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can’t believe I’m already back to pre-prelims standard of mugging. Library everyday. At least it paid off the last time, hope it does again for my O’s. It’s scary come to think about it, they’re less than a month away and yet I still feel like I’m so unprepared. The half-slack style of mugging at the library everyday helps to a certain extent, but still wish i could push myself harder. Then again, considering how I’ve never bothered to study this hard in my 16 years on this earth, I doubt I’ll start now just for a measly O levels.

Then again, I haven’t even thought of what I want to do after the O’s. I keep hearing friends talking about so many things they’re gonna do after the O’s, yet I can’t think of a single major thing that I’ve got to look forward to. Of course that may be a good thing at the same time….. Ah well, only time will tell.



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long long time

boy has it been long since I last came here and saw this many people. Dominic, ryan, bo mun, jojo, beverly and fiona. they were all here today… bev and fiona just left unfortunately. i haven’t seen the two of them in MONTHS. Probably half  a year in fact. For some strange reason all three of us took a long hiatus from the club back in march (or was it april??). The last time I saw them was probably before the June holis, whish is ages ago, considering how we used to see each other at least once every week. As for the others, I saw them now and then when I came.

All of us have grown obviously. Apparently, my hair is really really long now. There’s some truth in that I guess, considering how short I used to have my hair all the time in the past. Think I’d rather have it short. Though bev and fiona both got new hairstyles. Bev’s finally grew long enough for her liking while Fiona actually spiked her short short hair. haha, looked weird at first sight, but I got used to it I guess. However, while they changed on the outside, they’re definitely still themselves 😛 Glad I finally saw them again, though I only did so for awhile before they had to leave. Hope I don’t have to wait another 6 months to see them again I guess, haha.

Oh and apparently my shoulders “suddenly grew a lot broader” or in the words of dominic “like you’re wearing those… erm.. shoulder pads?” lol. Must have been cuz of the training I did to pass my pull ups. Never knew my shoulders were ThAt narrow in the past.

The rest of them certainly grew as well… Dominic’s voice broke, grew taller, dressing more like a teen now as compared to his pri school clothes.. hahas. Though bo mun’s still his usual “childish” self despite being dom’s age. Ryan hasn’t grown as much in my opinion, probably cuz I last saw him quite recently.  It’s good to finally see the old gang again, felt isolated from the outside world after spending soooooo much time in those libraries. Forgot what it’s like to actually enjoy myself here.

The last few times I was here, I was practically alone up in the pool room playing by myself. I’m just too tired and sian to do that now. Rather just sit here and ramble on and on. The mouse of this comp is screwd up so I’ve gotta use the keyboard to navigate around the whole bloody computer. It’s a pain, but I don’t exactly have much of a choice.

They’re playing around with my psp now.. Naruto i’d think. haha. Now all I gotta do is rot for another hour or so before I can finally go home and hit the sack.

never felt this good
to come to the club
maybe cuz it reminds me
of the way things used to be
before this mad life of mugging.

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my way to VJC is finally secured. Got an A2 for bio (was horrendously careless… shoulda gotten a bloody a1). so my l1r5 currently stands at 9. But that’s counting my chem which is only a b3. My final l1r5 will most probably be 7 since I’m quite confident of getting an a1 for my combined humanities. If not, even with 9 – 4 bonus points = 5 which should secure me a place in arts stream for VJC 🙂

Unfortunately the english dept is already starting to dish out homework already. Got a bloody compo to do. Ah well. Just 2 more months and the o’s will finally be over with… Gotta chiong I guess.

Wish i could continue slacking…. 😦

Oh and “a secret that cannot be told” isn’t easy to master on the piano. Hope I can do it though….

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Woots, prelim scores aren’t too bad after all 🙂  4A1s confirmed: English (I woulda gotten the A1 without all the moderation), E Maths (I’d jump off the building if I didn’t get A1 for that), A Maths (seriously wasn’t expecting an A1 in this) and Physics (THANK GOODNESS)…  Hope they continue to be this good as I get back my scripts over the next few days.

No idea if I should go to the library tomorrow.. Probably slack there without anything to do. Then again, there are the stupid English compo and situational corrections that they’re making us do. No idea why we have to do those for. Doesn’t even help us in the first place. Ah well.. not much of a choice…

No idea if my CCA points are secure yet. Goh won’t say anything. And now can’t find the bloody piece of paper which certifies that I did 6 hours of CIP for the IRAS thingy, not 2 as recorded. I just need 1 more hour to hit 60 hours to get one more point. After which my CCA points should be secure…

Anyway, going to bed for now. As for my cca points and results, que sara sara I guess.

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hoping and praying that the teachers didn’t screw my name up on the hall of fame. got 76 for physics and 80 for english so far, even my SS beat the GOH and got 86. amazing really..

only problem now is my chem. I never really bothered abt it before (and i still dont) but i can’t believe that i didn’t even pass such a simple paper. my name isn’t on the bloody most improvement list. wtf. that means I’m most likely going to fail chem AGAIN. No idea how that’s possible…

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