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eng paper was quite ok, but i doubt the other papers will be as easy… see how…. 7 more days, bio paper nxt monday.. haiz..


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omg so damn sian, 4 tests this week.. omg.. e maths and bio spa test tomorrow, a maths test on wednesday, chem test on thursday, some more nxt week common test week… this sux… even though hwa chong invites ended, but still got a hell lot of stuff to do.. haiz, sianz.. anywayz, gotta get back to studying..

signing off..

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Sunday; July 23, 2006
12:06 AM

in the my father’s car on the way back… today was hcjc invitationals… im still in my black shirt and pants, came to club right after lan.. anywayz might as well start from yesterday…

lol the debate room was filled with so many people yesterday.. at least 20 odd people.. vjc came down, VIPERS came down, their coach felda (however u spell her name), and more importantly moz, lum and mark… everyone wanted to spar the three of them… so they had to do 3 matches against three different teams.. ai yo jia lat…

in the end we stayed until 9 plus at night, damn late.. damn irritating.. so difficult to write out our cases.. anywayz, got home and had to print out my case and stick into my book… ate, slept..

woke up at 6 in the morning.. cuz received sms from tze kai.. said he finally finished elaborating on the rebuttal sheets and had mailed to us…. so had to go to the home comp and go dl the sheet and print out, at 6am in the morning.. yup, our rebuttal sheet was finally printed out 2 hours before our debates..lol..

anywayz, went to hcjc then at 7.15, even though reporting time was 8. arrived at exactly the same time as tze kai.. so we went to canteen and i started familiarizing myself with my case and my rebuttal sheet… around 7.30 then arianto came.. scare the shit out of me when he didnt pick up my calls initially.. i thought his parents not happy that he go home so late the previous night that they don let him come today.. lol, it may sound absurd.. but if they can ground him for 3 weeks during the holidays just because he did badly, this is still possible lol..

anywayz awhile later kevin came and junyi joined us later.. those are the only 2 seniors who came in the morning… but tinnapop, shu yi, manfred came later on.. lol but the best was still jun hui.. first of all, he’s in the team, which means he was supposed to turn up in a black blazer, black long pants, black shirt, and black shoes, like the rest of us.. lol but he came in a black blazer, black HANGTEN shirt, black long pants, and TRACK SHOES… lol… so bad that andre later called him jin chui.. lol, guess that’s gonna be his name among us from now onwards…

anywayz, back to the story.. so we went to lt 5 to meet up, just like last year.. then dispersed to our seperate rooms.. first match was against hwa chong institution.. we were op on the motion “THW implement quotas for women in politics in singapore”.. Didnt do too well in this debate.. but even so, even kevin agreed that it was a wrong decision.. but we didnt exactly make it clear.. if you still dont get wad im saying, we lost.. k?? by a point if im not wrong..

anywayz, werent to happy when we entered the second debate, we practically didnt have anytime at all to prepare for it.. cuz debrief until so long, so we didnt exactly feel confident when we entered the room for the second match.. we were prop for the same motion against PLMGS.. performed slightly better in this match, won them of course.. then again they are only sec2s.. but all in all this match saved us..

3rd match was impromptu match.. with one of the dumbest motions i’ve heard in my life: “THBT women should be enlisted into national service.” luckilty we got op, or else harder to run i think.. anywayz we were against Nanyang girls this match… here, it seemed lucky that we lost to hci in the first round or else we might have faced a more stronger opponent here, maybe mgs or ri (luckily, they were paired together) or acs i, or any other school which are better than nygh.

so we won 2 out of 3 matches.. however the thing is that hci CANNOT BREAK INTO FINALS CUZ THIS IS THEIR OWN COMPETITION. so it turned out that there was only one team who won all three matches.. of course that was RI.. and there were like 4 or 5 teams who had won 2 matches, which included us, mgs, acs i, vipers, not sure if there were others..but fact of the matter is that they compared the scores and lo behold, we had the highest scores… lol.. why?? cuz we had the same judge in the first and third round.. this female judge (forgot her name) gives insanely high marks, even i got a 73 i think.. thus don even need to talk about the other 2.. lol, even when we lost hci in the first match we still had damn high scores.. lol, so it turns out we broke into finals.. wohoo!! the thing we had been aiming for.. not bad, thus far.. the prob is that, however, the motion for the finals is equally weird as the one in the third prelim.. “THBT Singapore’s mass media’s treatment of women is degrading” wtf lah…. totally awkward.. but wad to do?? no choice mah…

so went to our separate preping rooms to start prep.. we were damn nervous.. totally didnt know how to run the case.. and we didnt have proper sub points for the first half an hour, somehow managed to get out 2 sub points.. oh ya and i almost forgot, i fell of the table and injured myself during prep.. lol i know, it sounds stupid, because it is!!! seirously, i was sitting on the table, then when i tried to get off, i lost my balance and fell off the table.. both my knees and my hands hurt like mad.. but just continued preping loh, lol wad to do?? my right knee still hurts right now as im typing this….

in the end had to head back to the LT for the match itself.. it was a first time for all three of us, me tze kai and arianto to speak to such a large audience, in a finals.. ya, even tze kai who has like 6 semis but nvr a final.. i think i gave a relatively OK speech in the finals.. kevin was more or less pleased with our overall performance.. but the championship shield didn’t belong to us at the end of the day.. we got silver trophies as runner ups… oh and i almost for got.. tze kai got best speaker of the series of course.. but wad was damn surprising was that arianto got 2nd best speaker.. lol.. even kevin said that he didnt exactly deserve it.. i mean, getting ranked??? sure!!! why not??? but above celine, buelah (i still dont know how to spell her name), and some hci dude, erm… maybe not that feasible.. anyway, still a good job..

so after that we went to lan, 9 of us, me, tze kai, arian, jin chui, junyi, kevin, kenneth, foofy, andre.. didnt do quite well in dota though :p

at the end.. still only a finalist.. cat high is seriously lacking a finalist trophey for the past 2 years.. and we came so close here… the only memento i have from this tournament is a stupid silver trophey which is made somewhere in geylang road (im serious, it says so on the bottom)

so here i am finally at home, started typing this in the car, made my macbook go to sleep, and finally completing this post on my bed.. almost time for some sleep, i have plenty of sleep to catch up on… but at least hcs is over.. now i’ve got common tests, argh!!!!!!! but then again, i still have vjc invite’s coming up :p

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