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Am going for Clic camp from tuesday to friday, so I’m gonna be MIA… But then again we get to bring our handphones around with us and it’s not at some camp site but rather NTU halls. Most importantly, WE GET TO SLEEP ON BUNKS. I repeat: WE ARE SLEEPING ON BEDS FOR A CAMP. 😀

Can’t wait for the camp to start, hoping it’s gonna be fun 🙂 (it SHOULD be fun, i mean come on, WE’RE SLEEPING ON BEDS…)


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omg, iron man is definitely the best super hero movie ever. It can get corny at times (“so…. we have a common enemy..”) but it’s blended with just the right amount of realism to make the movie entertaining as a whole. Definitely gonna get the “DVD” when it’s finally released.. It’s just an awesomely cool show 🙂 Got super excited with Tony Spark’s gadgets… Wish they were a a reality 😦 I’d save up my entire life to get those stuff…

Realised I havent blogged much recently, nothing much to blog about though. Term ended with a full day, though went to airport with classmates on thursday, was freaking fun 🙂 Couldnt stop laughing all the way through… NOT FUNNY, goldilocks, 🙂 played bball again on friday, went to dhoby with classmates but wasnt as fun this time, came home darn early and went to club later for pool… Need to brush up 😦

ah well, till I blog again next time, hopefully sooner than later…

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Class is getting rough lately, due to certain… unforseen circumstances. Though it definitely does make life more interesting. Sometimes I wish it weren’t this screwed up though. Nonetheless, I’ll deal with it.

Trying to learn MCR songs on the piano can be a pain in the A** for me. Only got one song down so far and am too damn lazy to go learn others. Random, I know, but I’m just bored now and wanna crap something to make this post longer.

Amazingly I guess I’m going to sleep soon (it’s like 10.15 now), but considering how I slept for like 3.5 hours last night, I’m gonna forgive myself for sleeping so early for once. I’m surprised I managed to last through the entire day without falling asleep once (nescafe ice coffee FTW)

Off I go to bed then, but before that, this music video is bloody cool (mac fans will love it), it must have taken forever to complete though.

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I’m seriously dead bored on the 36 to the airport… Till the point where i suddenly felt like writing something, so for the first time in a long time i’m blogging using my handphone again. Thank goodness for gprs. Though it’ll cost me.

Pretty boring day… School’s pretty much the same as the last few weeks. Unfortunately the weekend’s come again so i gotta think of ways to kill time again, probably go to the lib and mug again or smth. Then again, knowing me, i’d most probably just rot at home in front of the computer for 2 days again…

Oh yeah finally got president position for lighthink. 🙂 hope it doesn’t get too tough.

Debating today in interhouse debates was fucking fun i must say, reminds me of last year, i really do kinda miss debates. Those were the days……

Took so long to type this tt i’m alr at the airport, and my 858 JUST left -.- bloody hell.

K shall end this pointless rambling here and now, ran out of crap to say and typing long messages on my keypad can be a pain in the ___.

Great my bus just came all of a sudden 🙂


Getting better, i guess? 🙂

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I swear, he is the effing best performer I’ve seen in a LONG time, right up there along with Jeff Dunham. This guy had better win Britain’s Got Talent

bedtime now..

Ah well, not talking today then…

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Hope I don’t get another one of these days again anytime soon. For some reason felt completely stoned today, didn’t have the mood to do anything at all. Didn’t feel like doing work, didn’t feel like gaming, didn’t feel like blogging (until now), didn’t feel like leaving the house (my parents went out early and left me at home alone to rot the entire day).

Ended up watching 2 movies back to back (italian job, the rainmaker) because I seriously had nothing better to do. Tried to get the notes right for disenchanted as well, though got really bored after awhile. Other than that, seriously didn’t do much else. Wonder how I managed to kill time so efficiently really.

sleep beckons soon i guess…

fire breathing brat… 😦

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