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such a weird day

I’ve just finished watching 300 again, and it’s still as good as it was the first time I saw it. No other movie’s ever come close to the same style and substance that 300 has to offer. Really such a powerful movie.

Thus, now I’m left talking to chrystal(s) on msn and blogging yet again. Speaking of my blog though, I really gotta change the theme ASAP, seriously damn ugly. Alas, that will have to wait till I’m actually not so lazy.

It’s almost 1am now, and since I reached home at around 5 or so my parents have never been home. Oddly disconcerting, but they’ll be back soon (with food, finally) and the usually naggings and ramblings will start all over again. And about food, boy am I STARVING.

But more than starving, I’m actually really really bored now. The fact that 300 was such a good movie only served to entertain me for the course of the movie, the moment the credits started rolling I’m back to being bored again. Really though, I should consider myself the king of time wasting. No idea how I managed to spend so many hours (almost 10) doing absolutely NOTHING useful whatsoever. It’s a technique that’s been honed and perfected throughout the years along with the help of the computer and internet, and together, nothing can stop us! (from wasting more time)

Ok sorry too much 300 in me right now. But the more I think about it now, the more I can’t help but continue.

We do what we were TRAINED to do.

We do what we were BRED to do.

We do what we were BORN to do.


Ok sorry about that, but yeah you can tell I’m obviously bored. I actually went through the movie again to find the exact part so that I could get the exact lines. Yes, I repeat, I”M BORED.

And no, I’m not going to go do my work.

As I type this, one chrystal just left, so I’m stuck with the last chrystal whom I can practice my psychic powers on. Hoorah.

Far to lazy to fill in much stuff about what happened in school recently. Pretty usual stuff, ‘cept everyone’s befuddled as to how I do my colour card trick… The one where reds and blacks stack up nicely according to their order. Lighthink board’s changed design and am receiving generally positive comments from people 🙂 err… what else is there… OH YEAH

NEW SHOES, thanks to alex. 20 Sing dollars from vietnam, and they look really cool (though most probably fake.) Am going to send photo from my phone now.

New shoes

The one on the right’s my new shoe 🙂 I just realised it doesn’t look very good in pictures though, but trust me when I say it’s cool.

While uploading that, the last chrystal has left and I am now bored times infinity as you can tell from the fact that I was actually willing to take the time to send a photo from my phone just to blog it, something which I almost never do.

Can’t wait for Orientation, a whole week without lessons at all. Unfortunate that we gotta reach at 7am. Seriously, what’s the point?! Argh.

Anyway, I shall find some other way to kill time now, after all, I am King KillTimer.

Nitez world.


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Grace: I think if I do you I’ll cry…

Anyway, school’s going back to its usual monotonus rhythm by now after CNY. Thankfully there’s still Orientation so that there’s one last time for me to act like a kid. Boy am I going to miss schooling days.

Got a major headache throughout the day today which strangely subsided later at night. Was really annoying throughout the day though.

OGL for the last time, wonder if I’ll go for CLIC though I highly doubt so. I wouldn’t mind (actually I’d really like to :D) but see if I get chosen. There’s only like 10 or 11 Facilitators anyway and being a chairperson of 2 CCAs doesn’t really count for much when everytime people hear the name of both my CCAs they go “What’s that?!”

Anyway, off to bed now, while hoping that my stupid headache doesn’t come back tomorrow.

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Just watched the 20 minute video of Obama taking the oath and his inaugural address on Youtube. It’s gotta be one of the hottest Youtube videos ever, 1.7 million views in just 18 hours. That’s like 26 people watching the video EVERY SECOND for 18 hours on average.

I have to say, he’s a great speaker, though that’s obviously nothing new. It still is pretty amazing to me that his speech writer is merely 27 years old, imagine being that young and yet the words you choose could rally or break a nation. Of course, with Obama’s oratorical skills, he could probably turn “The Three Little Pigs” into a tale of epic proportions.

Alas, it’s time for sleep now with a ton of work undone.

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School… again.

First week+ was relatively OK I guess, though screwed up a lot of shit. Eg. didn’t get the CCA walkabout form in on time, lost my specs, can’t find all the old notes and worksheets, etc. ie. school’s going back to normal.

Not really feeling the pressure of A’s yet, though I bet some people are. Still not doing my homework (unfortunately) and am hooked on to Quake Live now (even more unfortunately). Currently, I’ve got like 20 tabs open in Firefox and half of which are youtube videos and other time wasting stuff…

I’ve seriously gotta start studying 😦

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Seriously wtf

I lose my specs, math tutorial (which I need to do by tomorrow) and computing lecture notes (which I need because I don’t know how to do the damn tutorial 😦

What a way to start the year…

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I haven’t updated this blog in a long time, simply because there really isn’t much to talk about in recent days. I’m just slacking at home all day long (mostly) and doing random stuff with my other blog and other stuff.

Oh but I did get into Quake Live closed beta which is A-W-E-S-O-M-E 🙂 Too bad most people who read this blog won’t know what it is 😛

Anyway, all I’m waiting for now is school to reopen and back to the mundane school life + A levels this year. Sigh, last year of formal schooling, after that, uni ain’t gonna be the same at all.

That’s it for now, though I am pretty excited about sentosa with ’07 4-6 tomorrow, provided it’s still on.. that is.

Oh and I gotta register for NS………….

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There’s something about passing the new year alone at home for the first time in years. Am usually at the club now, at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. And usually standing on the Padang, watching the fireworks go off with a few friends sometimes.

Alas this year is different, I’m at home alone even as the new year comes. Was listening to a ton of Jack Johnson earlier (one of my favourite artistes I have to say). Have been watching the Les Miserables musical on Youtube and suddenly realised the new year just came. Am at least talking on Skype, which is helping me keep from being completely bored to death, on new year’s eve for crying out loud.

2008 has been a pretty good year for me I guess, compared to other years. First year of junior college is probably the best possible schooling year for any student. No major exams at the end of the year, and you get to enjoy yourself a ton because you’re “new” and all. Met plenty of new people and friends and really special people as well ;), a really really fun bunch of people. 08S56 FTW 🙂

Not to mention attending a co-ed school again. Primary school can hardly be counted as co-ed in my opinion though. Everyone’s just small kids running around having fun with each other regardless of gender. Anyway, in some ways this is a good thing I guess, though it’s pretty inconvenient that I gotta go to the toilet to change every time too.

2008 held a lot of fun for me for sure. Everything from CIP that required me to report at east coast at 4am in the morning, to mugging for promos. Yeah even that was fun, considering how mugging for A’s will probably be a lot more worse. I learned a lot this year as well, started playing the piano and reading more as well. Ok so the urge to read has died down now in the holidays when I spend practically every waking hour on the computer. But who knows, maybe I’ll start reading like crazy again in ’09.

And speaking of it, welcome 2009… I guess. 2008 has been a really good year for me and I’m pretty reluctant to let go of it. Still, time passes, and the only thing I can do now is hope that 2009 will at least be as good of a year as 2008 was for me.
After which, army beckons.

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