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I’ve got E-Learning tomorrow and the day after, all the way from 8am to 1.40pm.

1. I don’t need to wake up at freaking 6am in the morning. Thus I don’t need to sleep at freaking 10+
2. I don’t need to travel to school
3. I don’t need to endure pointless lessons in school
4. I don’t need to tire myself out from trying to understand the pointless lessons
5. I don’t need to pretend that I’m paying attention because there won’t be anyone checking me

1. I won’t be constantly doing my work
2. I won’t learn anything
3. I won’t have people to chat with when I get bored (except on msn which isn’t as fun)
4. I won’t be able to eat my canteen’s food during recess (damnit, I’ll miss the blue plate stall….)

After weighing the pros and cons, I still don’t know if E-learning is gonna be a blessing or a curse. I can slack, yet that won’t help my prelims. Yet I’m not sure which one I prefer: slacking or studying.

But one thing I know for sure is that the next 2 days aren’t gonna be very productive for me. Cuz there’s no chance in hell I’m going to religiously study throughout the entire e-learning for the next 2 days. For heaven’s sake, I got a computer that has access to the internet, my whole music library, and quite a few games. You’re telling me I’d rather spend my time in front of it studying why the cold war occured? Fat hope.

Still, I have to put in SOME effort, which is why my history revision kits are on my lap right now as I type this, but it sucks to keep on studying about stuff that happened before I was born, because I don’t really actually care what happened. I’m instead much more interested in what’s gonna happen in the future than in the past, for eg. how many remdial lessons I’ll have to attend after prelim 1 is over….

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I know I know this is like 12 days late. Still, I’m at a lost as to what to blog about. Today was pretty boring, so I’m posting this youtube video. This guy is actually pretty good, for someone on youtube, and yes he wrote the song.

This goes out to anyone who was lonely on the 14 feb (like me), or anyone that is going to be lonely on any other 14 feb.

Valentines by David Choi

I see a couple strollin down the street
They’re so in love, there’s not a worry
and to the clock they said goodbye, they ain’t in a hurry

And sometimes I feel kind of lonely
ask myself where is my one and only
until she comes to me, I’ll wait
until then I shouldn’t be feeling this way

Won’t let no Valentines get me down
or when Christmas time comes around
just cuz I’m alone right now
don’t’ mean I should hold a frown

oh in the meantime love is here you’ll find
the simple things that slip your mind
the joy of hope for better days
you know that love can find it’s ways

When you finally find the one who you can call your own
you can tell yourself the wait was worth it all
cuz you got something to last forever

I can smile cuz there’s so much in store
the futures holds for me more than I will ever know
shouldn’t make no room for feeling sad

Won’t let no Valentines get me down
or when Christmas time comes around
just cuz I’m alone right now
don’t’ mean I should hold a frown

oh in the meantime love is here you’ll find
the simple things that slip your mind
the joy of hope for better days
you know that love can find it’s ways

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Tomorrow comes. Sorrow becomes his soul mate.

The damage is done. The prodigal son is too late.

Old doors are closed but he’s always open,

To relive time in his mind.

Oh Billy.

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From static electricity, to DC cicuits, to current electricity, I’m getting shocked to death. Shocked by how much stuff I still have to learn. And it’s not only physics. I still haven’t completely memorised everything in bio, still need to read through cold war and china history again, haven’t payed attention to a single lesson about development for elec geog yet, and I still don’t understand A LOT of maths. It’s really quite funny to see sec 3s complaining about how difficult logarithms and vector diagrams are. My physics guidebook is right in front of me now, but I still don’t get static electricity at all, and I still got to revise the force and heat capacity and all that other stupid crap from last year.

To think that my first prelim paper is goin got be on this friday. Time sure does fly. 20% of my prelim marks depend on this friday and the whole of next week. Argh, why the heck did the school place our first prelims in the first term of school? So damn early, and then they “won’t touch us” in the second term at all. Why? Because they want us to do well for SYF. Which is quite dumb, that they place so much importance on it. If they regard SYF so highly, then why aren’t they bothering about my JGs?

We’re going to get the second round motion this friday, after a one month long break, it’s time to continue finishing up my debating career. My last few competitive matches are here, and the exact number can range from only 2 more to 5 more, if we manage to reach the finals. Problem with the second round is that, well, we get the second round motion this friday, WHICH IS THE DAY MY FREAKING O LEVEL PRELIMS START. That means, the one whole week of prep time is exactly the same week with my prelims. I really have no idea how I’m going to do well in this prelim. Not that I really mind not doing well, it’s just that I’ll have to go for all sorts of remedial classes and the like because my teachers will all be afraid that I woin’t do well for O’s. Not really a waste of time, but it will be damn bloody tiring.

