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risk something

Fuck fuck fuck….. so much for using physics as my l1r5 for prelim score.

“Just do the past 5 years of physics O level papers and you should not have any problems getting A1”

My ass.

I breezed through most of the questions in the past 5 year O level papers, but got stumped time and time again by the mcq paper (which was obviously set by quay since a large part of it didn’t make sense), and paper 2 wasn’t easy enough to pull me back up to an A1. I need 8 fucking points, only got space for 2 A2s, and that’s counting on the fact that I get A1 for English, which might not come true in the first place. At least A1 for e maths paper 1, but it’s still quite low… 74/80, even collin beat me. Great……

On the brighter side of things, at least I received 4.55usd today ­čÖé


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prelims prelims prelims, papers papers papers, work work work, study study study, library library library… etc.

that’s my life.

I’ve said it a dozen times or so and I’ll probably say it another dozen times until my o’s are over. I’M SICK AND TIRED OF STUDYING. I’m like close to burn out but my rate of studying is probably tao tao or tze han’s warm up rate. Still, you can’t really blame me, I have never actually studied for any exam before. This is the first time I’m actually doing that, studied more in this term alone as compared to the last few years in sec school.

It’s nearing the end now (unless I need to retake o’s that is, which i’d rather not do no matter how badly i screw up) of my sec school education. Catholic High people sure have been fun (Note: I said the people are fun, not the school…) and it’s not gonna be as fun when all the guys in JC start to act mature and cool and stuff like that. No more craziness, randomness and most important INCHILDISH-NESS that I’ve grown accustomed to in cat high. It’s all going to end in less than 2 months. Hard to believe it.

Physics tomorrow………………………. which is why i’m not studying now..


F**k that I wanna see some fist pumping

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Some guy searched this on some search engine to get to this blog:

Is there such a thing as┬áspidermanie. “Is there such a thing as spiderman?”

What do you think? 

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2 bloody days from the prelims (make that one and a half, considering the time) and I just finished watching Bourne Ultimatum. I just don’t feel the pressure or stress anymore that I’ve been feeling the entire term. I think I’ve used up all my available energy to mug and study and cram. Just don’t feel that rush to study anymore, which I surprisingly had in my capillaries (hey I’m a bio student ok?) not too long ago. However, now that the end of my secondary school life draws nearer and nearer as each day passes, I’m suddenly unconcerned about my examinations. I got no idea why, but yet I wish I could continue to push myself just a little more. Alas, it seems like it’s all gone out of me, fuck it.

Bourne Ultimatum is REALLY good, but you’ll have to watch the first 2 bourne movies to completely┬á understand it. But still a great action movie for most. Shines in comparison to the two preceding movies.

My iPod Shuffle needs a longer battery life. Keep forgetting to charge it and yet use it every single day. Could probably do with more space as well. It’s almost getting boring listening to the same songs over and over again. But not really complaining, a Shuffle beats a Nano or Video anytime.

And Social Studies is seriously nothing but propaganda. Thank god I don’t have to take it in JC. Wonder who in their right mind would then again. And I think I’ve more or less ruled out Poly for now… No matter what I think I’ll have to put myself into a JC, no matter how bad my results are. Then again, Poly still isn’t completely out, I’ll still choose that path if I have to.

And amazingly I’m not geting fucking ome at this time of night despite being more or less alone (my mother’s preoccupied). Had a good day I guess…

Finally posted one of my longer posts in recent times. I’ve really been slacking off this personal blog after I started RandomMusings. I’ll probably move my personal blog over to the bluehost (paid hosting service I bought) during the holis when I’ve got the time to spare and handle all this stupid blogging stuff. Can’t wait for that day to come.

And until the O’s end, expect more really short (ie. under 50 word long) posts. Don’t really have the time and am seldom in the right mood to blog here ­čśŤ

healing the blind and promise to let the sun in, sick of the dark ways we much to the drum 

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day of WTFs…

Holy shit… do singaporeans really have an endless list of things to complain about that they have to complain that there aren’t enough seats in the bloody library? The floor’s there for a reason guys, so that you won’t fall through it when you SIT ON THE FLOOR!

Oh and is everyone around me fucking deprived or something? Why does everyone act like Kevin Lim?

hoping the bloody boulders will rest… Fucking O’s coming in 2 months and got this type of shit happening to me…

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Stuck studying for tomorrow’s Malaysian Union essay test… The notes given are hardly sufficient though. Argh…..

Just 1 week away, I’m getting nervous already.

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Prelims and O levels are fast approaching, just slightly over a week to prelims and after that O’s are practically here. In some ways I wish they wouldn’t come so fast, yet I just want to get this bloody thing over with. Sick of being tired from trips to the library and writing at night. I want it to all just end already. At times I care what I’m gonna get for my O’s and prelims, other times I couldn’t be bothered. It’s just so frustrating to have this thing called Prelims and O levels right around the corner. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it forever: I’m probably never ever going to make use of all that I’ve learned. Which makes the whole thing just all the more irritating, knowing that I’m going to school to learn mostly useless stuff to me. Sure some parts are interesting, but I’d get by without knowing about the Cold War or what Perak was like more than a hundred years ago I think.

Then again, don’t have a choice do I?

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