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note to self.

Getting used to the bloody braces-like thingy. though my teeth still feel awkward IMO.

Initially planned on stoning for the entire day, but got called by short and shorterer (ie aly and char) who kept bugging me to go for SN fiesta. Actually I’m glad I went, not cuz it was fun or I enjoyed myself, rather, I learnt a very valuable lesson


EVERYONE else went to funorama, I should have gone there as well if i knew how many were going (sry chrys) instead of winding up at St nicks where it felt damn awkward to be the only guy… Not to mention my teeth thing kept giving me problems and kept irritating me. Ah well, the only good thing was at least I got to be left alone with Guitar Hero and this rhythm/music arcade game (which involves some sensors)  which I last played like YEARS (pri school) ago. St nicks fiesta is seriously a lot cooler than cat high’s homecoming day, they got a bloody arcade in the middle of nowhere during their fun fair. did you hear me?


and it’s a GIRLS school for crying out loud, why the hell cant cat high have some of those, not to mention they got those fun fair machines that spin really fast and whatnot. Cat high’s homecoming pales in comparison. Not to mention I met quite a few other people, xiao wei was there (unfortunately all the other SC ppl and some other VJ ppl went to funorama, which is where i should have gone) and I met serene for the first time in YEARS. 6 Dilligence just doesn’t meet up anymore 😦

Still, walking out with short and shorterer’s class was pretty bad. 1 guy + 14 (aly counted, not me) isn’t something good for the ONE dude (though some guys might have loved to be in my position). Thank goodness I escaped soon enough.

UPDATE: Char just reminded me about what happened in the maze. She friggin’ SCREAMED when she saw a GIRL standing there. JUST STANDING there, dressed completely normally, just looking down at the floor all the time. She didn’t even dare turn the corner, and when she did she just SCREAMED and stumbled back a few steps. Then when she finally stopped screaming and ventured forth, aly told the girl to grab her when she came, so she screamed AGAIN. For goodness sake all she did was reach out her hand. and she just SCREAMED.

Though problem with the maze is I chose all the right routes so we met no scary stuff at all throughout except at the end with that girl, whom char screamed when she saw (I emphasise once more, she SCREAMED when she saw a girl)

All in all, I’m never going back to fiesta alone. Stupidest decision I’ve ever made.


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Got hit in the mouth by a hockey stick this morn, teeth started bleeding, one tooth came loose.. etc. Went to dentist, had it pushed back into the gum and now i got braces like thing stuck on my upper row of teeth. It takes some getting used to, and the fact that my bottom lip is swollen doesnt help matters. Worst of all is that I can only eat soft food for the next few days since i cant bite.

It doesn’t stop there though, the tooth that’s super loose is probably dead already, meaning I’ll need to do root canal treatment eventually, which is the the thing I’m dreading the most.

Argh, not being able to eat sucks, I need to eat an entire pot of porridge to make me full, and even then, I’ll get hungry again damn fast.

All in all: F**K you hockey.

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Slept for like 5 hours last night cuz had to wake up at 7 this morn to get to school by 9 for computing training (no they aren’t extra lessons!).  Tried to get some people out after that, but no one was free so ended up eating at J8 with Wash before heading home. Boring enough, ended up stoning from like 2 onwards, at least I managed to do 2 out of like 20 slides for the Lighthink exhibition. It’s bloody difficult to decide on how to present all the information.

Went “next door” to Burger King at 8 though, randomly got a call and went to meet up with shermaine and yu kang. Was fun talking cock, at least it helped me kill some time. Reached home around 10+ and after stoning for awhile more, ended up with my laptop in the living room in front of the TV showing How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, can’t believe I wasted my time with that show. Then again, I don’t have anything else to do anyway.

And for some strange reason the moment the show ended, EVERYONE I was previously talking to on MSN went offline at that precise moment. Which is why I’m stuck with my web browser now and decided to blog about what happened in the day, something which I seldom do since so many things always happen, but like I said, I got nothing better to do. Sucks really, not like I can do anything about it though.

Oh and went to help my cousin handle his DS, the girls were so damn excited about cooking mama… :/ Was real fun though, once again it helped me kill time.

