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Stumbled across nich’s post about how people reached his blog by searching for “girls can’t do chinups”. That’s nothing compared to what I’ve had over the years. I’m too damn lazy to capture and post a thousand and one screenshots, so you’re just gonna have to take my word for it that all these search engine terms are real and come from my wordpress dashboard.

  • no such thing as conscience (ok not exactly what I was thinking about continuing my blog title with)
  • how handphone get charged (what you think leh?)
  • suicide acs(i) (WhAt???)
  • emulatoring (wtf is that???)
  • “ugly chicken puff” (surprisingly that really does link to this post)
  • ive got loads of stuff to do but dont know where to start (Well for starters, you probably shouldn’t be wasting time on Google searching for random stuff)

I got a hell lot more from where that came from, but am too lazy to post more for now. Gotta get some rest, meeting Lighthink people tomorrow, at least won’t be stoning/rotting at home ­čÖé

goodnight stupid world…


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I swear my mother just told me this.

Later go eat eggs, you very long never eat eggs already. Must eat more. Eggs good for you, so later go take your hard boiled egg hor.

Well, it ain’t that funny, but it just reminded me of this one. And I can hear my mother breaking open one of the eggs right now.

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one more…

k she told me this long before my O’s during the0 June holidays when i wanted to bring my Macbook Pro (a laptop btw, for those of you living under a stone) out of the house. My mother told me this when I suggested it to her:

You can’t bring your Macbook Pro out of the house because your O levels are not over yet.

I went “HUH?” when I heard that, and she was serious. She really did let me bring it out of the house after the O’s were over. So her logic was: O levels not over = cannot bring laptop out of house.

Once again, im not kidding. She really did say this.

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Another quote from my mother, for those who know me well enough, it’s the usual thing:


I fucking swear. If there’s a drought in the near future and a few hundred people in Singapore don’t have enough water to drink, it’ll be because of me.

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Some guy searched this on some search engine to get to this blog:

Is there such a thing as┬áspidermanie. “Is there such a thing as spiderman?”

What do you think? 

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I’m blogging like mad in this category, because they just keep coming

You ate fried rice yesterday and you didn’t eat fruits, so you better go and use salt water to gargle your throat because you’re going to have sore throat.

I don’t see the link once again, just cuz I eat fried rice = sore throat?!

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I think you’re addicted to the computer, everytime must surf the net.┬á┬á

So I mug my ass off in the freezing library everyday for the past week, use the comp for around an hour when i come home everyday, and now after the fucking PTM my mother thinks I should be studying 24/7 or smth. Fucking irritating, thank god she just left the house.

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