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I want this…

nuff said.

Gold... 'nuff said.

Anyway, nothing’s going on in life that’s interesting enough to warrent a blog post. Except…

PW, oh PW
pray tell me who your creator was
for I’d like greet him with a friendly smile
and proceed to kick him in the balls

PW, oh PW
your intentions are damn good loh,
but then, your methods arh,
are seriously, seriously un-called for.

PW, oh PW
oh how you love to torment me
with every stage of relentless abuse
from PI all the way to OP

PW, oh PW
even when all the work is done
we’ve barely counted our injuries
when you whisper, “eh, your I and R leh? haven’t even begun.”

PW, oh PW
I can’t wait to bid farewell
and trust me, I mean it when I say
I hope and pray you burn in hell.



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So WR’s over and I still haven’t started on OP tho the first “rehearsal” is in 3 days time. I’ve got absolutely no mood to do ANYTHING at all right now, no idea why. Even gaming doesn’t feel that fun.

Went to Grace’s house yesterday just to play with her PS2 (which refused to work properly initially), it was still fun no doubt. From PES to Tekken, such a shame Madden couldn’t work, really wanted to play it.

sigh ok it seems like I dont really have the mood to blog either, tata.

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1, 2, 3…

wow it really has been ages since I last blogged. I’ve always been too lazy cuz everytime I think about blogging I realise how much there is to blog about and I just don’t feel like blogging all over again.

Anyway, promos are finally over and at least I don’t have any R papers, now all that’s left is effing PW, one of the most time consuming and yet pointless activities on this planet. There’s so much stuff left to do and it’s already due next wednesday, then after that’s OP, which also requries a heck load of preperation. For the sake of future generations, I hope PW gets removed from the cirriculum ASAP.

Life’s beginning to set back into it’s usual monotonous tone I guess, though it’s still much more interesting than in the past, thanks to several reasons. School’s more fun nowadays despite all the work we have to do (then again I obviously don’t do most of it). One big problem though: I haven’t played bball in AGES, or ANY ball game for that matter. So badly wanted to play today but ended up being unable to do so as well. I seriously have got to start excercising soon again 😦

Alright time for bed, why? Because there’s bloody PW meeting tomorrow. I’m sure I represent the entire J1 cohort of 2008 when I say FUCK PW.

…months and counting.

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