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i juz realised how long it has been since i last blogged.. practically forgot abt it.. well not much going on anyways..

first of all, i got out of the sec 3 camp with a doctor’s letter 🙂 no need to go caving in bat shit and sleeping on top of it.. seriously, i heard huey jeen fell down into bat shit, rofl.. wouldnt even imagine myself doing it.. most of my friends also got sun burnt and jing wei lost half his voice *snigger*

other than that the beginning of the holidays hasn’t been going well.. juz went back today to school for physics makeup and debates later on.. didn’t cover much in physics, but at debates kevin gave 3 of us a large stack of newspaper articles, ask us summarize every single important article there.. omg, and must do like 3 per day.. haiz, my holis totally ruined..

furthermore, i still have to go back to school everyday of the week until saturday. Then next saturday still have to go rjc for rmun.. haiz, a total waste of my time.. although it does look good on my record.. “Represented CHS Humanities Department”.. kul.. but still a big waste of time.. wish i didnt have to go.. i dont think im going next year lah..

but there is one good thing i’ve heard today though.. i gonna facilitate for the acs i debate camp, helping them out.. lol, nothing’s confirmed yet though, but i hope i get it… still remember when i was sec 1 and went for the acs i debate camp then… was quite fun, but damn irritating, see the seniors sit there enjoy themselves while we have to run around singapore doing the stupid amazing race. wonder if they’ll have such a thing this year for the juniors.. still, it was quite fun..

oh and i almost forgot to mention.. i failed 2 subjects this term.. lol,and my level position 227 out of 366.. haiz, failed my english mah, or else my position surely below 100 one.. come on lah, yi kai passed his english and chinese ONLY, and his level position still better than me, 170 something i think.. i mean, his a maths was 9 out of 100 leh.. i see that liao don bother to see the others.. haiz. even tze kai got the same l1r5 as me (22) and he lvl position 71 leh, cuz he pass his english..

OH AND TALKING ABT TZE KAI. that guy go get a job with lime magazine last saturday at ngee ann poly during the singapore youth and media conference.. he juz sitting beside the lime magazine chief editor or something and chatting with her, then she offer him a job liao leh.. haiz, if only jobs were that easy to get for everyone (including me 🙂
anywayz, i tomorrow still got to go to school at 7.45 for chinese oral practice. haiz, so ma fan. must make us go so early, and then after that i still got physics make up to go for again.. sian ah.. first 2 weeks of holis gone liao, cuz of make ups and rmun. then the other 2 weeks still got 6 days have to go back to school for 6 hours for debates.. haiz, from now onwards i think no such thing as holidays until o levels over lah.. cant wait for that day…



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well, no surprise that i failed physics, after all practically the whole level failed, only a small handful passed!! im not kidding… and i still dont get physics, no matter wad i do.. haiz, so now mother ask me go tuition.. sianz.. anywayz i still got 6 more papers to go through tomorrow and friday i think.. gonna be a boring week..

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Sg Election ‘06

nothing interesting with this year’s GE’s.. everything still the same.. PAP still win all except houganag and wad? putong pasir izzit?? (i forgot) anyways, only interesting thing is that opposition percentage going up up up while PAP going down down down.. lol..

anywayz, gotta slp liao.. so bb..

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wow.. kul

i managed to get this working i think.. im currently writing this post from a widget on my mac… will be much easier to post blog posts from now on 🙂

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brain dead…

my brain is officially dead right now.. i’ve juz ran through every single last thing there is to study for the chem mid year tomolo.. and it’s crazy. i seriously think i am gonna fail tomorrow.. there’s juz too much to remember, what salts are soluble, what salts are insoluble.. etc.. it’s mad.. im damn tired already, but still cannot sleep, didnt even have time to mug history yet.. maaybe use tomorrow’s 2hour break to mug history lah.. haiz..

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Viceland – iHustle – When Addicts Create

lol you guys have to check this out.. lol damn dumb :p

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mac.curious’ Visit To Apple Store slideshow on Flickr

wow.. kul pics of an apple store.. taken by the guy over at makemeswitch.blogspot.com.. haiz, he still asking for donations.. :p

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