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Games Galore!!!

Over the course of the day, I’ve been hunting down game news after game news and trying all sorts of random stuff. Till the point whereby my computer is seriously fun right now 🙂 I’ve got

COD4 multiplayer,

Left 4 Dead (brilliant online co-op),

Combat Arms (super arcady shooter),

CS; Source (not gonna play it much, hard to find a normal server, and it’s not that fun anyway),

bought Half Life (the original, not 2) for 98 cents over Steam,

I’ve got TF2 waiting to be downloaded (not sure if I wanna go back to that game)

And I’ve still got all the other games which I haven’t touched in awhile, but for now mainly gonna be alternating between these few games.

My holidays are gonna be oh so fun 🙂


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If you gave me the chance to belong to any single CCA’s alumni, debates would be at the top of my list. The perks of being a senior as compared to being a peon are insane. Take for example today, my juniors had to suffer through FIVE consecutive debates. Insane really, I could never do that and I take my hat off to them. As for me, I’ve been in the only room in this tiny chalet, which is the only place that has air-con, for most of the day playing PSP, reading, talking on the phone, talking cock with seniors, etc. Then going out to walk around the beach nearby for more than hour searching for a bike rental store (to learn how to cycle) but ending up walking all the way to downtown east with my sore legs to buy litres of soft drinks and ice cream. So here I am waiting for my father to fetch me (still in the air con room) typing on my junior’s laptop.

Considering how it’s running out of batt, I’d better end this here.

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Only bad thing was that I had to wake up at 7.15am or so to get to school by 9am for OGL briefing. Was well worth the trouble however, Thor seems like it has great OGLs and I can’t wait for more planning to carry on. At least we settled our sub-OG names (Thor suan, thor pok, thor gai, thor sa pao, etc. You get the (retarded) idea) and one cheer (thor diao, thor diao, thor diao. This is so lame it made me cringe badly, but it’s funny no doubt). hung around J8 Parkway after that for awhile (I actually really typed J8 at first) before heading home.

Managed to sneak a few games of WC3 (normal game, I don’t play dota, partly cause I can’t) and Starcraft with Nick + over Skype. Was real fun, it’s been long since I played like that with friends over skype. Though I seriously wonder why I suck at Starcraft so much. Ah wells.

Went out to Sembawang Family Centre for trial run of a leadership camp we’re helping to facilitate over the weekend for CIP. (I’d like to pause here for a moment and thank Chrystal for finally choosing a CIP even near my house :)) Anyway, it was fun no doubt, though tuesday’s trial run was probably more fun with more games and laughter. Regardless, I really hope I can make it for both days of the camp itself, seeing as how I’ve got the finals of this current affairs quiz organised by singapore poly. But I’ve really seen how much effort the EXCO of this camp put in and I’d really hate to trouble them any further by backing out at the last minute, and it does seem like a ton of fun. 😦

Was hoping to come home to an empty house, but alas the day couldn’t end on a perfect tone since my parents were at home. Started reading the 6th Harry Potter book again (I seriously read darn slowly :() and surfing around. Started on the first 1000 words or so of my “novel”, don’t even know if I can finish it.

Am going out again tomorrow, hurrah!

Bed for now…

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Spent the entire day at the Botanic Gardens today (well most of the day at least), and was pleasently surprised at the amount of fun I had doing CIP.

Was quite a letdown when in the end only Grace, Sofia and me turned up, when like 10 people from our class signed up initially. Nevertheless, still had loads of fun, mostly through taking loads of retarded pictures. Botanic Gardens really is a much more beautiful place than I had originally imagined. The huge number of ang moh kids are really like eye-candy-cuteness (espeically for girls), as can be seen:

Me and some random ang moh kid

Though we sat around doing absolutely nothing for more than an hour, waiting for our beneficiary (Chen Su Lan MCH) to appear in their buses. Unfortunately, Raymond didn’t come, but we did meet a 10-or-so-year old kid, who really couldn’t stop voicing his opinions. From how Yusof Ishak is/was (? I’m confused here) better than Nathan because President Nathan only gives laws but has no rules himself, to how he wanted to be a Commander, and when I tried to correct him by saying Commando, he affirmed “no, it’s command-e-r, not command-o-R”.

Me, Grace and Chen Su Lan Kid

As a random fun fact, that guy in the picture was the guardian of that kid for the day, he was friendly enough, even lent us his camera for us to browse through the majority of his hundreds of pics from his Shanghai/Beijing trip and talked to us about how he was in VJ for three months before going all over Europe to study (Germany, Switzerland, etc). Seemed like a pretty average Joe, then when the event was over, he passed both me and Grace his namecard for the sake of it. Turns out he was the President of Toastmasters International. Me and Grace got stunned.

The concert itself was pretty alright (I dare you to find another acapella group that can do Shang Hai Tan (it’s some cantonese song btw)), even with mentally challenge kids (I’m not trying to be insulting here) dancing with umbrellas to Rihanna’s Umbrella (Yes I know it sounds random but yeah it really happened).

Kids dancing to Rihanna's umbrella

Unfortunately the kids from Chen Su Lan only got to enjoy like 2 hours of the concert before they had to leave, but the fun didn’t stop there for us 🙂 Kept taking random shots, Botanic Gardens really is a cooler (I don’t mean this word in the temperature sense of it btw) place than I thought. I’m too lazy to upload pics of it now though, since I’m struggling with WordPress’ inferior picture-uploader-thingy.

Anyway, maybe I’ll continue this post some other time, mother’s nagging at me to sleep AGAIN. She always has a habit of interupting my long blog posts…

nitez for now.

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Obama Basketball

You really have to watch it at least a couple of times to appreciate how brilliant this all is.

Vote 4 Hope – Mc Yogi

I probably shoulda posted this earlier before the elections, but I was too lazy to, and it’s simply too brilliant a music video to not eventually post it.

Congrats to Obama of course 🙂

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bloody hell…

I’m not gonna get enough sleep for the second night in a row thanks to fucking PW.

*hum to the tune of jingle bells*

P-W, P-W
oh how I hate you.
*imagine some more really witty lyrics about how I hate PW here*

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