I really want JGs to be over with asap, so that I can concentrate on my studies. Yet, at the same time, I’d rather the O’s never ever come at all, because currently, I’d take debates over schoolwork anytime.

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NUS Challenge Shield 2007

I didn’t want to blog about NCS on the day of the prelims. I was really too bored and sad to do so. But today I think I’m finally going to blog about it. This competition definately has to end up on my blog somehow or another.

 9th Feb:

Eve of prelim rounds of NCS. It was a Friday, I still remember. I was already bloody sick because I had stayed up till late at night on the previous Sunday to complete the fucking commonwealth essay that caused my eventual illness, and I didn’t get enough sleep for the entire week. So I was sick and tired by Friday. We just got our JGs motion that morning. Found out we had a stupid motion (THBT cartoons have a negative influence on children) when the other 2 motions were much better ones. Didn’t really like it, but then again it’s not like we had a choice. We sparred ACS I in the afternoon, for training purposes only of course. We had to go over to their school, because Kevin wanted us to get used to more “hostile environments”, and boy was it hostile. We had no lights at all in the room, but yet we had air-con. Strange. Anyhow, we finished sparring them, then went to Thomson Plaza to eat, then went to Kevin’s house for the first time. The first thing that happened there was that Jun Hui spilled some soft drink on Kevin’s floor. I’ll always remember that the first thing we did at our coach’s house was to clean his floor with toilet paper. Ha. We debriefed on the earlier debate, watched the spar against RI through the video camera that we used to record it on the previous Tuesday. And not forgetting that we discussed the beginning of JGs first prelim round too.  I left his house only at around 10pm at night, so I didn’t get to sleep early that night either.

So what does this have got to do with NCS? Well…. it compounded my illness, which really lead to my style screwing up on the next day.

10th Feb:

Day of the prelim rounds for NCS. I was bloody tired when I woke up, but I was definately the one that was going to speak. Because unless I was on my death bed, there’s no chance in hell I’m letting any of the juniors take my place on the team. So yeah, I had to speak even though I was bloody sick. Even at the start of the day during prep for the first match against MGS, I already told my team that I was definately going to be sick on the next day. Motion against MGS was something like “THW teach abstinance only in secondary school sex education”, we were prop. I was prop 1. Prop 1 needs style. I had no style. Really too tired to even think straight most of the time, let alone speak stylistically, and the fact that my case didn’t exactly prove the motion didn’t help matters. At the end Kevin said that it was damn fucking bad that we had a prop 1 who didn’t prove the motion at all, but it was “damn good” that arianto and tk managed to turn it all around. The 3 adjudicators took one whole long hour to decide the winner, and they finally gave it to MGS, though Arianto got best speaker. I wasn’t really angry that they gave it to MGS, because I know that we didn’t do all that well. However, the problem is that they didn’t even give good reasons as to why they gave the debate to MGS, I forgot what the exact reasons are now, but i knew they were quite off.

Still, nothing to do except to hope and pray that we win the next 2 matches. So we went to eat lunch, while the seniors went out to eat. All of us were pretty silent throughout the meal, talking only when we needed to. Second round, we were up against SCGS, motion was “THW pay reperations to families of victims killed by US soldiers in Iraq”, we were opposition. During the second round prep I was really fucking sleepy. I almost wished that we finished prepping slightly earlier so that I could lie down for awhile or something. But of course, that was not to be, as it has always never been. I still remembered we ended up prepping the the stairwell most of the time, because it was quieter and easier to think in. Still, it was quite funny. Luckily we ended up winning this round (after a faster adjudication this time) and best speaker went to tze kai (if I remember correctly, because the score sheets I got aren’t reflecting exactly who got it). Of course we were relieved that we won our second match, so there was still a glimer of hope for us. However SCGS lost their first round already, so they were out of the competition.

I don’t really remember what happened in between the second and third match. I think the usual debrief and stuff. Third round’s motion was “THBT Japan’s military should remain purely a defensive force”, we were prop against ACS I. Prep was a lot more frantic this time around, because even tze kai didn’t really know everything about this particuar topic. So he spent the first 10 – 15 mins reading a book to learn about it. Surprisingly I wasn’t as tired this time around, even though I still felt sick, I was basically running on adrenaline, because i really wanted to win this round so that we would break through the prelims. Even after the match was over, our seniors were all pretty certain that we’d won, not because we did well or anything, but basically we all felt (including me) that they conceded so much in their case. Unfortunately, the adjudicators didn’t share similar thoughts, and they ended up giving the match to ACS I. I forgot the reasons already, but it didn’t really matter. We were out of the competition, first time we didn’t break for NCS in quite a long time I think. I cried quite a lot that day. For various reasons that I’m too lazy to elaborate upon.

