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Now this is cool. I’ve always found it a hassle to have to charge my portable devices when I get home. Many a times, I’ll forget to do so and I’ll get to use my PSP or DS or iPod for around 10 minutes the next time I go out before the battery dies on me. If only I had this device with me all the time… Then again, I spend most of my time on public transport instead of walking, so this might not work as well as I want it to…


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6 long years of reading Harry Potter. It all comes down to this. The last book is here. I’ve read, reread, and rereread the first 4 books countless number of times, while only rereading the 5th and 6th book a couple of times. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten most of the 6th book, but that’s not gonna stop me from starting on the 7th the moment I get it.

I really don’t want it to end, Rowling has been writing book after book after book for 1 whole decade. Couldn’t she have continued? Haha. I guess even writing Harry Potter books gets boring after some time.

I’m too lazy to type anymore, I think I could go on and on and on forever about Harry Potter, partly because I’m getting slightly ome.

Oh and if you’re reading this you might as well read this as well: http://randomusings.com/2007/07/20/harry-potter-and-the-last-book/

Yes I wrote that. DUH. It’s times like this when I’m glad I got that domain, just go read if you have the time.

So long Harry…


Hope HCs goes well for my juniors tmr, I stayed back till freaking 10pm to help them. I got O levels in 2 months and I’m still doing this. Haha, can’t really bear to let go I guess. It isn’t easy to do so:

Miss Hua – It’s over, debates is over for you

Me – Far from it.

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I’ve always loved the Wii the most out of the 3 next-gen consoles, simply because its gameplay is just so intuitive. However, PS3 and Xbox 360 fanboys will continue to love their own respective consoles. But in my opinion, besides the fact that both 2 year olds and 80 year olds are able to play the Wii, this picture pretty much explains why it’s probably the best next gen console, and probably the best console ever.

Why the Wii is the best console ever

From flickr:

My little brother Stephen, who was born with cerebal palsy and is unable to walk or talk, is able to play video game baseball against his little sister with the Wii.

Any PS3 or Xbox 360 fanboy who screams fake or something along those lines is just crazy…

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Last year, the third and final day of RMUN was the best of all, hands down. This year proved to be no different.

Let me just state for the record that I stayed up (K, fine, maybe not exactly “stayed up” since I wouldn’t have been asleep at that time anyway) till 1am the previous night, editing Hungary’s crisis resolution. Changed quite a large portion of it, and I was pleased with what I had managed to do, to say the least. Thus, I went to bed feeling a certain sense of satisfaction.

Alas, that resolution I edited would never see the light of day, since by the time I arrived at RJC in the morning, UK informed me that he had already submitted the unedited one. This ultimately led to me debating AGAINST the resolution (even though I was a signatory) when debate on it finally commenced. Unfortunately, nobody gave two hoots about me (as expected) since we just wanted to pass the bloody thing. So the resolution passed without mine ever being heard. Ah well, the fact that I abstained didn’t exactly make any difference.

After the crisis resolution got passed, it was just a race against the clock to pass a resolution for our primary topic on the efficiency of peacekeeping missions. We ended up with a resolution that was 6 pages long submitted by UK and USA. Under normal circumstances, I would have been against the resolution, not for the sake of being against it, but rather because I wasn’t exactly satisfied with it. However, I knew that it wouldn’t make a difference anyway, so the delegate of Russia finally decided to be a nice guy for once and go along with everyone else. Thus, the resolution passed, with 0 against and a few abstentions. So GA1 managed to pass 2 resolutions within 2 hours. 🙂

Didn’t attend the fashion parade later on of course, though Afghanistan (my juniors) were forced to go. Ended up changing into casual attire since I was an undercover spy 🙂 and coming back to catch some skits and the prize presentation. Thank god I managed to catch some skits this year, they were downright hilarious. I won’t elaborate on them here I guess :). Then came prize presentation, to my surprise I actually got honourable mention for best delegate. I’m not trying to be a dick here btw, I seriously didn’t expect it.The entire Russian delegation ended up quite well I guess, with 3 honourable mentions and 1 best delegate of SC. A lot better than last year at that.

We were behind schedule by the time the prize presentation ended, so I only had an hour to kil linstead of 2 hours. It wasn’t long before everyone made their way to the seminar rooms. I was expecting this year’s dinner and dance to be as exciting and fun as last year’s was, unfortunately it seemed like that was not to be, as everything started off slowly. People were just milling around, without anything much happening. Then things really started to pick up when the band started playing, of course as usual I stayed at the back of the crowd along with a lot of the other GA1 people, but the entire party as a whole was finally as fun as it was last year. For me, it was even more fun, since I was Russia this year and not the next-to-non-existant Nigeria as I was last year. What with Kartik and Sharleen kissing, all the dancing, the gossip, the camwhoring, tze kai’s “dancing”. The night eventually ended off with KT Tunstall’s Black Horse and The Cherry Tree, though no one really wanted it to end this “early”. This year’s DnD ended later than last year’, it was around 11 by the time I finally left RJC, an hour later than last year.

