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I’m bored as hell… Listening to random songs on last.fm, hardly entertaining. Not in the mood to play cod4 right now.. School’s getting boring as well… The regular school days are beginning to set in (ie. studies). I’m just blogging cuz I’ve run out of other stuff to do.

Therefore I shall proceed to post random emo stuff here.

Something is not right, it’s going all wrong.
She left and he’s not sure what to do, but he won’t do it.
He just isn’t sure of anything anymore.
It can’t see the wrongness but it feels it – is it a lost cause?


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08S56 🙂

but I can’t help it, I’ve been really really busy, and i’ve been too lazy to blog since I wouldn’t even know where to start from. Let’s see, Orientation was a blast, then there was OG BBQ at east coast park last friday which was basically a get together rather than a BBQ (amazingly there was actually food left over), but it was fun no doubt. Played all sorts of games (my cards got a good trashing after they used my cards to play Slapjack) Stayed there till like 11+ and it took FOREVER for my buses to come.

Also went for the B2B camp organised by ODAC during the weekend before the last. It was a blast! (Cheetahs FTW!) Had some random activities on the first night on friday in school (outdoor cooking competition, some mystery solving game later in the night where we had to solve a “murder”). Had Urban/Ubin expedition next morning. (ie. ran around singapore and took public transport and more running with our camping backpacks). Reached Ubin in the afternoon where we had to CYCLE around. I should point out that I STILL don’t know how to cycle (go ahead and go “HUH?!” and then proceed to laugh out loud) so I had no choice but to double bike. Was still kinda fun actually (except when Aaron INSISTED on taking his hands off the handle-bars several times while we were cycling). Eventually had our campfire in the night and had to perform our campfire skits (search for the next pussycat doll :D). We then had to do our solo night walks later in the night. I ended up being the first person to do the walk, so I had to sit down at the end point for 1 hour 40 mins to wait for everyone to finish walking. It was pretty thrilling in my opinion, though some of the girls were positively trembling, heard one of them go “Oh my god, I survived!” when she reached the end point. Went back to the campsite thereafter and slept in our 4 men tents, was quite an experience for me since I’ve never camped out before. Headed back to Singapore first thing next morning and proceeded to Kallang (imagine around 70 people or so boarding a double decker bus at once with camping bags slung over their shoulders. The driver was stunned) to dragon boat. It’s just a lot like kayaking I think, except there are a lot more people in the same boat as you. After the relatively short session, we finally went back to school (this time half the entire group took one bus and the other half took another. Both bus drivers were still stunned nonetheless). After washing the tents we slept in (it’s actually A LOT more fun than it sounds) we had lunch and soon broke camp after that. It’s an unforgettable experience for sure 🙂 Thanks to all Cheetah cubs and GIs for making it so much fun 🙂

Shadow MastersHad the usual boring tutorials and lectures for the first 3 days of this week. Had JTS last night at Fish and Co. though for our camp group GIs. But I had to help out with painting the banner for the competition come Chinese New Year (granted I didn’t really do THAT much) with the rest of 08S56 (:P, hopefully either one of you 2 stumbles across this). At least it helped me kill most of the 4 hours which I had to stone for since our JTS started at 6 (it eventually started at 7+). Went to get a new pack of Bee playing cards at Parkway before going for JTS though (after what my previous pack of cards went thru during OG BBQ) and even got an Air Flow Bicycle deck for 17 bucks. It’s ex, but it is UBER UBER COOL. Seriously. Anyway just had loads of fun during JTS at Fish and Co. as expected (though we did end up having to foot 30 bucks each for the JTS… Hoping my OGLs and seniors class aren’t as greedy).

Got my O level results today obviously, won’t post my results here (for various reasons) but I’ll say I’m pretty happy with them 🙂 Now if only my mother would stop bugging me to go RJC/HCJC…

Here’s hoping I’ll post my next post soon…

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Sea Regatta FTW

Damn it was fun. Playing around at East Coast park. Some teacher stopped us from entering the water initially. Dumb really, since it’s called SEA regatta for a very good reason. Thankfully, we didn’t stay dry 🙂

Lost to Ivanhoe by one point in sea volleyball unfortunately.. couldn’t really be bothered to remember the results of the other games. We were too busy having fun dunking one another.. At least I got wet during the sea volleyball itself, so I didn’t mind getting more wet. Unfortunately, water isn’t the only thing to look out for when you’re at the beach… sand is an even greater nemesis. SOMEBODY had to throw sand at me… damn freaking itchy and pain. What’s worse, it completely.. err.. “infiltrated” my sandals so whenever I walked with them on, my feet would hurt like hell thanks to the sand. And it’s also thanks to the sandy sandals that I’ve got multiple scratches on one foot… Thus, I resorted to walking around barefooted most of the time. However, as the day wore on, there was an even GREATER nemesis: THE SUN. As I type this now, my feet are both hurting like mad thanks to getting scorched. Not to mention I did all the six mass dances barefooted as well. My arms are red and all, but that’s nothing compared to my feet. They’re all wrinkled and redder than lobsters, not to mention they sting even when I just touch them. I can’t even move my feet too much cuz the skin will stretch and even that will cause it to hurt. Even wearing socks and shoes hurt since the socks love to rub against my feet ><

I got a small scratch on my arm as well and the small wound from waterbomb dodgeball (or whatever it’s called) still hasn’t healed, but who cares.. Orientation was FUN.. 🙂 Now I can cheer at least one cheer from every single one of the 8 OGs.

