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lol, this post is juz a few minutes after the one i just made, but i just had to show this to someone.

i was surfing through gamespot when i came across this ad by maplestory, about mapleglobal. it was the usual flash ad, but one part of the ad was like this:


lol, broken english??? i doubt it was made in a comical sort of way as putting this ad up on gamespot meant it was serious, plz note that i did not edit this pic in anyway, i juz made a screenshot and then cut out this ad. i have no idea what asiasoft or whoever authorized this ad to be put online had in mine. lol..


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almost half the holis are over and most of it has been boring. watched harry potter a few days ago with bj, jj and monkey, not bad lah. i think the best hp movie made to date, (newell for president :)) cant wait to buy the vcd when i comes out (ya, i still dont have a dvd drive or player in my house)

currently my mum’s nagging at me to finish my tuition hmwrk, but too darn sian to do lah. my chinese tuition homework brings the phrase “boring homework” to a whole new level. i dont know why but i’d rather be racking my brains over any algebra problem, memorizing famous ppl in history, study how rocks form, or any other sort of homework other than my tuition work. just too damn sian lah.

anyway still havent bought my sec 3 books while bj’s already finished reading them, he too enthu liao lah. oh and please im looking for ppl to play painkiller with, real fun game. (go gamespot.com search painkiller to know wad it is loh)

im really really really bored now and even if later go do tuition hmwrk i still wont do it properly cuz too sian already, i’ll write like a few words then stop, then daydream, then write another few words stop, pick up the book beside me read a bit etc….. seriously very sian. my teacher coming back from china nxt sat. i’ll bet with anyone who reads this blog that i wont arrive there with every single piece of homework finished, just not possible lah.

sry for my random ramblings ppl, but im juz sian now so juz anyhow blog loh… bye.

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huh??? wcg = olympics of cyber games, come on lah even cpl was more exciting… today juz went wcg at suntec there, damn big, look damn impressive, but then damn boring, i go a few hours zao liao, lousy competition, watch wc and sc also not that fun as watching painkiller matches… i think i still like cpl better..

oh btw got into triple sci on appeal, oh well, more books for me.. sian..

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