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ok… forget it…

fuck this shit….


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I know this blog has been dead for really long, I’ve been wanting to update for quite sometime, then I fell sick a few days ago, went back to school yesterday but still felt like shit and I’m stuck at home today, still sick 😦 Asthma attack came back (ironically my checkup regarding my asthma is on monday) and now I’ve got a pretty high fever today. Not to mention I’ve got a wisdom tooth growing, which is a pain in the ass mouth. In fact the tooth growing might be the very reason why I’m having a fever according to some sites online, which makes it all the more irritating.

Well, staying at home today had one great perk: I got to watch the Singapore Women’s table tennis team make it to the finals of the olympics 🙂 assuring us of a silver medal at least, then again the team IS made up of athletes from China… And our last olympic medal back in 1960 was… also by a weightlifter from China. Really, will Singapore ever produce a local olympic medal-winner?

Ok back to resting.. and playing the piano hopefully, I’m really addicted to Jay Chou’s – Secret 🙂

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I spent the entire of yesterday messing around with my iPod touch and transferring more apps to it. It’s becoming much more useful now and I think I’m going to be spending a lot more time with it nowadays. Games and apps galore 🙂

I’ve also relegated myself to blogging in the morning on the way to school and then posting it online at the first opportu nity I get to do so. So I’m gonna have posts with timestamps of like 6.20 am. Hey, at least it gives mr something to do on the way to school besides sleep.

At least today’s gonna be a pretty short day, nothing much happened in school yesterday as expected. Was just a really long and boring day. It’s a shame I can’t access the net in school or else it’d be so much more fun.

And I’ve still got a long long to-do list untouched 😦

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