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in school now. Can’t believe I left school at 11pm yesterday, and then skipped school this morning to prepare for quarters in 9 hours time. I even had to climb over the school wall last night. Haha. Anyway i gotta get back to work now. so gtg.


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I’ve managed to last for 17 hours awake (including a roughly 6 hour long training session) with merely 5 hours of sleep. Sure, for some people 3 hours of sleep should suffice, but I’m not one of those, and how I wish I was.

Quarters for JGs is roughly 44 hours away, and I’m sacrificing ALL of my school work for it. I’ve not done the essay that was supposed to be due yesterday. I’ve got 2 paragraphs of chinese words that I’m supposed to memorise for “mo xie” tomorrow, which will take me at least an hour to completely memorise (which is why I’m obviously not going to bother trying). No I can’t cheat, not because I don’t want to, but because it’s suah (who’s fucking alert) and I sit in the front row during his class (and obviously not because I want to). Apparently this is going to be counted into our prelim 2 marks… Still, I don’t have a choice do I? I still have that stack of bio worksheets that’s due this friday, which I’m not going to have time to complete. And I haven’t copied the maths homework which is due tomorrow, despite me “COPYING”, it’ll still take quite some time… And I still owe quay the fucking physics spa file, and all my worksheets are all over the place, so I won’t even bother beginning to search for them.

In short, I’m so going to get fucked by all my teachers tomorrow. I almost wish I could skip school and just go for training.

Still, can’t wait for quarters to be over this friday, because I need a break from debates, be it a permanent one or a short one (if you catch my drift).

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reached home at like 10.45 just now and just finished eating dinner. am honestly fucking tired right now after training and then going to tze kai’s house for even more research. My eyes are beginning to hurt, I just wanna go to my bed NOW. Alas, something is keeping me at my computer, don’t know why, even though im this tired I don’t wanna go to bed. I just feel compelled to complete my daily web surfing routine (which usually includes blogging like this, with nothing to say and just rambling on and on)

This friday could very well be my last day as a cat high debater, if i lose to acs i, which is totally possible of course. But it’s not like it’s going to be easy for them to do it. HEHE.

And Andy just told me he got dengue fever all of a sudden. Haiz, he was looking off colour this morning, but he wouldn’t heed my advice to go home and rest. Now he just got a blood test and confirmed that he had dengue. Hope he turns out fine in the end. Rest well Andy!

And speaking of rest, I guess I should really go to bed now or I might fall sick myself……..

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Maths lesson is honestly really quite boring. Studying rotation for e maths again despite having already done it in sec 2. Of course, i’ve obviously forgotten most of it, and there are a few new concepts, but that doesn’t make it any less boring. It’s either too easy or too hard, haha. And alice long is going at light speed as usual, wish that wasn’t so. Anyway i gotta end this here cause we got ANOTHER quiz coming up. It’s probably like our 50th one or something since last year. *sigh*

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It’s honestly quite irritating to do so, so many limiting factors.(see i DO know my bio, haha) for one when it seems like you’ve typed at least a hundred words, you might not have even completed 20, cause it takes so damn bloody long to type on the phone’s keypad. Also, i think i’m limited to like 600 characters per post, which is like a hundred words ONLY. Not to mention i have to worry about how high my phone bill’s gonna go.

Of course i only do this when i don’t have access to a computer, like now.

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seriously, it can hardly get worse than this. I’m stuck at home alone with nothing to do once again, xiwen’s still not replying to my msgs. and i’ve really got nothing much else to do besides stone in front of my computer

turns out we broke 3rd yesterday, not 4th, which is good…………. i guess..

guess i’ll go watch a movie i got or something, which reminds me I just went to watch TMNT earlier. My impression of it? Well, one of those standard TMNT cartoons i used to watch a few years back. Honestly, the plot is something you could easily find in one of those half-hour long episodes, except they managed to make it 1.5 hours, and it’s in CG. Other than that, no diff from watching one of those cartoon episodes. Then again, there wasn’t really much else to expect from a movie about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I mean, the name itself seems like a random combination of nouns from the dictionary, none of them make sense put together. hah, yeah i know im not making sense again, but I really got nothing else to do. I’ll probably post a longer post about this movie soon, just not now, not exactly feeling up to the task of writing it.

When you’re all alone, and you need a friend, someone to help you till the end.
When you need someone to catch you when you fall, I’ll be there, through it all.

note: I’m beginning to have the habit of posting lyrics of the song I’m currently listening to at the end of my posts, no particular reason, just going a bit bonkers feeling damn bloody SiAn at times i guess..

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Title’s got nothing to do with this post, it’s just the song that’s playing on my ipod now, as i’m stuck on the train home after having just lost to mgs in the third prelim round. Sucks.

Anyway i still got freaking history lesson tomorrow morning at 8am. Insane, considering i’m still not even home yet. Still, no choice. Gotta go.

Look what your money bought

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