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No choice then

I’m on the train to school and am typing this on my iPod touch again, nothing better to do I guess with puddle of mudd playing in the background. A good chance to practise my typing on the iPod after downloading the wordpress program yesterday.

Not much has been happening recently, just more and more lessons and the workload is really starting to pile up (and I’m mostly alone in school nowadays), not like I’m doing it though. Got a market structure test in week 9 and I still don’t know a single thing about market structure at all. Haven’t been paying attention in lectures at all, and it doesn’t help that I’ve got this new econs tutor all of sudden, my fifth one this year. I hope I get lucky for all my tests and exams in the future just like I did for mid years.

Speaking of mid years, I’m really quite happy with my mid year results, didn’t quite expect to score well, turned out I don’t have a single failure 🙂 though I came quite close with physics. O level physics had seemed so damn easy, then now when it comes to jc it’s next to impossible for me to understand Physics as easily as I did in the past. 😦

(all of a sudden some guy is staring at my iPod while I’m typing away)

I still haven’t gotten a chance to watch dark knight, everyone’s talking about how good it is. Probably going to watch it this Sunday with someone hopefully.

Finished reading 19 minutes like 2 days back. Haven’t read a book in a really long time. And as good if a book 19 minutes was, I doubt I’m ever gonna get another jodi picoult book ever again, they’re much too boring. Trying to read catch 22 now but that book seriously makes no sense whatsoever. It’s darn frustrating to try and figure out what it’s about. It’s supposed to be one of the greatest novels of the century and i’ve heard about it tons of times, buy I’m sorry if I can’t appreciate this “style” of writing.

Anyway I already got on the bus at dhoby, yeah I took more than half an hour to type this (I’m sticking to the mouse and keyboard). Hey, I needed to kill time with something right? But I shall end this now and go to sleep, I’m actually gonna be early for school for the first time in god knows how long.

3 weeks… Feels so much longer.


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Ok I’m trying to type on my iPod touch and post this to the blog somehow without my hands cramping up. I gotta admit it feels really weird to type on the ipod touch cuz there’s ZERO tactile feedback. Which makes it pretty hard to type a simple message like this. Haha. I’m already having troubles typing this thing here. Guess I’ll go back to the computer considering hoe I’m sitting right in front of it.

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I’m yours…

I’ve been really really addicted to COD4 recently for some reason. I guess I never really knew how fun the game really was until I started playing it using my MBP. In fact I guess I’m going back to playing it the moment I’m done with this post.

Many people have been telling me I should update my blog more often, thing is I’m usually too lazy to blog or nothing blog-worthy has been happening. Last few days have been pretty normal, though I have to say it’s pretty disconcerting for me to finish my entire math tutorials way beforehand, I’ve never done my homework so diligently before. And I actually managed to finish my EoM yesterday, and for the first time in a very long time, I can actually game and slack about without feeling too guilty about having a pile of work to do.

As for tomorrow, gonna have to somehow find my way to chong boon sec for Connect Singapore briefing. I’m almost beginning to regret going for it, it’s way too much trouble just for the CIP hours. Though others definitely have more on the plate thanks to Connect as compared to me. Still, not worth the time at all. Volunteering for triathalons is so much easier, all we had to do was keep removing velcro strips from the finishers’ ankles for a few hours. Apart from the fact that we had to reach ECP at the ungodly hour of 5am and that you’d get ppl’s sweat dripping on you, it was actually pretty fun and worth the time. Unlike Connect, no idea what it’s gonna be like in the first place.

Oh and I really have got to go watch The Dark Knight, keep hearing how good it is. Caught Batman Begins on TV a few days ago and seeing as how the crtics say TDK is better than that, I’m seriously having very high expectations for this movie. Can’t wait to catch it 🙂

I won’t hesitate no more, no more.

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There’s been quite a lot of stuff going on recently that I don’t even know where to start from now. Unfortunately I’ve spent quite a lot of time on COD4 till the point where I’m beginning to neglect this blog. Hope this trend doesn’t continue for too long.

Have been really really busy with Lighthink stuff these few days, it really is a mad rush to get everything ready, considering how only 4 people are doing it and I’m also the one typing and editing the essays. If only all the deadlines could be pushed back by just a little bit, we wouldn’t feel so damn busy all the time. Speaking of Lighthink, the last 20 minutes of the meeting on Thursday was actually pretty darn fun, it’s always what I’ve wanted Lighthink to become, hopefully more people will join 😦

As for interhouse soccer, we came in second. Not bad, considering how our entire team was from ONLY our class and we faced a team handpicked from an entire HOUSE. Was really fun I have to say 🙂

Anyway, going for CHMA tonight, finally another excuse to go back to CHS 🙂 should be leaving the hosue soon to go to Nich’s house first though for this PS3 and…. GTA 4 HERE I COME!!!

