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ah damnit…

screwed up quite abit in my math paper today, careless mistakes left right and centre. Hope I still score reasonably well.. No mood to study physics now anyway, last paper… and my physics is screwed all along. Can’t wait for promos to just end so i can start playing crysis and whatnot. Going out with S56 tomorrow at least πŸ™‚ and probably f1 at night.. (though I can’t say im really thirlled about going, not that interested anyway)

oh and nick, who said

You got the tickets that no one cares about. |

Friday’s the free practice, Saturday’s qualifying.

Well, you’re the first to say that, everyone i’ve told so far has gone along the lines of OMGWTFBBQ you got f1 tix?! who cares if it’s the finals or not anyway.. sheesh… it’s still cars flying by your eyes so fast that their engines hurt your ears…

alright i shall try to attempt some physics now i guess, wish me luck


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Promos start tomorrow

and now I’m finally starting to feel the stress… 😦 So damn tired that so little econs is going into my head. What’s worse, I’m taking a pretty huge gamble by studying pretty little only. Ah well, pray my luck goes well tomorrow..

back to mugging 😦

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random stuff

finally managed to jailbrake my ipod touch πŸ˜€

my W910i isn’t sliding properly, some ‘click’ somewhere going on whenever I slide it, probably due to the numerous times I’ve dropped it.

Promos coming soon, still haven’t started intensive mugging

F1 Tix πŸ˜€

No big deal, seeing as how they aren’t very popular anyway… Still, I’ve got tix for both days πŸ˜€ haha

That’s it for now, getting darn tired, at least I don’t have school tomorrow while others have Chem SPA πŸ™‚ good luck everyone πŸ™‚

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quick update

it’s 2am in the morning and i’ve got nothing better to do for now right before I sleep, so just updating this blog to remind myself that this site still exists and that I need to update it from time to time cuz apparently there are still people willing to read my crap πŸ™‚

Well, Promos are definitely looming now, and I haven’t even started on revision. Gotta start studying from tomorrow onwards, thank goodness I only have one SPA instead of the usual 2, an extra day for me to stay at home I guess.

PW WR still not completed yet and my CT asked for it today yesterday, but I haven’t really gotten around to starting on it yet. I seriously seriously seriously seriously HATE pw. It’s an absolute waste of time and detracts us from our studies anyway.

Not to mention I’ve still got a ton of miscellaneous stuff to do… 😦

On a random note, I think I actually am getting better at sudoku thanks to a special someone πŸ™‚

nitez for now..

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lazy to blog…

Yes I realise how seldom I update my blog. I can’t help it, I lost the momentum I had awhile back to continuously blog all the time. Alas, even when I’ve got all the time in the world, I still don’t feel like blogging nowadays, even though some interesting stuff does happen now and then πŸ™‚

First and foremost, before I go onto anything else, I shall start lamenting about how I STILL DON’T HAVE A BLOODY CAMERA… Every single time there’s an outing with anyone, we always take a hell lot of photos. After which I have to go to as many camera-wielding-people as possible and go “eh send me those pics arh!”, knowing very well in the back of my head that those pics will never end up in my inbox. Then, when I visit blogs and find that they bothered to post the pics up there, I thank god there are more hardworking people than me who are willing to go through the trouble of beautifying their blog with stuff other than text (unlike this blog) so that I can grab those pics off there. Then, at times, when I realise they posted a compressed, smaller version of the picture, I go back to lamenting how I don’t have a camera of my own…

Great now that that’s out of the way, the holidays mugging period has started… and I’m not mugging much (suprise surprise). Ok so I did try to finish one math paper yesterday, but I spent the first half of today doing NOTHING (killing time extremely efficiently with the internet once again) and then had to go swim and then kill even more time with a psp, iPod touch and a pool table (thank goodness for that last one). Am still stuck online now discussing “strategies” πŸ˜›

Friday was great fun πŸ™‚ Teacher’s day celebration in VJ was pretty lackluster (as expected) but things soon became damn fun once I left VJ for cat high. Played bridge on the hour-long bus ride there and then saw all the familiar faces back in cat high. Seriously, the moment I stepped in I kinda miss all the havoc and mayhem that went on on a daily basis last year. Uniforms of different JCs running around the area right below the canteen with a soccer ball flying all around the place among them with mouths sporadically spouting vulgarities at times while the soccer ball keeps narrowly missing a picture of The Last Supper. Those were the days πŸ˜›

Caught up with hong rui and BJ, then got back together with 4-6 as the latest juicy gossip flowed around the table before we finally headed for the staff rooms to search for the people responsible for sending us to RJ, HCJC, VJ, NJ, TJ, AJ, etc… Harrassed Mrs Long (forever my favourite math teacher), Miss Hua (forever the most sarcastic and witty teacher you’ll ever find), Mrs Yap (forever the coolest teacher around (not many teachers will let you go after you scold them the F word by a slip of tongue :P, sorry mrs yap ><)), Miss Thian (forever the greatest history teacher ever and the one responsible for my inference skills) and last but not least Mr Quay (forever the………. sorry can’t come up with anything). A lovely bunch of Cat high teachers that are the ones responsible for moulding me into who I am today. Thanks a bunch, and yes hopefully we’ll all get to invite you to our weddings Mrs Long…

After all this celebration I began to feel the effects of consecutive 5 hours nights (unfortunately I need quite abit of sleep) as I followed the gang to J8… where I proceeded to fall asleep in the food court while the rest were happily chatting away. Went home for a short nap before finally heading out in the evening to meet 08S5…

Only 10 of us showed up in the end, but we still had a blast. after the usual half an hour wait for latecomers, we headed to Marina Square’s rooftop to cut Alex’s and Bobby’s bday cake πŸ™‚ the cake was real delicious, so much so that even though Tigger “didn’t like people who eat cakes”, Min Yu still eventually ate a few bites. It really was damn good..

Went for dinner at the food court after which a few people left while the rest headed to play pool. And on the topic of pool, I swear to myself I’m gonna develop some sort of training regiment for pool after the dreaded Promos are over. I have deproved so much it’s really quite appaling, even got pretty frustrated with myself earlier on at the club while playing with myself. I need to get back to at least some decent standard…

Anyway, turns out Alex ain’t shittin’ when he said he was good at pool, he really is good, and even better at Fussball. Eventually we all left at 9+ when Grace had to go, and I was even tempted to go over to the club there and then to work on my billiard skills. Alas, my tiredness got the better of me in the end, and I headed home after a pretty great day πŸ™‚


Those that stayed till the end. πŸ™‚

If only tomorrow was going to be such a great day, medical appointment’s the only thing in my calender for tmr. as for tuesday, if you’re somehow reading this after such a long post…


Turns out I’ll have to break my streak of not missing anyone of your shows yet. 😦

… one thing’s for sure though, thursday’s gonna be a good day πŸ™‚

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