Ah well, hear my parents opening the door, which is my cue to end this post here. Goodnight bloody world.

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what a full day.

Finally got a free full day off from the principal after so long (ie. I didn’t need to go to school today). Ended up waking up at 10 to go for OG outing at 12. In the end we ended up waiting for one hour for a few more to turn up before we finally set off to marina. Still, met quite a few VJ people at City Hall mrt, for some reason everyone was meeting there at around the same time.

Anyway finally went to Marina Square, ate lunch, went to the arcade for abit (daytona) and watched Rule #1. It’s an effing brilliant movie, amazing that it’s a local production really, Kelvin Tong (director) is an effing genius (and to top it all off he’s from VJ as well :D). Initially I thought it was gonna be one of those lame, gory horror films that attempt to scare you with loud wailing sounds and gory scenes. The movie does that quite abit in the earlier part, as well as a single scene in the middle of the film which is just downright disgusting till the point where I won’t bother to elaborate about here and pray I don’t have nightmares about. The rest of the film had such depth to it that I’m quite surprised, not to mention the twist at the end is pretty darn brilliant writing as well. All in all, I definitely don’t regret spending my movie on a chinese film for once. This film has definitely restored my faith in local productions.

Walked to bugis after that thanks to zoe’s need to shop there, but I left soon after that for JTS. Was a blast I have to say, even all it was was a dinner at pizza hut even when I didn’t know half the people (ie. senior class, considering how i had no angel/mortal). Celebrated a few birthdays, saw a few of the first intakers (08EX56 ppl) come back, etc. If only it wasn’t at bloody siglap, took more than an hour to reach home cuz trains and buses were taking forever to arrive at almost 11pm at night. Still, glad I didn’t skip JTS 🙂

In the end, left my house at 11+am and reached home at almost 12am. Am quite tired and my mother is nagging at me to go eat NOW. argh. but before i go, charlotte demands I blog about her, so here goes nothing.


happy now? 🙂

why oh why oh why
doesn’t lady luck look me in the eye
even till the point whereby
i sit opposite her and gotta get by.

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i cross multiplied inequalities in my maths test today, ho wei kang is gonna rape my ass…

in other news, i am still piled with homework which i’m too damn lazy to do.

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Stumbled across nich’s post about how people reached his blog by searching for “girls can’t do chinups”. That’s nothing compared to what I’ve had over the years. I’m too damn lazy to capture and post a thousand and one screenshots, so you’re just gonna have to take my word for it that all these search engine terms are real and come from my wordpress dashboard.

  • no such thing as conscience (ok not exactly what I was thinking about continuing my blog title with)
  • how handphone get charged (what you think leh?)
  • suicide acs(i) (WhAt???)
  • emulatoring (wtf is that???)
  • “ugly chicken puff” (surprisingly that really does link to this post)
  • ive got loads of stuff to do but dont know where to start (Well for starters, you probably shouldn’t be wasting time on Google searching for random stuff)

I got a hell lot more from where that came from, but am too lazy to post more for now. Gotta get some rest, meeting Lighthink people tomorrow, at least won’t be stoning/rotting at home 🙂

goodnight stupid world…

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uh oh..

I just realised how little I’ve been blogging recently, seems like I can’t find the time to do so (actually I was just lazy). Think this is so mainly cuz nothing much is happening. School life is getting dull and boring with basically the same old thing day in day out. Of course save for the fact that cat high won nanyang on friday night, winning their second round, it means the debate team is most likely through to the quarters. hurrah..

Holidays now, but it doesn’t really feel that relaxing. I’ve got a maths common test the first day back, and boy oh boy do I need to study (doesn’t mean I have studied obviously). Econs and computing homework which will just screw with my brain.. Not to mention term 2 is only gonna be worse.

Finally took out my PSP to start playing again recently, it was rotting in the corner. God of War is downright the best game EVER for the PSP, gotta get the PS2 version soon.

Alright, nothing much else to blog about, life’s really getting darn boring………. can’t wait for BBQ on tuesday though, then gotta meet up with Lighthink on wed and JTS on friday. Hopefully the holis dont get TOO boring.

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