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now then leaving club… sianz.. nth to do.. at least cca got cancelled tomorrow 🙂 can go see miss chan and the rest.. XD


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lol, a bit too excited now that he’s finally out.. im listening to his farewell song rite now as im typing this, and his singing still sux.. sry joakim, but you’re just not a singer..

anywayz, talking to ser now.. apparantly nvps ppl meeting up tomorrow to see miss chan 🙂 cant wait, now i hope and pray my training not too late in the afternoon tomorrrow 🙂

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didnt expect to see that post there on engadget.. lol.. strange to have singapore being recognised as a country at all…

anywayz, went to comex today after school eneded at 11am cuz of teacher day celebration.. had to take mrt all the way to expo on my own cuz clement go celebrate troy birthday.. den going later.. sianz, is he as me go in the first place den now pang seh me..

anywayz, reached expo at around 12+ walk around for damn long before finally getting some stuff for my macbook.. 🙂 almost wanted to get a new mp3 player, but might as well not waste the 300 dollars i spent on the stupid creative microphoto.. i hate it lah.. use a few weeks only spoil liao..

so ya, wadeva, at club now. don know wad to do, maybe go play pool or snooker in awhile..

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reach home at 8+ today.. lessons ended at 4, den did maths in sch for around an hour, then go play bball :).. wow.. lin dan wen (quite old chinese teacher) quite good leh.. despite his age XD.. keep on telling me to wad “luo” up front.. lol, as if i know what he talking.. anywayz enjoyed bball for awhile lah, den after that went home loh, so that’s where i am now, studying for the stupid bio test tomorrow.. DAMN SIANZ…

i totally dont get transport in mammels.. so ma fan for wad, so long as the body working can liao mah, study until like that, as if i gonna bother about all this after jc… hate it… but wad to do?? no choice..

and amazingly, zhenyu nvr come online today (hope u’re reading dis bunny..) first time she’s not online when i reach home.. i guess her woman really nvr sign up for internet.. 😦 hopefully you’re reading this from school!! 🙂 so ya, first time i dont have anyone to talk to in recent weeks.. ah well.. at least i can concentrate on my bio den.. (as if im really studying like that.. too sian.) but really have to study, cuz this chapter siao one.. haiz, f**ked up man..

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going out so early.. don know y my father like that.. suddenly today want go out so early.. but i bringing my macbook with me so should be going online later.. see how.. don even know going out to do wad yet.. sianz.

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haiz, im still sick, didnt go to sch this morning… den tomolo still got chinese lessons and cca, don know if i’ll be well enough to go tomorrow 😦

i still feel damn tired now, might be slping soon, maybe a nap or smth.. ah well..

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i dont get it, week after week, joakim stays in singapore idol while other ppl who can actually sing (ie: nurul, mathilda) get kicked out.. i dont know what’s wrong with singaporeans, but they have seriously got to start voting for ppl who can actually sing.. and joakim certainly cant. i mean this is a singing competition!!!!

imagine if joakim actually won sg idol.. that’d be awful.. imagine if he released an album, whereby he has to actually SING. people will finally start waking up when they have to endure his “singing” on the train listening to their ipods or what not.

when ken said smth like, “it’s take singapore some time to get it right”, i think he was referring to joakim, cuz week after week he’s proven that he seriously CANNOT sing..i’ve got no idea how he got into the top 12 in the first place… i mean, what were the judges thinking?? when they let him through..

anywayz, enough abt singapore idol, it isnt a very gd competition anyway.. i’m still having a running nose and my throat hurts, better get some slp quick, or i might end up SERIOUSLY sick.. gonna slp soon, even though it’s early, i haven got enough slp over the past few days, and i still have cca after sch tomolo… haiz. nitez…

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