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3 months of preperation, over in 4 days. Obviously, the camp passed by way too fast, even for the Facis who only slept roughly 10/72 hours, for us to fully appreciate it. There’re honestly so many learning points all of us, Facis and campers alike, but that’s for another time.

I just slept for 15 hours straight, something I’ve never done before in my life. Hardly surprising considering how I only slept for ONE hour last night, also a first for me.

I don’t really know if I wanna go through the entire CLIC camp from day 1 to 4, partly cuz I’m too lazy right now. Let me just say that being a Faci is SO different from being a camper.

And boy oh boy do I miss CLIC, all the joy and laughter. Acting during harper’s night, setting up bash night under the night sky (uber cool!!!) and station games. Of course doing a DISC test again and learning I’ve become a really high I (apparently) compared to an SIC as I was in the past was pretty cool as well.

Combat skirmish was pretty epic, or at least it sounded pretty epic. We all carried guns that weighed 3-5kg, that had red dot sights on them FYI, and wore vests with sensors on them that created a field around our torsos and head. After which, we just ran around killing as many people as we could 😛 Guns gave off sounds everytime you shot them, your vest would give of a sound everytime you lost a life. Sounds cool huh? If only the guns weren’t like pea shooters, practically impossible to kill anyone… People. Just. Wouldn’t. Die.

Seriously though, I hope all the campers took away something from this camp. I was quite surprised when several other campers from other groups knew my name (I didn’t know many other facis’ names last year :(), but satisfying none the less.

But of course, a big shout out and thanks to my group : Group 8, Hotdawgs! It’s hard for me to have wished for a better group. Thanks loads for everything guys. You’ve really made my journey as being a CLIC faci a truly memorable one, I hope it’s been the same for you as well.

Of course, I have a couple more thousand things to say about CLIC and to Hotdawgs, but I’ll keep this blog post short. Even if I knew where to start from, I probably wouldn’t know where to end. Let me just say that the hana tattoo of a hotdog on the back of my right hand is still completely visible, and I really hope it’ll stay there for as long as possible. Not to mention I feel weird not wearing our group’s identity when I step out of the house now. I’ve grown so accustomed to it…


Thanks for everything guys. Rock on. 😛

P.S: Hi, my name is Joe, and I work. In. A chocolate factory!
P.P.S: Black sheep baba black sheep baba white sheep, white sheep


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I know I haven’t blogged in AGES… I think this is the longest hiatus I’ve ever taken from blogging. I just completely lost the mood to blog for a really long period of time for some strange reason. But now that the holidays are here again I guess I’m back to being bored again, hence turning to blogs to rant.

Anyway, the primary reason why I decided to blog all of a sudden now is because I just invested 17 bucks in a laptop cooler from Popular. I should have known better seriously, when normal prices are around 30 – 50 bucks. Now I’ve got a crappy cooler which barely cools the laptop in the first place, but not only that, is making a ton of noise. No not just loud whirring noises from the fans, I’m used to that. It seems like there’s something INSIDE the cooler that makes the fan keep clacking away, which is REALLY bloody annoying.

Anyway, so much stuff has happened between the last time I blogged and now that I won’t even bother filling in the details. However, I am a CLIC Facilitator now, and CLIC is just 5 days away. Whoopdedoo!

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