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I realise I’ve been neglecting this blog for a week now. Couldn’t really help it, since there’s really not much to talk about when mid years are going on. They sucked as expected, but exams seemed to be over really fast, which isn’t really surprising since I’m taking almost half the number of subjects I previously took. Unfortunately, i’ll be jumping for joy if I got an average D grade. The way things are going, it seems I’ll be lucky to get an average E. Exams are depressing enough, not to mention I should STILL be studying now, just a day after the exams are over, of course, should != will.

Went to watch You Don’t Mess with the Zohan after my last paper, expecting something downright hilarious and enjoyable, but seriously, you don’t mess with such an atrocious movie. In the end, I had to force myself to laugh. Their over the top sex jokes went overboard and weren’t even funny, the non sex jokes were just lame, too much of it relied on sandler’s accent which just made the movie all the more corny. I came out of the cinema wishing I had spent my money on kung fu panda or something else, because this seriously was a waste of my time and money. The only thing that was good was the popcorn. 😀

Speaking of movies however, I can’t wait to go watch WALL-E. Being a Pixar film, that makes it a great film already by default. Though I doubt a movie about robots could match Finding Nemo, I’m betting it’s still gonna be worth my money 🙂

Spent most of yesterday and today stoning at home, nothing much to do as per usual and I sure as hell don’t have the mood to start mugging so quickly. I’ll just wait for my results to come back on monday to shock me back into reality I guess.

Started playing COD4 on my MBP, and it’s never looked prettier. Seriously, I have no idea what I was thinking, playing it on my 2 year old iMac. Not only does everything run faster and smoother and nicer, it also translates into me playing better 🙂 so on that note, back to more COD4 😛


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im sooo screwed.

Forget the CTs, I’ve seriously lost all the incentive to study, I havent even started on econs yet (no shit) and im not even completely done with physics and computing yet. Now come to think of it, I only got 4 subjects to study now, and I’m crumbling already. How the heck did I manage double the number of subjects to study for in secondary school?!

I’ve been lazing about this past 2 days, not getting that much work done, except yesterday when I actually managed to go through more than 40 pages of computing notes. The theory part messes with your brain seriously, I wonder how I’m going to handle econs if I can’t even do something I enjoy. Sigh.

I’ve turned to randomly surfing round the web on my comp, with nothing much else to do. Got so bored I actually went to the piano for awhile earlier, but didn’t go too well. One day hopefully:

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I’ve put off blogging so long for tonight cuz I was soooooo tired just earlier. Went to school early in the morning (after 6 hours of sleep) for PW meeting which was basically 90% pointless as per usual. Then again PW as a whole is 100% pointless so I guess even our meeting was more… pointful. (yes i know there isn’t such a word)

Played basketball for awhile (like 20-30 mins) with kai chun after that, cuz neither of us could stand the afternoon sun, went to thai pan with hai as well, then me and kc headed back to school to “study”. We ended up finding the one and only IP classroom which had air con and was empty, sat on the couch, I took out jeffrey archer, he took out his psp, and we completely forgot about work obviously. Got chased out by the OM at around 4 cuz they were locking up the place so we headed to the canteen to finally start mugging, for real this time. I covered 14 pages of insane computing notes on the friggin system unit, while he read abit of sloman and gave in to his PSP shortly after that. Chat with calvin for abit since he walked past, and bryan came by and stole the bball between my legs. to go play. I joined him in like 10 mins since the lure of bball was simply too great.

That was at 5.30, I eventually left the court at 7.30.

Seriously, played with kc for almost an hour, he left, and I stayed back to play for another hour plus, alone. It’s been soooo long since I last played bball, and I don’t even recall exercising at all throughout the entire holis. That’s probably the reason why when I was finally done, I felt like crap. Blisters on both feet; legs aching with every step; thigh and calf on the verge cramping; arms feeling pretty weak, etc. I’ve never felt better this entire holiday 🙂 Nothing beats this. Not to mention the only thing that stopped me from continuing was the impending darkness. If they had lights around the court, I’d probably never leave there till… forever?

While we’re on the topic of bball, ARGH, I can’t believe the lakers lost the finals to the celtics by friggin 39 points, how DO you get trashed THAT badly?

oh I know… ray allen must STILL be open in that corner somewhere. Argh


Forgot to blog last night, I VISITED VIVO FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE 😀 and I got a feeling I only saw a fraction of it. Ah well, there’ll be other times, though not the sky park. It has couples at friggin 2pm in the afternoon, wonder what it’s like at night :/

Tried studying there, did so for 4 straight hours but was pretty unproductive, considering how i kept getting stuck on maths.

argh mother nagging, i shall continue this tomorrow. ARGH

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Firefox 3 STILL isn’t here, it’s 2am already and it was due out an hour ago. What’s going on?! I think I’ll end up going to bed before it arrives, I do need to wake up slightly earlier tomorrow anyway.