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gee… :)

SOOOO many things have been happening these past few days that I didn’t have the time to sit down and properly blog. I realised this post is long overdue so I decided to force myself down here to type this out.

Went out last monday and somehow ended up at vivo after a really random situation and bought 2 new books 🙂 though I hate it that they still don’t have grisham’s new book… went all the way to roxy square after that for goodie bag packing and it was pretty damn fun, though pretty damn tiring. Had to carry 10 bags at one time after tying them together and storing them… Not complaining about it though, monday was definitely a good day 🙂

Interhouse soccer was on tuesday, and we S56 sure did do well 🙂 beat the other 2 ursa teams to qualify for the matches next week. We’re probably the most sporty ursa class, especially in soccer, considering how the only 2 school players in ursa are in our class. Though I doubt I’ll have to play next week, seeing as how Jason could probably sub me next week, so I’ll be relegated to becoming a cheerleader again, though I’m not complaining, it’s gonna be fun, hope we do well…

Seeing as how today’s my bday, got presents from classmates yesterday. Thanks a bunch for everything you guys 🙂 and NICE IDEA chrystal… I eventually got held down by jason and syamil while my hair got messed up styled by kai chun yin. Everyone said I looked like I just woke up and it was super messy, but after awhile I realised it looked kinda good, I guess after the hair didn’t spike as much and everything fell into place. So yeah thanks guys… i guess 😛 Though by no means am I going to style my hair anytime in the near future like that, it’s just too troublesome and I’m seriously too lazy. XD Love the new slippers and the Black Ghost deck, trust me when I say that I’m gonna put them to good use even without ever bringing them out of the house. I’ve learned my lesson with my Shadow Masters deck, Bicycle cards aren’t meant for Bridge/tai dee.

Had home based learning today, on my birthday itself… and before I say anything else, THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO WISHED ME A HAPPY BDAY 🙂 Last year i got like 5 wishes I’m guessing? Closer to 20 this year, haha. Anyway home based learning was pretty alright and a new experience, though I still think school itself is much more fun, even with the 1 hour travelling time involved. Went out to Vivo again today and got to watch Hancock. It’s a brilliant plot and story in my opinion, and the action sequences are pretty cool as well. Though I have to say, the film has the “almost but not quite” feel. Every aspect of this film JUST fell short for some reason, the plot was great at first, but had no concrete ending in my opinion. The twists in the middle were really great but weren’t really that well explained… and some of the corny-ness could have been taken out. But overall, I’m really glad I got to watch this film :):):)

It’s getting late and there’s school tomorrow again 😦 bed soon I guess…

decoding wingdings ❤

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Today was a pretty good day I have to say. School was pretty great fun (though I spent a lot of it asleep), had PE in the morning so I finally got some excercise after so damn long, though we played ultimate frisbee which was ultimately boring, but yet still more tiring than soccer surprisingly. Got to play ABIT of basketball (like 5-10 mins only -.-) which was great obviously, though I felt super stick/irritated the entire day because of how much I had sweat.

Anyway, finally got to watch Wanted today at PS 🙂 was almost late, considering how I fell asleep in the bus and had to take it all the way when it looped back from orchard to the opposite side of dhoby. Thank goodness I was still in time 🙂 I went into wanted expecting lots and lots of action and a crappy plot, and I got what I asked for, and little more. The action was so over the top it reminded me of 1990s shows where practically all the emphasis was placed on the action, but the special effects were so cool nonetheless. The plot made no sense for most of the movie, which was quite a bit of a letdown, since this film had a lot of potential to be a heck load better. Still, not complaining about spending 6 bucks to see a cool special effects film 🙂

I realise it’s been really long since I last walked around town before today, guess the last time was with Xiwen, speaking of which I haven’t replied her msg. On the off chance that you actually DO read this (which I HIGHLY doubt so), sorry.. i’ve been busy. Anyway, it’s refreshing to walk around orchard/dhoby again, not to mention talking cock quite abit. haha. Hope to waste time around town again soon 😉 ended up reaching home at like 11, and I should probably go sleep soon since my eyes are seriously closing on me. Ah well.

next week 😀

be it from dusk till dawn or 4 to 10,
I realise one funny thing,
that no matter what we’re doing,
we just can’t stop talking.

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