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Lol, actually, plenty of things.. let’s see:

 First and foremost, definately an iPhone. Sony ericsson downright sux.. the joystick keeps on screwing up. It’s damn irritating to use my k750i. though it is REAL useful when taking photos, but that’s pretty much the only good thing about this phone. Other than that, i really hate it. And I have no idea what Apple will put in a mobile phone if they do make one, but I think it’d be a really kul phone… I just hope that they don’t tie it down to one carrier like cingular or something like that, or else people in other countries won’t be able to use the iPhone.

Well, second of all, I hope that .Mac will become COMPLETELY FREE. I mean, come on, google is offering everyone more than 2gb for each email account, how hard would it be for Apple to introduce something like that for everyone for free, and at a decent speed too?? (cuz .mac is REALLY slow now..) i don’t exactly think it’d be that hard.. The only reason why mac users don’t use Gmail as another version of .Mac is cuz there’s juz no syncing.. Which is really what .Mac is all about. I doubt anyone would really spend that 100 US dollars a year, juz for ,Mac when they see that sites like google are offering so much space for free..

I think I’d also like to see some major improvements to iWeb… Don’t get me wrong, it already is a great app, and I should say it is THE BEST app for creating a simple homepage. No other app could be easier. but the problem is that iWeb was built with mainly .Mac users in mind. Which shouldn’t be the case, cuz hell lot of ppl don’t use .Mac. So im hoping that iWeb will be more friendly to users who don’t use .mac in the next version..

And im also surprised that no one has yet speculated a spreadsheet program to be added to iWork, which is what im sure they’ll eventually add, because plenty of people use microsoft excel. And I think Apple doesn’t want mac users to always be reliant on microsoft office. And the way to do that would definately be to introduce their own spreadsheet program. I think they’ll want to do so ASAP.. And im guessing that they’ll do that at this upcoming macworld.

There is also the issue of the “iTv”. I’m not really that excited over this product, because I’ve already managed to hook up my macbook to my tv, so i can easily watch movies on my television already, but maybe Apple will introduce some new features or whatever to it before they actually release it. Maybe then will I consider buying it.

I’m also quite excited about Leopard, many of the things that Jobs showed off for Leopard at WWDC ’06 weren’t really very interesting. (i.e Spaces) But then again, there is still that “top secret” feature that he didn’t want to release last time for fear of microsoft implementing it in Vista. But I think that with Vista launching before macworld, he should reveal what other goodies he has packed inside Leopard, and we certainly will get a glimpse of them at macworld ’07.

But most importantly, I’m hoping for what many people are calling a “true iPod Video”, because the screen on the current iPod video is really too small, and i think everyone is hoping that that can be changed when Apple introduces some sort of “touchscreen” iPod. Personally, I really have no idea how they’re gonna design a whole new iPod video, because their designs are always so unexpected (i.e. iPod shuffle).. So I guess only time will tell when they actually release a whole new iPod Video, and I’m personally hoping that it’ll be at macworld 2007.

This pretty much ends my wishlist for macworld 2007 for now, but I think that I’ll add to it when i think of any new ideas.


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finally got the comp… haiz, nth to do now… juz waiting to go home (at club now).. jojo playing my psp.. i read through my case tons of times already… and still got another training tomorrow… haiz, impromptu again… ah well, hope saturday goes well…

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Well, yesterday, my legs were both aching, and I was damn tired. Turned out that i only slept for five hours last night, and I went for training today with 2 aching legs and an aching right arm too (from the basketball). Things aren’t exactly better right now, cuz i played for many more hours today. now my whole body is aching. seriously aching..

anywayz,  i finally received the bio notes that bryan promised to give me. It’s gonna be much easier to study bio now, with these notes..  I have no idea why jeffery goh doesn’t wanna juz give these notes to us in sec 3. haiz, no matter, that doesn’t affect me now. But  I  think i’ll take FOREVER to memorize all of this:

Bio notes(click for larger image)

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dead tired..

Training today again. Started at 12, and I was almost late. Overslept… anyway sparred with mark and robin (moz didn’t wanna speak). Then spent a few hours editing the case again. After that we played soccer+basketball for a few hours. Haiz, my legs are aching now. Damn tired. And training starts at 10 tomorrow. Gotta spar scgs, then gonna spar this same motion AGAIN. Haiz.. ah well…

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Haiz, new blog again. this is my 4th blog already, since 3 years ago. Hope I don’t have to change site again, my first blog was http://www.wkan.blogspot.com, but my father found out abt that site, so i had to change. then i changed to using a wordpress powered singapore based blog provider: http://www.wkan.lah.cc, my father found out about this one also, so I had to change again. A few months ago, I switched back to blogger on http://www.spvn.blogspot.com, but I started having troubles with blogger, and stopped blogging for awhile (albeit only for a short period of time).

So this is how i got here. I’ve spent quite a long time setting up this site, but I think that the hard work is going to pay off. I can now change my theme with a click of the mouse button, no more meddling with html code. And the number of plugins that have already been developed for wordpress is seriously overwhelming. Oh well, enough for this post, back to searching for more themes and plugins already, and putting the final touches on this blog, before i start some serious blogging again.

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