This year’s RMUN has indeed been a lot more fun for me than last year’s, opposing everything (with good reason of course :)), editing resos that eventually never saw the light of day and of course being on the verge of starting a nuclear war. Of course I’m glad I got the honourable mention, though I’m not exactly sure if I deserved it……… Ah well, not complaining!

The delegate of Russia would like to express his thanks to all delegates and directors for making his second RMUN a blast. It’s seriously been a lot of fun and laughter for me the second time around, and for those of you who have the fortune of being in sec 3, the delegate of Russia STRONGLY URGES and ENCOURAGES you all to join RMUN next year. Take it from me, it’s always more fun the second time around. Besides, you get to skip lessons and oral examinations 😛 But seriously, thanks once again all, and hope that we keep in contact and even meet up at times.


On a more personal note, yesterday was probably the last time I’ll wear my long sleeve shirt, blazer, pants and leather shoes this year. RMUN was probably the last competition in which I would be representing the school in, thus I don’t see any other occasion in which I’ll be wearing this attire again. I’ve worn the black shirt, black tie, black blazer, black pants and black shoes countless number of times already, representing cat high debates for various competitions. I’ll miss those days, I already am of course, seeing as how my finals passed more than a month ago. But I’ll still miss events like RMUN. Because this means that the only things I have to look forward to now are studies, books, studies, O levels, studies.

If only it weren’t so.

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Today started off extremely quickly, as we had left off in the middle of a debate on Hungary and UK’s resolution yesterday. Of course, it wasn’t long before someone (forgot who) motioned for the voting procedures to begin. With 19 votes for, 15 votes against, and like 5 abstaining, the resolution did not pass, failing to reach the minimum 2/3 majority.

Following that, the USA wasted no time in trying to push for countries to support his resolution, hoping to pass it before lunch, as there was a “foreseeable” crisis after that. Unfortunately, as most countries were unsatisfied with the USA’s resolution, he failed to garner the required support throughout the entire debate proper and during the unmoderated caucuses. Therefore, by the time all councils adjourned for lunch, GA1 was the only council that had not passed a resolution yet.

After lunch, a crisis occurred (as expected), it was totally made up by the organising committee. Something about a violent conflict between Israel and Iran, and GA1 had to discuss and pass a resolution about the details of a peacekeeping unit that should be sent in after a ceasefire has been achieved by the SC. I (the delegate of Russia) was already so bored with the debate on the primary topic that I originally wanted to distribute nuclear weapons to islamic nations like eygpt, sierra leone, indonesia, panama, etc, in order to allow them to have the capabilities to help Iran (forcefully) “persuade” the peacekeeping troops to leave if a unit was really sent there. Then at tea break, it turned out that the Security Council had already passed a resolution whereby Russia herself would lead a peacekeeping mission into Iran that was funded by the USA, so since I couldn’t bomb my own troops, I had to give up this ambitious notion and instead remain more or less neutral. The debate got pretty boring from that point on, as other Islamic nations began to withdraw their threat against Israel.

By the time Hungary finally managed to draft out another resolution and submit it for approval, I was already too tired and couldn’t be bothered to oppose the resolution though I found it vague at certain points, so I just signed it to get it over with. I was hoping Kathik (my director) would close one eye and approve the resolution, but alas he wanted it to be more detailed and thus needed Hungary to edit it. Thus, GA1 once again became the only council which failed to pass a resolution regarding the crisis. The day ended on a pretty low note, considering how GA1 was getting absolutely nowhere. Dinner with some members of my council was pretty fun though 🙂

Seeing as how there’s only 1.5 hours worth of debate time available on Friday, I foresee three scenarios:

1: Someone motions for postponement of the debate on the crisis, we start general debate on our primary topic again (efficiency of peacekeeping missions) and (hopefully) pass a resolution on that.
2: We continue focusing on the crisis at hand, and (hopefully) pass a resolution on that by the end of the day.
3: GA1 continues going around in circles and gets nowhere, as it has been for the last 2 days.

I think scenario 2 is most likely to occur, as it’s easier to settle the crisis as compared to our primary topic. All will be revealed on Friday I guess.

looking forward to D&D 😉

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RMUN (Raffles Model United Nations) finally started today. I expected the entire thing to be pretty boring, considering the issue my GA was dealing with (Efficiency of Peacekeeping missions), since there was really little to talk about. That’s why I decided to just change my stance and go against the majority that drafted a resolution beforehand, hoping to make the debate more interesting.

