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didn’t have time to blog yesterday night, cuz guess what, i had homework!! on the first day… from edwin heng.. haiz.. He’s my temp english teacher now, cuz my permenant english teacher is none other than Miss Hua 😀 English lessons are gonna be much more fun this year, but for the first few weeks, I’m screwed, because edwin heng is stepping in for Miss Hua as she broke her leg or something during the holis and it hasn’t healed yet.. Can’t wait for that to happen.. And my higher chinese teacher is now Cai!!! haha, nvr thought i’d get him, guess I was wrong. Then again he might not be my teacher for long if I don’t get distinction for the Chinese O’s. Ah well…

Anyway, the first day was boring enough, we basically slacked during the first period, and second period just did some reflection thingy.. Then next 2 periods bio, jeffery goh (thank god he’s still my bio teacher) didn’t teach, so another 2 periods of slacking. then after recess just one period of eng, when edwin heng came in to give us our homework.. then left after 10 mins for his music class. So we basically slacked that lesson too, then after that assembly where lee hak boon gave his traditional speech on the first day of school.. This year’s one was surprisingly short compared to last year.. Anywayz it was the end of the first day after that, nothing much interesting..

On the second day, i woke up feeling damn sick, even though i had been quite sick for the past few days… Anywayz, the first four periods that i attended weren’t that interesting.. We juz chose a new vice class chairman and other posts (im still cip rep.. seng chian new vice chairman :D) then after that went for my first chinese lesson with cai.. Sianz, y him????? then physics third period, usual stuff. And then went for my first elec geog lesson with elaine goh.. She seems quite nice, and i think she definately can teach much better than my previous 3 teachers whom i had for this subject. After that, i ended up going home at recess, because too sick.. Slept for more than 3 hours straight in the afternoon, feeling better now, so should be going to school tomorrow. And i’ve juz learnt that edwin heng gave a hell lot of homework today :(.. haiz miss hua’s leg had better heal up fast..

Anywayz, i gotta get back to maths now..


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Well, yesterday, my legs were both aching, and I was damn tired. Turned out that i only slept for five hours last night, and I went for training today with 2 aching legs and an aching right arm too (from the basketball). Things aren’t exactly better right now, cuz i played for many more hours today. now my whole body is aching. seriously aching..

anywayz,  i finally received the bio notes that bryan promised to give me. It’s gonna be much easier to study bio now, with these notes..  I have no idea why jeffery goh doesn’t wanna juz give these notes to us in sec 3. haiz, no matter, that doesn’t affect me now. But  I  think i’ll take FOREVER to memorize all of this:

Bio notes(click for larger image)

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it’s already 21 oct and the shuffle still isnt out, not even in the US.. seriously.. i wonder if they’re ever gonna release it..

anywayz, my exam results more or less suck.. failed chem (again).. the rest all c5 c6 except history a2 and e maths b3.. haiz.. my classmates all worrying if they’ll get a1, i worrying if i’ll pass….

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finally… they’re all over.. but still got stuff to do.. tomorrow still got training, then monday back in sch studying again.. the teachers never ever let up.. haiz.. then real bored now.. juz finished playing an hour of snooker… and cant even play bball now.. haiz… sux..

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1 last one…

almost there.. only bio left tomorrow.. don really feel like studying.. got my book in front of me though… haiz, damn sianz of exams liao, juz cant wait for it to end..

but then tomolo finish exam liao still got other stuff to do.. still no free time yet.. haiz…

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10 down, 2 to go..

almost there… studied quite a bit of physics tonight, compared to other subjeccts at least.. den tomolo release from sch so early.. come home start mugging bio.. then thursday last paper then finally over.. too bad only goot 3 days before i know how badly i did liao.. haiz, at least o levels must wait quite a few weeks then know results.. at least got more time to hav fun..

damn scared tomorrow physics paper, if come out all the guai lan type of questions i die liaoz.. haiz, anywayz, gotta slp liaoz..

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haiz, didnt study e maths at all, guess i’ll have to study that during the 30 min break tomorrow.. assuming that break even exists. hopefully i studied the correct stuff for history, or else the SEQs come out all i don know how to do den i die liaoz…

anywayz, gotta slp now. nitez..

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