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:woot!: yesterday and sat went to cpl finals. saw plenty of pro gamers man. eg. fnatic vo0, stermy, galashank, ztrider…… saw the world’s current top pro gamer too Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel. His Painkiller skills are BEYOND GODLIKE. mad sia painkiller, move like cs’s free look mode speed then still must fire rocket launchers and chain guns and electrodrivers accurately. .. mad one. vo0 also actually quite suay lah, won first set but lost 2nd one. in the end even got AUTOGRAPHED MOUSEPAD from Fatal1ty man. shook his hand some more…. 🙂 next weekend they all going italy liao, i should be watching their games online lah i think.

anyways going to double sci nxt year. physics and chem. i know a lot of ppl say i take physics die, but then i wanna go IT industry nxt time nd a physics there.. then i rather study chem then bio loh. then elec geog and pure history. quite standard.. so nth else loh.

oh and i getting PK demo now.. wanna play with friends, looked damn kul when Fatal1ty and Vo0 played. wish they had recorded it then sell on cd man. i surely go buy. Fatal1ty got 15k us dollars juz like that man, easy money for him, newspaper say he got over 200k in prize money frm gaming liao. a bit too zai. he’s top player in 5 FPS games worldwide man. damn zai.

now the mousepad i got from him i keeping in a plastic sheet. dun dare use incase the signature fade off too quickly…. lolz 😛

nitez all..


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*yawnzzz* now very sian… nth t0 do so juz post loh.. uncle juz got married today gratz to him… 2 bad he doesnt exactly bother about blogs…

other then that, today relatively boring.. went to the buffet then send grandparents home, now come club… juz played 1 hour of snooker… friends upstairs but then they playing among themselves… sianz. dun know wad to do at this laggy comp… no games, no nothing.. juz got msn only… and msn can access by handphone… some more wanna access www.zedge.no also cannot cuz the net speed too lag liao.

haiz. wad to do???


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whew, exams finally over.. but then monday still got geog project due. 40% leh, sianz… rather have exams than have all these stupid projects counted into results… anywayz i watched advent children liao, real shiok… they must have taken a few years to complete that 1 half our movie…

fight scenes chio, the movements also quite real… but then cloud’s hair like forever that position one, tifa one’s also… screenshots: http://www.adventchildren.net/ff7ac/media/screens.php

anywayz gonna change the blog skin soon, then lazy make my own one, so juz get from net again loh. use this skin too long liao..

oh ya almost forgot, finally changed phone liao.. k700i for 198 bucks, quite ex considering starhub sell 98 bucks only… but then heck care lah, the phone not bad loh…

haiz lazy type liao bb..

kang an

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