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well, holidays are officially over now.. back to school tomorrow.. haiz, wish it wouldnt come back so soon, but then again nothing i can do abt it.. didnt exactly finish all my holiday homework, but then again i doubt anyone did. of course some ppl, like joshua would finish every single question… wish i was that hardworking..

 btw juz got a creative microphoto on friday.. works great.. finally i've got a large capacity mp3 player so that i can store all my songs and podcasts (i've got qutie a few of those) on it without having to bother to organise it anymore… in certain ways im sure this device is better than the ipod.. for example the price, it costs around the same price as a 4gb ipod nano, but it has 8gb.. then again the ipod nano is really small and thinner, but it's a small price to pay for me.. the UI is almost the same as the ipod, and of course this has an in built fm radio, and a lot of small little things that the ipod doesnt have.. for eg you can change theme, or background.. and a lot of extra little things make this more usable than the ipod in my opinion.. the also find that the scroll bar is more usable than a click wheel, but that's juz individual preference.. overall im happy with my purchase πŸ™‚

 anyways lazy to continue typing, i've got to sleep already, got school again tomorrow.. nitez..


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went to scgs for the whole day today for a friendly “tournament” btw cat high, scgs, st nicks, and VJ IP.. first 2 motions were relatively OK, but i couldnt stand the third motion. TH supports surrogate motherhood for profit.. haiz, against vj ip, totally didnt know wad to say, anywayz lazy to blog anymore, still got training tomolo.. haiz..

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lol found a ringtone which adults cant hear, cuz it’s a super high pitched noise, and adults lose their ability to hear high pitch noises around the age of 20.. but still, this ringtone isnt full proof, cuz clement’s younger sister cant hear it while his mother can!! but then again, my mum cant, so it depends.. but it should work.. anyways for ppl who want this ringtone can download it here:


my upload btw.. and it’ll be softer on nokia phones cuz the maximum ringing volume on nokia phones isnt as loud as that of sony ericsson ones.. but i think should still be audible.. anywayz, i’ve already set it as my ringtone AND message tone.. wonder if my teachers can hear it :p

for more info on how this tone came abt,


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check this out, totally dumb robber πŸ™‚


an 8 min vid, worth the watch, especially if you’re a boy πŸ™‚

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well, despite the boring first 2 days of rmun, the third day seriously made me consider going back for rmun next year.. initially i didn’t want to go, but i changed my mind cuz i didnt want to stay at home all day with nothing to do..

The conference itself was sitll quite boring, but still better this time cuz we had a few resolutions on the table already.. and we passed the 1st one which was on the crisis fairly quickly.. cuz we didnt want to waste anymore time.. so next we went on to debate on the resolution put forth at hand on my council’s own problem, the presence of soviet troops in afghanistan.. in the end we managed to make afghanistan’s resolution fail and passed UK’s one πŸ™‚ next we went on to debate on the other problem at hand.. the middle east conflict.. in the end, no resolution was passed for that problem cuz we ran out of time.. lol, but next we had some “fun” in the conference..

Juz when the chair was abt to end the conference, the USSR motioned to introduce a new resolution on a seperate issue. initially the chair rejected it, but after the USSR appealed again and many many seconds (as some ppl already knew what it was abt), the chair finally allowed the resolution to be read out while it was projected on the screen. I cant really remember what the exact words the resolution were , i wish i had asked that ussr guy to send it to me, cuz it was hilarious.. everyone was laughing despite the fact that the chair kept on reminding us to “maintain decorum”, cuz even the chair was laughing.. Below is roughly what the resolution was like:

The General Assembly

Issue: Neuclear Disarmament

Jointly affirmed by: USSR, Somalia (and some other countries i think)

Signaturies: (sry, i forgot)

Noting with deep concern the dangers that nuclear weapons could have on the world if used for violent means.

