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What a long week

Seriously, it’s weird to think that today is actually a Friday, meaning I don’t have to go to school tomorrow. Tbis entire week has felt like the longest week of my entire life. So much stuff has been going on, it has really reached a point where it feels weird that I don’t have to go to school anymore, like I’ve suddenly got a break from everything, at least a little breathing room.

Anyway, cabbed to school today after waking up late, and the driver took me all the way to tampanies before turning back, making me 30 minutes late in the end. Real stupid…

Zero people turned up for Lighthink’s welcome party initially, we had to keep calling everyone until like 2 people showed up. Not even sure how we’re gonna survive.

As for Subjectif, seems to have more potential in terms of recruiting J1s at least. There’s still a lot more work to be done with the school blog, but with more help, hopefully it can go up really soon πŸ™‚

I am so tired of usng the computer now, I shall resort to going to fix up my wooden model gun πŸ™‚


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The workload of being in charge of 2 CCAs is beginning to drain me. Hence the lack of activity here.

Now, I need my sleep.

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Stuff like that, along with their super high-tech stuff, make me really love Japan (especially Osaka at times). Seriously, just watch the video below, I swear it’s hilarious…

Honestly, 1:45 is my favourite…

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Mugging at cineleisure

I’m currently typing this from my iPod touch at cineleisure’s long john’s silver. I’m supposed to be mugging now, (wan swen and Terence are next to me) but I just realized I don’t really have that much work left to do. Hence, I’ve resorted to entertaining myself via blogging.

Wan swen had this brilliant idea of studying outside at glori jeans (however you spell that) earlier because apparently “it’s not warm at all”. In the end, all of us were sweating like crazy before she finally gave up and we all moved in to this air conditioned place, which was probably the best idea wan swen had all day πŸ™‚ (she has no idea I’m typing this now :P)

I really can’t believe I brought my camera out today without putting in the battery -.- I’m thus stuck with a useless brick of a camera that can’t be turned on. I really gotta remember to not be so stupid sometimes.

I shall go back to doing what work I have to do, wonder when wan swen will read this post and start scolding me on man or something.

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Ok… so I lied

I still havent found the time to blog more about orientation, but more updated posts are going up on the school blog, which I’ll talk about more soon. I can’t reveal anything much yet because nothing much has been done to it and it looks really really bare.

Anyway, there’s one main reason why I decided to blog this post:


Seriously, it sucks not having one 😦

Alright now I shall go sleep πŸ™‚

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Long story short, I changed some settings which can only be changed back through access to the SQL database, which I don’t have, so unfortunately gotta keep troubling teachers again. I really should be more careful when I don’t have full access to the server 😦

I’m not supposed to talk anything more about the school blog for now, it’s ready when it’s ready, but let’s just say I’m really excited about it πŸ™‚

I’ll continue blogging about orientation tomorrow or something, I’ve got so much stuff to do on both Subjectif and Lighthink side. Juggling 2 chairperson positions was harder than I thought, even for two small CCAs. Still manageable though, I hope…

But don’t worry, I’ll definitely blog more about orientation soon enough, I gotta do it soon before I forget too much about it πŸ˜›

For now, I really need sleep.

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As promised I’ll continue blogging about Orientation from here on out. But before I talk about it, I want to just note here that my blog got a whopping 48 views just yesterday (I average about 5-10), no idea how so many people suddenly stumbled across my blog. Do that many people want to read about VJC’s Orientation?

Speaking of which I’ll probably repost all these posts on the school blog when we can get it properly up and running, along with pics from photosoc then πŸ™‚ But since this is my personal blog I’d better not use photosoc’s pics for now.

Anyway about Day 2, things got off a lot smoother at the beginning and everything proceeded much faster as compared to the first day. For example the rafia string had already been cut for us, freshmen already knew which OGs to go to, people were slightly more livelyΒ  having met each other the previous day, etc. They kicked off the day with mass dance and cheering sessions this time around, carrying on with La bamba and Tribal dance, which freshmen received with mixed reactions. Some obviously loved dancing but some just did the actions for the sake of doing them, but to me it was quite amazing how many freshmen were really into the whole thing.

After subject briefings during lunch came the dry station games. There were classics like Foosball, Captain’s Ball with different “balls”, sharing spaghetti among two people’s mouths, etc. However there were newer games like 8 Sub-OGs fighting for clothes pegs off each others’ clothing and others. All in all pretty standard fair in comparison to last year’s dry games and most people had a blast.

That was basically it for Day 2, Mass dances, cheering and station games took up most of the time. And of course not to mention the endless random cheers that just keep popping up. At the end of the day, Thor emerged champion thus far for the two days of orientation (WOOHOO!!!). But alas, our reign would not last.

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