Stop Drop and Roll, watch out for Ivanhoe

Valour Fight, Valour kill, Fightkill fightkill, fightkill

too bad, we dont have bao yu, all we have is avalon

Theodorians Fight, Theodorians Fight fight


who let the dogs out, ralph, ralph ralph ralph

duo igor duo igor zai duo igor… (this one is just lame -.-)

Obviously, I’ve got a lot of free time on my hand… Best be sleeping soon. Stupid lessons start tmr. And I still don’t have my timetable, pray I don’t have PE tmr.. Oh well, time to hit the books again I guess…

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viva la victoria

Holy cow yesterday was fun. Met up with Cynergy at 1pm and racked my brains over the stupid “touch” game… Ate at food court then talked shit all the way and had even more games all the way till 7. Victor and Zi Sheng turned up (RJCians) and Zi Sheng even changed into a VJC PE shirt to join in the mass dance XD

Most of the J1s as well as the 100+ OGLs turned up at suntec’s fountain of wealth for mass dance at 7. Was drizzling when we first started, then it turned into a heavy downpour. Not like we were going to quit though. Continued dancing in the heavy rain :D. It turns out it’s much much more fun with rain. Did all 6 mass dances and then cheered like mad. Ended up gathering all the cat high ppl together and formed our own train, chanting all sorts of random stuff as we ran around the fountain of wealth (HAK BOON.. HAK BOON/SARAS.. SARAS/CEDAR.. CEDAR :D)

The thing lasted till like 9.30, or rather i stayed till then, still cheering and shouting like crazy. Unfortunately the night didn’t end well since a few people lost some valuables. Had to walk around suntec to help them out. Stupid management system they have at suntec. We couldn’t just call the management and report the lost items, had to walk ALL THE WAY to the specific tower to fill in a FORM. wtf. The fountain of wealth is like in the centre of every-damn-thing. How the heck are we supposed to know which area we lost it at. Apparently, the different towers have different security stations that only store video feeds from their specific area, which is a really dumb system…

Anyway, reached home tired as usual last night, still, I’ll probably never forget that day :D. Hope it rains next year as well, but no thunder/lightning please.

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damn… orientation ended today. Probably the most hyped up day of all. For everyone. Insane really, had to learn the final I Want You dance then we danced all 6 dances… TWICE. And the cat high pe shirt really sux, for some reason it’s as warm as hell (literally). Obviously, cheers, cheers and more cheers throughout the day. Just too bad we won’t get to use our OG cheers anymore after monday. In the end we’re only using them for 4 days.. -.- Still, there ARE 10 other VJC cheers, but still… Too bad we won’t get to use them Cyrus cheers anymore.

Speaking of Cyrus, unfortunately we were only 3rd out of the eight.. erm… “knightlets” (whatever that’s supposed to mean). Still who cares…

C-Y C-Y C-Y CY CY CY (x3)

To the C, to the Y, totheC totheY tothe R-U-S (x3)
Tothe, tothe, tothe, tothe



Alright, Mass dance at suntec at 7 tmr, meeting sub-OG in the afternoon, so off to bed now. Dead tired anyway..

Yo VJ, wassup.

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Yo VJ.

Ok, I’m honestly too beat to make this post make sense. First day of orientation was pretty fun, albeit tiring as hell. Changed into the VJ pe attire almost immediately after buying it and spent the rest of the day wearing that. Will be wearing school uni tomorrow (damn those green shorts).

At least vj cheers make more sense (ie. aren’t as lame) as cat high’s.. honestly, cat high… kick butt cheer? wtf. Mass dance is a pain in the a** though… not cuz it’s too lame or whatnot, but cuz it’s SO DAMN HARD TO RMB THE FREAKING STEPS. There are 6 mass dances and more than 10 cheers in total. How the heck did the J2s manage to memorise them all…

And I’ve learned that it’s just plain dumb to take the train to toa payoh then switch to bus. It takes tooooo damnn LONG. 1.5 hours in total… insane really. Hopefully the route I’m planning on taking tomorrow (train to dhoby then switch to bus) will take around an hour. If not, I’ll have to find ANOTHER way. The thing about living so damn far from the school is that there are a gazillion ways to travel there.. I’m still reluctant on taking the changi airport route, despite the fact that so many people take it. We’ll see how it goes.

Ok I’m running out of energy and my eyelids are drooping. Off to catch some sleep (woke up at 3.45am today… argh) or my eyebags are gonna be even bigger tomorrow (though they can’t get much bigger)

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