(a few other Preambulatory Clauses here, basically stating that the problem is that many countries have neuclear weapons and are dangerous, so we should get rid of them to prevent war.. thus we now move on to the Operative Clauses)

1. Calls for all nations who poses neuclear weapons to dispose off their neuclear waste on Somalian soil (rofl, in other words drop their neuclear waste on somalia, lol)

2. Emphasises the need for an above ground explosion as an underground explosion might throw the earth off it’s orbit, while an airbourne explosion might damage the ozone layer.

3. Notes that the resulted radiation from such a large explosion might help to find a cure for AIDS and cancer.

4. Takes note of the fact that the whole of Somalia will be wiped out with the passing of this reolution, however the people of Somalia are currently dying of hunger and diseases. Thus, in accordance to the UN’s aims, one of which is to end pain and suffering, the act of killing these people will help to end their pain and suffering, thus achieving the aims of the UN.

Trusts that all nations which possess nuclear weapons will turn over all of them to achieve world peace.


By this time, everyone was laughing like mad.. the chair also let us have some fun and treated the resolution as an actual one.. someone then motioned for the resolution to be debated on, and right after the required number of votes were achieved to start the debate, another country promptly motioned to end the debate and proceed to voting procedures. That motion was once again passed by a simple majority. Then they get use a roll call to get us to vote on the resolution.. Everyone voted for the resolution except a few who abstained. Even Somalia voted for the resolution to be passed, lol, cuz they jointly affirmed the resolution, which means that they HAVE to vote FOR the resolution. the chair even got the somalia delegate to come up and explain why he did so. He said something about it being “for the greater good” and that by doing so he would be sacrificing his country so that world peace could be attained.. lol. Then the chair even got those who abstained from the vote to explain why they did so.. Zimbabwe and one other country said that they were geographically close to Somalia, so they were afraid their countries might die too.. lol. But the best explanation came from spain: all their nuclear weapons had already been used on Uganda (i think).. lol so they had no more left to bomb somalia with..

After that everyone came in and the summit commenced.. all the directors juz summarized what happened in their council. nothing much. So after that everyone went for lunch.. After lunch was supposed to be the fashion parade, as i’ve already said it’s damn lame.. but i didnt need to do anything cuz none of my group members were present.. and UK told rjc that they had actually “planned” to do a joint performance with Nigeria, which is my groups, but since 4 of the 5 groups members are not present, we couldnt do what we originally “planned”. lol, so in the end we didnt need to do any skit. and instead we went out to play dota first, since there were 3 hours to go before the prize presentation started..

i totally owned the last match we played, the first 2 also not bad. but my best match came when i used faceless void for the first time ever and got BEYOND GODLIKE.. lol, was damn fun, i got top of course at the end.. πŸ™‚

anyways we went back to rjc at 4.30 to attend the prize ceremony. In the end, Bryan got best delegate for our council, while ze yi got best delegate for his council. Then nicholas got honourable mention for his council too. too bad tze kai and andre didnt get anything.. maybe cuz tze kai destroyed peru while andre destroyed uganda. lol, but then andre already got an honourable last year, while tze kai still has next year.. oh well.

after that we sat at the LT and chatted for around an hour abt various things, including what happened in andre’s council, something which i’d rather not discuss here.. anywayz at around 7pm we went to another place in rjc for the dinner and dance. the food wasnt that good, but the band they hired were quite good. although tze kai looked like he wanted to commit suicide when they kept getting the lyrics wrong.. But it was damn fun, andre kept on getting jacked by us and we almost managed to get him above the crowd.. all in all was a really fun dinner and dance.. but the music was seriously too loud.. we couldnt even hear ourselves shouting to each other. seriously. But everyone had a good time. The band ended the night with “Vertigo”, and it seemed like they finally got the lyrics right, cuz tze kai was finally singing too :p.. everyone was sad when the band left after that, they had given us a good time man. anywayz after that there was juz some lame games the mc’s got us to play like who was the most sexy pole dancer and other lame games.. but still quite enjoyable, for those who were watching at least.. The whole thing finally ended at 9.30 and everyone said goodbye to each other.. we had a good time last night..

