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my wireless adapter totally screwed up.. now i cant connect to it and i cant detect it’s ssid.. im only posting this cuz i’ve connected my ethernet cable to my macbook…


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really tired now.. played basketball for a total of 5 hours today, with a physics lesson in btw some more :p .. cramped a few times, and seems im going out soon, hope i don cramp outside..

oh and the first episode of i not stupid too tv show isn’t too bad.. the actors (even the new ones) are all really good.. think i’ll be watching this show every sat from now onwards 🙂

haiz, not really much to talk about now.. my legs are still damn tired.. and feel quite tired.. but still don feel like slping or anything..

oh and btw, just found out about john mayer, he’s a real good singer/guitarist/songwriter.. but some songs just dont sound very good, but they mostly do.. 🙂

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Quite boring actually, nothing much to do now. Got FYEs in 2 weeks time and SPA assesment nxt week but don feel like studying.. i think i’ll start next week..

oh and i just sent an email to myself in the year 2012 using “futureme.org” it’s quite kul, though i wonder if im still gonna use the same email address at that time, maybe email will even be out of date by that time. or the company or whoever is hosting that site my close down the servers or something, so my messege might never ever get delievered to me… ah well, at least it’s worth giving it a shot..

oh and i haven’t touch my zen microphoto for quite a few days already, too troublesome, i wanna get the new ipod shuffle, so damn effing small.. then again the video model does seem enticing 😛

signing off.

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wow. love the new ipod shuffle juz introduced, too bad it’s only shipping in october.. but they dramatically reduced the prices of the 5th gen ipod.. which is kul.. now the 30 gb ipod costs as much as the 8gb nano, which is kinda dumb.. obviously im not gonna get the 8gb nano like that.. if i really get an ipod gonna get the 30 gb version.. 😛

apple has done it again i think.. with the new “iTV” and all, too bad they’re still pricing their stuff too expensive.. im talking about the nanos of course, not the ipod or the shuffle.. their really darn cheap.. haiz, wonder if im ever gonna get an ipod in the near future.. anwayz, i gotta slp soon, so nitez.. 🙂

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haiz, im stuck with maths.. quite boring, doubt i’ll even finish all of it before tomolo when school starts.. all the scolding gonna start again.. i haven do hell lot of stuff yet.. don know wad im gonna do.. just cant wait for my sec sch years to be over.. and then hope and pray i dont screw up my jc or poly (hey it’s possible, u nvr know..) years..


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sianz.. nth to do

at club now posting this.. nth happened this past few days, quite bored to say the least.. played soccer after training yesterday, not really what you’d call “fun” though..

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haiz, forgot to blog earlier on.. totally forgot abt what happened yesterday 😛

anywayz, met up with all the pri sch friends yesterday.. hanfei, weian, wing keong (lol, in his ncc air uniform cuz got flag day earlier), edwin (almost couldnt recognise him), serene, xin mei, kexin, sharon, cai shan, pam (lol i don think i even talked to her at all), luiza (also didnt talk to her), ting ling (nvr even grow a bit, lol), hmm, i think there’s one more, i remembered got 13, lol sry to whoever i missed out.. (as if he/she is gonna even read this)

so ya, met up with some of them first at northpoint, then for some strange reason cai shan don wan eat lunch there, so in the end we have to take mrt to woodlands to take lunch at causeway point.. lol, lame, might as well have eaten at northpoint food court.. after that, went to gift a name to pick out a present for miss chan.. the girls (mainly ting ling) took forever to choose a bear and the leather strap and what type of letters to use for the leather strap.. haiz.. in the end the boys juz stood in the store, listening to the songs they played.. lol, mostly chinese songs, but they were popular ones, so i still knew some of them.. anywayz, a few other girls joined us here… then kexin reach only not long start talking on her hp and start giggling away.. lol, surely bf liao.. oh and if any of the group even reads this, let me make this clear: I DO NOT LIKE HER (anymore…) we ended up spending a whole our in gift a name.. haiz, so after that we finally took mrt back to northpoint to wait for miss chan, in the end she was late by 30 mins.. 😛 then when she finally reached, couldnt even remember some of us lol.. at least she remembered me :p. so we chatted there for quite some time, before we finally left the place and miss chan had to go home.. (lol earlier than us) so then 5 of us went to take dinner, while the other dieting ones walk around np waiting for us, when after that we finally done, almost all of us went arcade.. by this time only left around 8 of us.. so we finally left time zone at around 9+ to go our seperate ways back home.. quite a fun gathering.. hope to hav another one soon i guess.

then after that when i reached home, suddenly found out there were hell lot of rashes on my bottom half of both legs.. dun know why.. see doctor give medication, then came club (which is where i am right now) was quite boring here though last nite, not much to do.. now fiona and dominick fighting lol, and dom juz ran into the toilet. lol.. fiona like gonna kill him, lol she juz kicked the males toilet door.. (this like live commentary like that lol)

then this morning when i wake up suddenly find out gotta go see some debate.. sianz, had to take mrt all the way down to orchard library.. after that walked around wisma and taka for awhile, before taking mrt to city hall, then bought a new pair of headphones at harvey norman (im using them right now, they rock… philips one..) then after that play bball for around 2 hours, before start using my macbook until now.. so ya, obviously nth else to talk abt already..

hope to hav another pri sch class gathering soon, was a great day yesterday 🙂 they say wanna meet again this year end, but i doubt that’ll happen lah, most of us preparing for o lvls, unless someone will really take the trouble to organise one.. im certainly not going to XD

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