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it’s already 21 oct and the shuffle still isnt out, not even in the US.. seriously.. i wonder if they’re ever gonna release it..

anywayz, my exam results more or less suck.. failed chem (again).. the rest all c5 c6 except history a2 and e maths b3.. haiz.. my classmates all worrying if they’ll get a1, i worrying if i’ll pass….


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finally… they’re all over.. but still got stuff to do.. tomorrow still got training, then monday back in sch studying again.. the teachers never ever let up.. haiz.. then real bored now.. juz finished playing an hour of snooker… and cant even play bball now.. haiz… sux..

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1 last one…

almost there.. only bio left tomorrow.. don really feel like studying.. got my book in front of me though… haiz, damn sianz of exams liao, juz cant wait for it to end..

but then tomolo finish exam liao still got other stuff to do.. still no free time yet.. haiz…

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10 down, 2 to go..

almost there… studied quite a bit of physics tonight, compared to other subjeccts at least.. den tomolo release from sch so early.. come home start mugging bio.. then thursday last paper then finally over.. too bad only goot 3 days before i know how badly i did liao.. haiz, at least o levels must wait quite a few weeks then know results.. at least got more time to hav fun..

damn scared tomorrow physics paper, if come out all the guai lan type of questions i die liaoz.. haiz, anywayz, gotta slp liaoz..

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haiz, didnt study e maths at all, guess i’ll have to study that during the 30 min break tomorrow.. assuming that break even exists. hopefully i studied the correct stuff for history, or else the SEQs come out all i don know how to do den i die liaoz…

anywayz, gotta slp now. nitez..

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only 4 more papers to go.. almost there, im hanging in there..

almost late for sch today.. luckily for me the mrt driver those type of kan cheong one.. drive damn fast. 10 mins mrt ride instead of the usual 15 mins.. if 15 mins then i late liaoz.. heng ar..

anywayz my chem i think gg liao.. don know whether fail or not, but not exactly feeling optimistic about it.. then elec geog also don really know how to answer the questions. but i think still should be able to pass i hope.. wonder how much i’ll get for combined humans this term..

anywayz, gotta get back to studying history now.. then still got e maths to cover.. haiz.. cant wait for FYEs to end..

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4 down, 9 to go,,

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