last night seriously saved the whole of rmun. i think i’ll come back next year. πŸ™‚

P.S: Thomas, arianto, joshua, chong tee, i feel sorry for you guys, you juz missed out on a great night..

signing off…

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rmun sux, period..

haiz, last 2 days of rmun (raffles model united nations conference) have beenΒ  boring enough..my council deal with the problem of soviet troops stationed within afghanistan, staged in 1982.. yesterday 2 resolutions failed already, one by ussr, the other by afghanistan themselves.. then earlier this morning another afghanistan resolution was pushed forth, but we haven even vote on it yet, then lunch time..

then after lunch cannot discuss that issue anymore, the whole general assembly come together solve a “crisis” which suddenly crop up. something abt how UK and Argentina fighting over the falken islands. super boring here. we have to keep on discussing and the speakers keep on repeating over and over and over again what each other said, cuz waiting for them to print the proposed resolution before we can proceed on to something more useful.. SUPER BORING. oh and did i mention that the LTs are cold? wait let me correct that.. They are FREEZING COLD. and didnt even have a blazer yesterday and the first half of this morning, so damn cold, my whole body shivering.. luckily i wearing long sleeveΒ  shirt and long pants, or else even worse, like arianto who wore sch uniform.. lol he seriously freezing when i met him during lunch time yesterday.. at least he brought a jacket today..

other than rmun i haven’t exactly been doing much else these 2 days.. i’ve been using my macbook most of the time. and btw this apple laptop (for those who still dont know what it is) is mostly replacing our home windows computer cuz my father needs a faster computer and doesnt want to sit at a desk to surf the net and do his work. and since he liked the imac, so juz went along with the macbook, anyways i’ve been telling him abt it since it came out. so far the only problems im having with it is the heat.. this notebook is seriously HOT!!!!!!!!! cant use it on my lap, cuz seriously too hot already.. turns out it’s cuz of the intel core duo chip inside.. apparantly it produces large amounts of heat, even in windows laptops.. so nothing to do with apple’s design or something i think.. still, it’s solid enough to do most of my web surfing and other computer stuff on.. havent bothered to install windows on it yet though. cuz i dont exactly need it, yet.. but still the 60gb hard drive is a bit small, cuz when i first turned it on i only had around 38gb left free, cuz OS X and the in built apps such as quicktime. photobooth, iworks 06 and others took up about 17gb already.. nvm though, i can easily access my imac hard drive over my wireless network as long as i switch on my imac.. so still quite easy to do my stuff…

anyways i’ve decided to go back for the last day of rmun tomorrow, until 11.30 that is.. after that they got some fashion parade and then dinner and dance to close rmun.. seriously lame and dumb, cuz the dress theme for the DND is “RETRO”.. im in fact shocked at the fact that some ppl actually DO plan on dressing up for it.. im obviously not going, but might go lan after 11.30, depends on the other cat high guys..

anyways, i’ve run out of things to talk abt, cuz rmun has seriously been boring.. and furthermore i’m nigeria, and we had a NEGATIVE GDP in 1982.,, so i dont exactly have much to do there. unlike the other gong jiao team who got UK.. haiz, anyways considering this is probably one of my longer blog posts, i’ll end it here..

signing off..

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loving it so far… quite a good deal also, 2k for a 13.3 inch widescreen, 1.83ghz core duo intel chip, 1gb ddr2 ram, in-built bluetooth, in-built webcam, microphone.. btw for those who don’t know, yes, this is an apple computer, thus the word “mac” and yes it’s a labtop, thus the word “book”.. get it?? good.

anyways, the keyboard looks strange and new, but feels great.. can’t really describe.. but this labtop is heavier than my tablet though, by a bit only.. so still quite ok, 2.4kg. but i dont really like this glossy screen, can see the reflection of the light bulbs behind me now.. anyways, here’s a pic and im off to continue playing around with it πŸ™‚


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