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1 year + 1 day

27th April 2007, lost the national finals on this day.. Won’t ever forget the date i guess…

Struggling with PW GPP now… No one else online so I gotta do it myself -.-

SOOO damn tired…

oh and to chrys: I got 2 clubs as CCAs, I go to VJ, you expect me to be busier than you? 😀

Great job on Friday as well 🙂 Pride and Prejudice by ACSIAN theatre was a blast I have to say. maybe i’ll blog more about it some other time. for now, back to GPP.

PW’s just a waste of time


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Quite a lot of stuff has been happening recently, and as usual I always don’t have the time to blog about it (then again I’m usually too damn lazy to :P)

For one, I actually got A for my physics test, very surprisingly. Then again most of the class did so no biggie, but I’m still surprised none the less. Was sleeping in the library right before the test in the library. Unfortunately, I know I’m gonna get screwed by my econs test. No way I’m Aceing that one, I’d be surprised if I even PASSED it.

As for PMS, it was seriously a pretty huge success in my opinion 🙂 We eventually had to rent drum sets and amps from an external source, cost us 300 bucks, but at least the drum set was solid. The free cotton candy and popcorn was immensely popular as well, at least there was a crowd to watch the performances. Note to self though, cotton candy tastes like crap after your 5th stick, you just wanna puke everything out. Save for several hiccups thanks to technical difficulties, it sure was a fun event to carry out. 🙂

PMS Promo video by Subjectif, created by moi while I was sick. I shall state once again for the record, iMovie PHAILS.

Went to SRC last saturday as well to participate in the 9-ball pool tournament. Played OK I guess, obviously I didn’t win anything, unfortunately didn’t even break through the group stages. Was damn unlucky, was at the top of my group in a 3-way tie, won my first tie-breaker match and lost the second one thanks to me missing the simplest of 9s. Argh.

Went for SLV today, all the way to one Chen Su Lan home where primary/secondary school kids stay to tutor the kids. We freaking walked one BIG round before coming back to square and seeing the bloody sign that pointed to the home. Met this really mischevious kid, Raymond. P4 this year (he told me he was P6 at first), stays at the home (one moment he was staying at ang mo kio, next he was staying at paya lebar, according to the little brat that is) is pretty good with maths (he pretended not to know how to do the simplest of problems) but completely sucks at Chinese (he was honest for once). It was honestly quite irritating talking to him, seeing as how he kept trying to lie for the sake of it, but yet was such a bad liar at the same time. It wouldn’t have been so bad actually, since I just let him lie all he wanted, but I had enough when he dared to tell me “Wah, you very easily kena jack leh you!” From then on, I caught his every lie, didn’t believe him even when he was telling the truth (just to irritate him) and eventually forced him to stick to his work. Gave him ting xie and painstakingly went thru an entire Chinese passage with him, of which he didn’t know like 70% of the words (for real this time). Lo and behold, the day where I actuallly TEACH Chinese arrived. By the end, he was so damn bored of me 😛 I could tell, doesn’t mean I’ll let him off of studying. All in all was pretty fun I guess, spent most of the time talking cock with him, pretty fun kid I have to say, though the brat wants to go to ITE when he’s scoring like 80+ for maths.

A pretty eventful past few days I have to say, esp sunday (:D) though I won’t say what happened here for… safety reasons.

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i am so dead.

Thanks to the bloody flu, I’ve been stuck in bed for 1.5 days. Finally got better today.. Still, I missed two whole days of school, which means I’m gonna have a heck of a time trying to catch up. All the lecture notes to copy, all the new stuff to learn, all the homework I probably already owe, all the tests to study for. Why oh why did I fall sick at this time…

Spent the last few hours struggling with bloody iMovie 06 to make the promo vid for PMS: Spec. Spec.! Seriously, I need Final Cut or something else, iMovie just doesn’t make the cut.

So, I’m going back to school tomorrow, to an econs test in the first period, and with barely any free periods throughout the rest of the day to copy the gazillion lecture notes. At least it seems I don’t have too much leftover homework. Then again there IS another physics test on Friday, and my day will only end at 5+ tomorrow.. So, in short, I’m (still) screwed.

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24 hours a day is hardly enough. Shall blog a more detailed post when i got the time/energy/mood. For now, i gotta go sleep and pray i get better by tmr. Freaking nose is in serious motion.

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still bored.

for some reason, even after JC life is beginning to set in, there’re still times when I feel like I got nothing much to do and I’m just whiling the time away (like now for instance). Went to club yesterday to play some pool, though wasted a shit load of time waiting for 1 hour for a carrot cake which eventually didn’t come, so I just left. (ok that fact was completely random)

Still, there’s some pretty exciting stuff coming up, can’t wait for Pre- Musicfest Showcase (PMS), it’s actually pretty fun to plan an event like that, hopefully people turn up and we at least break even in terms of profit. Can’t wait to see how it goes. Lighthink Exhibition’s coming up soon as well, but we haven’t even printed out the slides yet, hopefully we can get everything done in time :/

Work’s getting tough as well though, am mostly stoning/playing psp/listening to my ipod in the back row of my lectures nowadays. Lectures sure are a great way for us to slack, while I don’t learn anything from lectures anymore (can you believe I actually bothered to pay attention in them last time?!), I’m not exactly complaining.

I recently realised how bland my blog looks without much pictures. Therefore, since I’m too lazy to think of what else to blog about here anyway, here are a few random shots from recent times.

Supposedly my “get well soon” present from char + aly. seriously, a “mouse balloon”?
(Thanks anyway :))

VJ Soccer Field

VJ’s amazing soccer field, you sure do get a nice scenery from the stands 🙂


More pics of VJ’s Soccer field, featuring the RED SHIRTS…

VJ Soccer

Some “up close” action…

VJ Flag flapping in the win during the soccer match

VJ Flag flapping in the wind.

Paper bags for J3s to collect

The paper bags I helped fill up for the J3s to collect when they came back to collect their results 🙂 (as noted in this post..)

Sleeping Squirrel/Bunny hybrid (aka. Kevin)

Sleeping bunny/squirrel hybrid (aka kevin)


this pic is here for the sole purpose of embarrassing Mary WOLS 😀


Cat High Debaters kicked out at JGs Quarters

Cat High debaters got kicked out of the Quarters this year at JGs, unfairly unfortunately. Still, it’s over for them, and it’s amazing that a year’s already passed since we lost the finals. Still, there are (and will always be future batches), you’ve done us proud juniors (since you’re the only juniors I have now)

Leaving along with this team (Jun Hui, Westly, Jacky) though, is Kevin, all the best, thanks for everything over the year(s) Kev. It was great fun/pain being coached by you. GLHF.

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