Today was a relatively bad day once again, woke up in late in the morning, slacked around, played COD4, got around to studying ONE chapter of physics and falling asleep immediately after that (I seriously need coffee). Woke up, went to the piano for hours trying to figure out songs but got nowhere, so I came to the computer and here I’ve been for the past few hours.

At least I FINALLY wrote a post for Review Column, my first one in a really really long time, it’s refreshing and yet mind-numbingly boring to write again, but I’ll still do it nonetheless 🙂

time for bed

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Woke up early in the morning at 10.30am (well… it IS early considering it’s the holis) to watch Lakers vs Celtics Game 5, and I must say, the Lakers are seriously seriously lucky they’re still in this thing. Though, as badly as I want them to win, I gotta admit, the Celtics are going home with the championship this season. 😦

Played abit of call of duty 4 as per usual in the early afternoon, then my mother began to nag about how I had to swim one more time before school starts, so I just decided to get it over with and am here at src now… again. Swam, played pool and snooker (got beat by this random uncle who asked me for a game, could have totally beaten him if not for some careless and stupid shots :()

Anyway back down to B1 to plug in my laptop to finally talk to tcf after days… unfortunately the bloody kid HAD to come waltzing in here shouting his mouth off, thankfully, I plugged in my senheisers and all is well 🙂

Oh and Randomusings.com closed down a few months ago because I didn’t wanna foot over another 100 USD just to keep it running for another year, I’ve got smarter ways to spend my money on paypal. Decided to revive it again though on wordpress.com servers, because I suddenly realise how much I’d like to have another place to randomly rant about stuff that doesn’t concern my daily life. Unfortunately, randomusings.wordpress.com is already taken by someone who only updates every few months or so. After trying around with some other names, I’ve finally setttle on randomlymusing.wordpress.com :p

I tried importing my previous Random Musings posts, but it turns out I can’t find the backup I made just before the site closed down, either that or I didn’t make one. So the only backup I could find to import into wordpress dates back to august of 2007 or something. Though i have to say that’s probably when I stopped posting so regularly. But it’s anything but smooth sailing, lost ALL the pictures I put in my posts and no chance in hell am I going to go hunting for the pics to replace them all. I’ll just settle for weird white spaces in between lines where pictures used to be.

This time i’ll try to make sure I don’t screw things up again so I won’t have to go through this arduous process again.


sunday monday tuesday
thursday friday saturday
all I’m looking forward to
is that one missing day 🙂

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Like I said, computers will screw up no matter what. 2 days ago, my internet screwed up, yesterday,  my iMac screwed up, then today my external hard drive screws up. At least it took me quite little time to swap my enclosure for the older one I’ve had lying around. Still, taking lesser time to fix my computer stuff does NOT equate to more time to study, because I didn’t study AT ALL again.

Or more like I stll don’t understand a single crap of physics. It’s quite annoying actually, but nothing’s going in at all 😦

And my parents want to drag me out at this time to eat, it’s 10pm for goodness sake. I’d very much rather walk over to northpoint, eat macs, walk back, done deal. But ohhhhh no, we gotta drive all the way out just to EAT… Sigh… off i go then…

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it’s killing me.

I guess computers will be computers no matter what, seeing as how my trusty old iMac failed me today. It got stuck on a “blue screen of death” of it’s own at the login screen, seriously screwing me over. I tried EVERYTHING, and it just wouldnt show me the bloody login screen. In the end I had to resort to reinstalling the entire Mac OS X, just to get the login screen to show. At least that eventually solved the problem. thankfully it isn’t as hard to reinstall Leopard as it is to reinstall windows XP, ie. it justs install the OS itself instead of having me reformat my entire hard disk, erasing all my data in the process…

I guess macs are STILL better than PCs in that case…

anyway, I spent my ENTIRE day slacking away AGAIN, didnt even touch ANY work whatsoever… 😦 I’ve said this once, and I’ll say it a million more times, i am sooooo screwed for mid years… I just can’t get into the mugging mood, completely lost it after O level mugging period last year.

Still loving my new phone, though it is quite pissing that Apple decided to announce the iPhone 3G like the day after I got my new phone (I completely forgot it was WWDC period!!!). then again I doubt it would have changed my decision. The iPhone’s still pretty pointless to me, and my iPod touch will do the job just fine, I’m perfectly alright with having 2 seperate devices.

Anyway I really gotta sleep soon, stupid singtel linesman is coming tomorrow to fiddle around with my line and see if he can work some magic to stop these stupid disconnections; and here’s hoping i’ll actually get some mugging done tomorrow (though I highly doubt it).

sucky day much…

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