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prelim 2s are finally over… bloody killer papers… sure to get a few f9s and fail even more… ah well, at least i got 1 week before i find out how badly i did.

and the pokemon craze is really catching on, everyone’s playing it now, what with diamond and pearl out. Seriously, I got no idea how kids nowadays can keep track of 500 pokemon and even more items. In my time there were only 151, and i can’t even remember them all (unlike collin and nich :)) Still, most of us are playing blue or red or yellow on our phones now (US referring to some cat high sec 4 students), haha i swear this wouldn’t be happening if there were girls around in cat high.

Anyway, back to training my Charmeleon, 5 more levels to Charizard, haha

tired of mugging..


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1 more bloody day…

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makes me wonder

today was seriously the worst day of examinations ever. my F9 for chem is secured, and I didn’t even manage to crap my way through geog. Argh, between geog and chem paper i got so bored i started playing around with the lyrics for maroon 5’s Makes Me Wonder to talk about chem, haha

Original lyrics: http://www.metrolyrics.com/makes-me-wonder-lyrics-maroon-5.html 

Chem Makes Me Wonder

Mugging with blood-shot eyes
Struggle to memorise
Thinking of alkali
Makes me go cao chee bai
(seriously couldn’t think of anything else :P)

Feels so good to not mug
Just really gonna fail, get F9, or E8
Try to not get U

I still don’t have a reason
I don’t have the time
and it really makes me wonder
If I ever gave a f**k about chem

Give me something to believe in
Cause I don’t believe in chong
Anymore, anymore
I wonder if it even makes a difference to mug
so just get F9


Yeah I’m BORED.


bloody hell still got 5 more papers…

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my second home.

I’ve been to the library every single day for the past week or so already and have spent practically the entire day there at times. Sure I haven’t been mugging extremely hard, but it’s still more than what I’d do at home.

Anyway, prelim 2s start tomorrow, while most people will still be in the holiday mood as the holis just end and school reopens, that won’t be so for sec 4 cat high boys. I’m sure all of us are hoping and praying that all goes well this week, as prelim 2s will definitely be the killer prelim. I’m almost a hundred percent certain that Bishan Library will be flooded with sec 4 cat high students tomorrow afternoon after our papers. Argh. There’s still so much to learn for the exams, but I’ve done what I can, and what’s done is done, what’s undone is undone. No point in regretting now.

Wonder when all this pointless studying will end……………..

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I’ve actually been studying these few days at the library, surprisingly. I never thought I’d study for prelim 2s, considering how screwed up my prelim 1 scores already are. Still, I hope this small amount of work pays off slightly.

How I wish I could play the piano now though (yeah im being random), still haven’t completely mastered Numb, but I’ve been returning home so late these past few days that I simply can’t practise as I’ll disturb the neighbours or something. I really regret not buying that keyboard for Garageband awhile back, I wanna plug in some headphones so that I can play at night…

anyway, random youtube videos again, this time it’s a crazy duet by 2 drunk guys. I would never be able to remember the song itself, let alone play it. These guys are just insane:

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to be typing at a keyboard again. I’ve been in the library for so many days that the pen almost feels more natural to me now, never has that EVER happened before. Today was probably the first day I held a pen for a longer time as compared to typing on my keyboard. Still, despite constantly trying to study, it’s obvious that I’m not going to be adequately prepared for my Prelim 2 that start when school reopens. No matter how hard I try I just can’t absorb all this crap that I’ll never use ever again after I leave school, seriously I find it quite pointless to learn all this, as I’m sure almost every other student does.

Still, I don’t exactly have a choice do I? Bloody 3 more months till this nightmare is over. 3 more months and these stupid O’s are finally over. 3 more months before I can play and have fun almost everyday….

…. then I still got A’s or diploma to think about………….

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finished 2 John Grisham books in 6 days, pretty amazing for someone who usually can’t be bothered with thick novels. However, his stories are just really intriguing and really has you hooked on. However, he has this “habit” of ending pretty abruptly, considering how he can drag on and on and on about side plots that don’t really matter but yet chooses to end his books without much elaboration. Still, I’m hooked on to The Brethren now, from what I’ve read thus far it could be my favourite John Grisham book yet.

And I’m obviously addicted to the library as well, supposedly “revising”, but of course I’m slacking there most of the time. Even still, I think I’m learning more than I would if I stayed at home to study. I’d just fall asleep everytime I see work at home, at least at the library I still manage to learn bits and pieces here and there, when I stop slacking and actually do some questions, and upon not knowing how to them (which happens almost every other question) actually bothering to clarify my doubts. Amazing really, still I know I won’t score well for Prelim 2 even though I’ve studied so “hard” <sarcasm OFF>

Off to bed soon I guess, though I know I won’t be falling asleep anytime soon, mother nagging as usual. Off to the library tomorrow morning once again……

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