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haha, my internet speed is really much better today, it feels a lot like my usual speed. Though, there are still quite a few hiccups here and there but definitely tolerable, much better than yesterday and 2 days ago. Hopefully my speed doesn’t go down again tomorrow..

Anywayz, i think i juz broke a new record last night. I did maths for 3-4 hours straight!! Amazing really, this has got to be the first time I’ve worked so hard during holiday period. Haha.. I don’t know what suddenly made me do it. Got bored of playing i guess.. It’s REAL BORING to play alone, be it the comp or even my new PS2. And my homework isn’t even  finished, I’m already impressed with how much I’ve already done though.. I never really expected myself to do this much. I also don’t really plan on finishing them all anyway.. But going to MH house one last time on sunday to do as much as possible.

3 days to the start of wad is going to be the most boring year of my life up till now……….



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The recent earthquake around taiwan is a real tragedy. Not just for the people living there, but for me too!!! This is the first time an earthquake actually affected me so badly. haha.

The earthquake apparently broke quite a few underwater cables that connects most of south east asia to the US i think, so now our internet speeds are really bad. Because Singnet is re-routing our internet through other cables. So it feels like I’m using 56k again. (Come to think of it, I’ve never used 56k, only 28.8, and then 256kbps, 512kbps, then to my current 3.5mb, heh). Webpages are taking forever to load now, it’s a pain even to blog now.. And files that usually downloaded at speeds of roughly 200kbps now download at 0.1kbps. And according to the news, it’s gonna take at least 3 weeks to fix up everything. Argh, the next 3 weeks are gonna be hell for me, not to mention that it means I’ll have a crappy net connection when macworld is going on, seems like I can’t watch the video of the keynote until a week or 2 after the actual keynote is over 😦 I just hope that my net connection is at least fast enough to let me surf around other sites to check out what’s new next year…. haha..


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hell lot of stuff has happened since the last time I blogged. Too lazy to do so. But now, since I got nth else to do, might as well blog.

Might as well start of with VJC invitationals.  Champions!!!! 😀 went back a week after prelims for semis and finals. We were up against ACS I in the semis. Motion was something like “TH supports cross border adoptions” or something along those lines. Beat them quite easily, but that’s only cuz they were mainly the second team. And turned out that scgs won RI!!! haha, so we were up against them  After that we had a 3 hour break before the finals. And i couldn’t even eat lunch, cuz didn’t have any any appetite, was too damn nervous.. heh.. Anywayz, went over our case and rebuttals for practically the whole 3 hours, with mark and robin, haha, deprived them of their lunch too. After that, it was finally time for us to go to another special room for the finals. Against SCGS. After the whole match was over, i was even more nervous than before, cuz this was really our chance to win. In the end, we finally won by a 3-2 split. our first trophy in 35 months.. haha. We ended up celebrating by going to lan for a few hours, then went to fish and co. to eat. I’ll post pics when i get them.. (though that will only be after the internet gets back to normal speeds…)

Anywayz, trained a few more times after the competition, and our next training is gonna be next year…

In other news… I bought a ps2.. haha, ya u read that right, a PS2. I don’t think that I’m willing to spend 700 bucks for an xbox360, not to mention the 1000 bucks needed for a PS3, and the Wii is only arriving in Singapore next year, and I can’t wait that long, so I guess a PS2 will do. There are a few perks to getting a previous gen console though.
1. It’s a lot more cheaper, my PS2 only cost 288 dollars, with a memory card (which is worth 30 bucks by itself) and an extra controller.
2. There are A LOT more games out there, not to mention quite a few that I’ve been dying to try (eg. the Final Fantasy series, etc.)
3. And did i mention it’s A LOT more cheaper???

I’m already almost halfway through NFS: Carbon. Plan on finishing the game before the holis are over. And I’m not playing FF12 for the time being, because apparently it takes over a 100 hours to complete the game, and I don’t wanna to give up the game halfway through due to the lack of time. So I guess I’ll play it after my O’s next year. Haha, it’s a long way away, but that’s the only way I can really enjoy the game….. 😦

And I’m sure there are many other things that I wanna blog about, but I just can’t remember all of them right now.. Maybe I’ll edit this post as time passes and I remember them :P…

-Kang an (spvn)

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You want to get the most money you can for your product. This guy goes the extra mile. Bids weren’t as
strong as he hoped by I sure got a laugh. Have a look!

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It’s been quite long since last Saturday, and I’ve been too busy with other things to actually blog about VJCs invitationals. But it has to be done, so here it is.

Reached VJC quite early in the morning, compared to other schools (then again, we’re always early). Wasn’t long before the ushers finally began to bring us to our rooms. Turns out that Cheam was sitting out for the National Team, in their first round against us. So was April, Scott, and Jonathan. We did OK, but not really outstanding, lost in the end though, by a score of 2-1. Well, at least we got one judge. 🙂 And according to another one of them, our policy just wasn’t “jian” enough. Ah well. Wadever.

So after that the pressure was on to win the next 2 matches, so that we would qualify for the semis. We were against Dunman High in our second round. Impromptu round, the motion was something like “THW restrict religious expression in public spaces”. We did quite well this time though, won it relatively easily.

After this, there was only one round left, and we had to win this one. But first, lunch!! I was quite hungry at this time, but didn’t really have much appetite, and considering that the food looked like this:Food

I only ate like 5 scoops of rice. I’ve got to say, it’s one of the worst tournament lunches I’ve ate.. lol.

Anywayz, after that we went back to the auditorium 40 minutes earlier than everyone else, and just sat there. In the end it turned out that we were facing HCI in our last round. Motion was “THBT in the battle against our enemies, we have turned away our friends”. Haha. Motion was quite screwed up. But I really wanted to win this match, so that I could revenge the lost at HCJC prelims, when we lost to them. This time, we won them though. We contextualised the debate totally different from them, we talked about the war on terrorism, but they said that the environment and the economy is much more important. But still, at the end we managed to prove both our side and their side of the motion, so won this one again.

So at the end of the day, we found out that we broke second into the semis, with RI ahead of us at first place (because they didn’t face the national team), and then ACS I at 3rd and SCGS at 4th. Lol, exactly the same four schools that broke in last year’s tournament. But at that time, we got kicked out at semi finals, and it was a RI vs ACS I finals. Hope it doesn’t turn out that way again this time around. Turned out that in total, we had a margin of 50+ in total for the last 2 matches, lol, totally trashed. 🙂

A lot of effort has already been put into our finals case. Hope we don’t screw up the semis, if not all this effort by us and many of our seniors would go to waste. Ah well, pressure’s on again….

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Well, the time has come. Preliminary rounds for VJCs start tomorrow, up against the national team for the first round. I’m already pretty nervous right now, wonder what I’ll be like tomorrow morning. Then after the match against nat team, we still have 2 impromptu matches, which I’m more nervous about. Ah well, I guess there’s nothing I can do now, except practice my case over and over again, and look through the rebuttals, and then wait and see what happens tomorrow……..

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