at plaza.. but guess what?? it started raining and everyone ran to their house meetings, which was conducted while it was raining heavily outside.. However, the rain stopped at 4.30, so we had to make our way to the track.. and then everything turned quite bad, steven quey and other noel house teachers all go and paint our face white.. come on lah, we noel house green colour and you paint our face with white colour sun tan lotion:

me and hang ping striped.. lollame sia…

then after that the races started and we juz sit there watch loh.. wanted to take out mp3 player listen but then scared kena steven quey scolding. Things were getting really boring when help came from up above once again.. It started raining very heavily for about 10 mins, then after that ask us go back again. But awhile after that the teachers finally give in cuz got lightning keep on flashing in the distance, i think they scared kena our flood lights or something.. So we juz sing school song and most ppl went home.. but i stay around with hong and bj and other ppl play bball while waiting for my father to come.. But then they go and turn off the floodlights so the whole court become so dark that you can hardly see the ball. And because of all that rain the ball and the ground all so wet.. So hard to play, but of course still continue lah.. :p

Anyways, going bj house tomolo with hong before we go bukit batok there for the e-filing cip thing.. first time going, so i hope i know what i doing.. 😛 Got to go to sleep now, or else might not even wake up in time. omg!! juz looked at the taskbar and realise almost 2.30am liao.. kk, bb, really have to slp liaoz..

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