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13 more papers to go.

Damn I just want the stupid O’s to be over with.

Oh and to think that my parents made me think (yeah i know it’s confusing) that they were so kind as to get me a new phone all of a sudden. Rather, my mother originally wanted to pass me the new phone while she uses my current Z610i. After careful deliberation………. I decided against it. Lol, a Z610i over a K770i? Yeah. Cuz if i passed her my current phone she’d go arnd telling ppl about how “the son is using a better phone as compared to the mother, and the mother is in fact using a ‘second hand’ phone that her son passed her” that kinda crap you know? I shoulda known that my parents would  never do something like that. And anywayz, I’m too comfortable with my Z610i already, using the K770i for just awhile gave me a sore hand and wrist already. I’ll stick with my Z610i for now, after all, i’ve already been using it for more than 7 months, nothing’s stopping me from using it for even longer. I have next to no qualms about it anyway (except for the fact that I wish the bloody thing would stop jamming and blacking out all of a sudden all of the time, and that my messages wouldn’t keep getting stuck in my outbox for no rhyme or reason, or that the connector didn’t have stuff growing on it so that I could use a bloody headphone with the phone). Yeah I’ve got quite a few qualms with it, but still….. It’s a good phone.

Anywayz, gonna bed. Just wanted to ramble on for awhile. And I almost forgot, RandomMusings finally got a  Pagerank of 2 today 🙂 Thanks Chris for notifying me, I woulda never thought to check it out.

nitez all… good luck to all o levellers reading this as well 🙂


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freaking hell.. today lasted for sooooo long and ONLY A maths paper 1 is over. How the heck am i gonna survive for so many more days. Wish I could just get this stupid thing over with right now… Ah well, at least P1 wasn’t too bad today 🙂

Around 3 more weeks, damn this wait, it’s killing me.


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wow it’s sure been long since the last time i blogged. Was either too lazy or simply didn’t have the time… Finally the o’s are in 2 day’s time… can’t wait to get over with them………… I’m just so sick and tired of mugging.. Wonder how I’ll do :/

Then come to think of it, I still have no idea what I’m gonna do after the O’s. There’s only 1.5 months, not exactly a long period of time when you consider how much stuff I got to do.

For now, mugging is my middle name (ie. off to bishan cc I go)

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I haven’t had time to blog lately considering how I’ve been studying everyday after school till pretty late at night and only touching frets on fire when i reach home before hitting the sack. I’ve meant to post this since monday, but I just couldn’t find the time to do it. Why monday? Cuz it was the start of my last week as being a cat high student.Probably every single O level school leaver in Singapore has one of these posts on their blogs, I’ve seen a few. It’s not surprised considering how much most people will miss their school. I’m no exception of course.

Sure cat high might have been the place that I’ve dreaded to go to every single morning cuz I gotta wake up at bloody 6am in the morn to get ready (not like that’s gonna change in JC). Then going to school and hearing the teachers drone on and on about stuff that you just don’t really care about. Then going through tedious CCA trainings after school. For some strange reason, I  never seemed to have fun in cat high, the only thing I’ve loved about it are the people there. Yet there’s no doubt that I’ll miss the place.

It’s probably cuz of the atmosphere and “culture” (if you want to call it that) in cat high. It’s just so….. wild… crazy…. unpredictable…. insane…. childish (very much so)…. relaxed…. a bit of everything really. Sure school rules are there, but they don’t seem to be enforced THAT harshly, nothing is organised or formal, everything’s just so… random. That’s the great thing about it, you never have to worry about stupid stuck up teachers or restrictions. Not to mention everyone there is just so childishly, stupidly and randomly insane. Probably because there aren’t girls around. Gameboys in the toilet, digivice fighting in the back of history class,  pokemon in everyone’s handphones…. essentially just doing the most childish thing that one would expect 16 year olds to be doing.  That’s probably what makes it so fun.

1-3. 2-3. 3-6. 4-6. Things have certainly changed since 4 years ago. fooling about in sec 1, dotaing/counter-striking/mapling/gba-emulatoring/web-surfing/msning/more dotaing all day long in sec 2 with our stupid tablets that are pretty much worthless now (slow as hell) and the stupid petition in sec 3 (the purpose of the petition wasn’t stupid, the thing itself was though). Only in sec 3 did many people feel the stress of studying I guess, though I didn’t obviously. When I was too lazy I didn’t even bother to copy homework at times. Of course that had to change in sec 4 (thankfully it did).