It was a slow start, with the chair calling upon delegates to speak, and eventually calling for a moderated caucus for us so that the debate could hopefully move along. But as time passed and the entire council started warming up, debate really began to get interestinig, with different countries providing their different opinions. I was glad that it seemed like it would turn out to be a good debate after all.

Alas, it was not to be, as after lunch debate just slowed down. Hungary and France just kept repeating each other, everyone was going around in circles, analogies were used that didn’t substantiate anything, nobody was talking about anything new, etc. The delegate of Russia (me) got really bored with everything and had no idea where everyone was going as nobody was speaking about anything substantial that was worthy. Until the resolution finally arrived that is.

Unfortunately there was like 20 minutes left when the resolution by UK and Hungary was finally introduced. Debate started to warm up slightly at this point, but due to the lack of time, most delegates who spoke for the motion were called upon to speak by the chair as they had not spoken for the entire conference. Only a few (including me) spoke against the motion since there was inadequate time left, and most of the debate on the resolution was pretty unclear as everyone was already tired.

Can’t wait for the debate on the motion to continue tomorrow, can’t wait to speak against it again. Unfortunately, I don’t have veto power in the GA, or else things would be so much easier 😦

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Just Follow Law

Just Follow Law (2007)

From wiki:
Directed by Jack Neo, the film takes a satirical look at the inflexibility of outdated governmental rules and regulations and the rigid mindsets of civil servants who follow rules to a fault, charming and delighting audiences with its humorous and perceptive insights.

After looking at the title of the film, and all the promotion that has been going on for it, I have been waiting to watch this show for a long time, hoping to be entertained. Walking in, I was hoping to see Jack Neo’s imagination run wild all over Singapore’s political system. Walking out, I was just disappointed.

It had a promising starting, showing how even laws like crossing the road were obediently abided by Singaporeans. But then the plot of the show just spiralled downhill all the way. The 2 main characters, a crude technician (Gurmit) and a law abiding department manager (Fann), basically just swapped bodies. Which is honestly pretty lame. Almost the whole show just portrayed how the 2 of them realised what they themselves were actually doing in their life when they could see it through an outsider’s point of view. Very little of it really portrayed red tape or law or that sort of things, which is the biggest letdown for me, as I was really hoping to see that theme constantly being portrayed in practically every single sentence in the film.

Although I have to say that the acting is quite good. Fann easily slipped into the personna of a crude, “Ah-Bengy” technician, while Gurmit just became a very docile female. None of it was really over exaggerated, and it proved to be quite funny for practically everyone in the cinema. It’s not often you see Fann searching for a male’s privates by digging into her pants and then, upon finding it absent, simply saying, “Nah Bei”. And Gurmit’s very “Ah-Guaish” acting fit in quite well I think. The humor was basically just the “in-your-face” type of humor, instead of sarcasm or satire, which is what I was hoping to see.

However, the parts that portrayed bureaucracy and the like in Singapore really cracked me up. From needing to write in to switch on the air-con, and then CC-ing it to another person, her boss, HR department, Finance department, etc. to a security guard putting a wheel clamp on a fire engine because it had parked in the VIP lot. These were really the more entertaining parts of the movie for me. However, such scenes are really too rare and few for a movie whose title is “Just Follow Law”

At the end, if you were to ask me which movie is most like this one, I’d have to pick “Freaky Friday”. For those of you who have never heard of it (I’m quite sure a huge number of you haven’t), it’s this lame “Made for TV” movie that is constantly being re-run on the Disney Channel. The basic plot is that a girl and her mother switch bodies, and they get to experience each other’s life first hand. That’s basically the main focus in this movie too, which is a really lame plot in my opinion. The only difference in the overall plot of “Just Follow Law” and “Freaky Friday” is that Gurmit and Fann don’t manage to change back unlike in “Freaky Friday”. But that’s basically it. The plot of the movie just really really really outright sucks. No doubt about it.

What’s going to save this movie (if you can really ignore the horrible plot) is it’s really “in-your-face” humor that is really quite funny at times, pretty good acting (though most characters just had to play the typical Singaporean role), and the rare moments when the film takes a satirical look at Singapore’s inflexible laws and its civil servants. Most importantly, many Singaporeans will be able to identify themselves with the characters of this film, it being a Singaporean production. However, I really doubt it’s going to be even a moderate success overseas.

In a nutshell: Bad plot and overall theme (has the words “Channel 8 Production” written all over it), but the acting, comedy and satire partially saved the film (for me at least)

Overall score: 6/10

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