Of course not everything’s fine and dandy in cat high, it could be a lot better, but I’ll reserve my opinions here to myself (after all this IS the internet). Still there’s no doubt that I’ll still miss cat high. The times I’ve spent in this school are really irreplaceable. While I don’t really want to go through it all again, I’m still left with a sense of longing of the times spent here.  Hundreds and hundreds of hours spent in that debate room, thousands more in the classroom. Seriously, how could anyone ever forget getting screwed and fucked over by kevin lim?

The dumbest thing I’ve done here? I’ll never forget the time in sec 2 when I was punished by rao for laughing during assembly when toh cracked a joke about miss hua. Bloody hell, I had to go to every classroom and count the number of rubbish they had on the floor and then plot out a bar graph on the computer before printing it out and submitting it to rao. I ACTUALLY DID GO AND COUNT THE NUMBER OF RUBBISH THERE WAS ON THE FLOOR IN EVERY CLASSROOM. Yes you don’t need to tell me how dumb I was. Hey, I was 14, naive is the word to describe me. If I got a similar punishment today, I’d probably laugh about it with friends and not really bother to do it until quay bothers to SAWTER me.

Now, the last few days are here. The final few days in which I’ll be able to call myself a Catholic High Secondary School student. Of course I still have to come back for lessons everyday next week, but nothing will ever be the same again after friday’s graduation ceremony. Now, I’m cherishing every single moment as I tread along the corridors of cat high. I’ve had both fun and frustrating times here. Of course, there’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll be coming back. Juniors in cat high debates haven’t gotten rid of me yet (not by a long shot) and chinese new year and teachers day and all other occasions are just excuses for me to come back and tread these hallways again, though no longer as a cat high student. Hopefully I’ll be wearing the VJC uniform then.

Even though graduation assembly is this friday, my secondary school education won’t be over till november 13th of course. Can’t wait for that day to come. Grad night is on november 14 at marina mandrin. I wanna get a PROPER camera before that occasion. “Timeless memorise”. some call the theme lame, somehow I think it’s probably the most appropriate theme they could have given grad night. I’ll never ever forget these days in cat high.

Soon, it’s time to leave the world of secondary school education and enter the world of junior colleges. The world of a mixed school, the world of studies that I’ll actually care about, the world of A levels, the world of VJC (hopefully), but most importantly, most most most MOOOOOOOST importantly………………. the world of long pants. Seriously, god damn those green shorts.

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in your tank

In the past, I thought I knew what it was like to be tired.

Think again

Freaking beat out now, feel like I could collapse on the spot if I just stay still for a few seconds. I think I’ll knock off in a matter of seconds when I hit the sack. Pray that Krishnan will continue cocking tomorrow morning for 2 whole hours in the LT (WITH THE AIR CON ON) so I catch a few snoozes in the morning. If not I think I’ll definitely feel like crap throughout the remainder of the day. Not to mention I need enough energy to plow through 2 whole chinese compres which will undoubtedly drain all my remaining reserves of energy by the time I’m through with them after school.

OK, it’s time I cut the rambling and sleep. Damn, it’s already 11.41pm.

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  • Still mindlessly mugging
  • I’m uber productive at Bishan CC (6 hours straight of work, it’s hard to top that for me)
  • Geoffrey Archer is a pretty good author.
  • Cut my hair super short. Can’t wait for grad night, it should be of an OK length by then.
  • Seriously, I’m not used to this length of hair
  • Honestly, can’t even remember the last time I cut it this short
  • Yes I know I’m rambling on about my hair, but it freaks me out every time I see my reflection in something
  • At least it’s cooling and drys super fast 😀  (I’m trying to be optimistic here, honestly, I look pretty bad in it)
  • Maybe I just got used to longer hair…
  • I’m super tired, so going to bed to recharge for another day of mindless mugging tomorrow.

Oh yeah, one last thing, happy children’s day all 🙂

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