24 Feb (Yesterday):

Woke up early in the morning after cross country, movie, and studying the previous day. I wanted to go watch the semis and finals of NCS. Both tze kai and arianto didn’t want to go, so I ended up going with Charis. Who for some strange reason or another keeps on going to watch so many different tournaments, even though it was her ct week. I got no idea why, then again I wasn’t complaining, since at least I had someone to accompany me. Reached there relatively early, and we started studying for 30 mins (both of us brought our books of course) before she got invited to play bridge with the RI guys. After awhile longer of watching 4 people play a game which I have no idea how to play, the semis were finally starting. Went to watch The ACS I vs RI match, motion was something like “THW give terminally ill patients access to experimental drugs”, ACS prop RI op of course. The match was an OK one I guess. RI ended up winning and proceeded on to the finals, with Crawshaw getting best speaker. However, in my opinion it was quite a wrong judgement, because ACS obviously won that match. They had a much clearer stance (RI wanted “drug trials” in their policy for some reason, which really complicated their case as a whole), slightly more extensions, better arguments. Of course that’s just my opinion, and it doesn’t change anything. MGS won Nanyang in the other semi, so it was a RI vs MGS final.

In between the 2 matches, we went to eat lunch and study awhile longer before the RI guys were finally done with listening to the debrief and finally came down. So they ended up playing bridge again, while I studied my bio right next to them. Even the RI guy was surprised I was studying, then again, he doesn’t have prelims OR O levels. Still, they changed the game halfway through to Bluff so I ended up playing with them too, and pretty much neglected my bio for that period of time. However it was not long before the finals started. RI prop, MGS op, motion: “THW elect our judges”. This debate wasn’t really as good or interesting as the semis in my opinion. Both teams just got really mixed up and the debate was quite confusing after awhile. At the end, I thought that RI had bagged the trophy. But results weren’t announced until after the JC finals, and I was forced into watching it by Charis, because surprisingly she had never seen a JC debate before. JC finals were RJC prop vs HCJC op, and the motion was something along the lines of “THW stop Turkey from joining the European Union”. It ended up to be quite a waste of time for both of us, since neither of us really knew what was going on with Turkey and the EU. So she started studying her physics while I took out my bio book again and started studying during the match.

After JC finals were over, prize presentation occured not too long after. Considering how no one else from Cat High was there, I ended up being the only representative. First went up to collect our certificates of participation, then collected Arianto’s 5th best speaker of series, and tze kai’s 4th best speaker of series (their certs and medals). Some St nicks girl (forgot her name) got 3rd, Crawshaw got 2nd, and Debra (from SN again) got best speaker of series. Then, Rebecca (MGS) got best speaker of Finals, and MGS ended up winning NUS Challenge Shield 2007, with RI as runners up. As for the JC finals, HCJC won, with RJC being the runners up.

And so this is how NCS went this year. A totally unexciting tournament for cat high, but still, there’s still JGs for us.


NCS medals 4th (Tze Kai) and 5th (Arianto) Best Speaker of Series Medals

Certificate of Participation Our certificates of participation (All of them don’t have our names filled up for some strange reason)

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Just Follow Law

Just Follow Law (2007)

From wiki:
Directed by Jack Neo, the film takes a satirical look at the inflexibility of outdated governmental rules and regulations and the rigid mindsets of civil servants who follow rules to a fault, charming and delighting audiences with its humorous and perceptive insights.

After looking at the title of the film, and all the promotion that has been going on for it, I have been waiting to watch this show for a long time, hoping to be entertained. Walking in, I was hoping to see Jack Neo’s imagination run wild all over Singapore’s political system. Walking out, I was just disappointed.

It had a promising starting, showing how even laws like crossing the road were obediently abided by Singaporeans. But then the plot of the show just spiralled downhill all the way. The 2 main characters, a crude technician (Gurmit) and a law abiding department manager (Fann), basically just swapped bodies. Which is honestly pretty lame. Almost the whole show just portrayed how the 2 of them realised what they themselves were actually doing in their life when they could see it through an outsider’s point of view. Very little of it really portrayed red tape or law or that sort of things, which is the biggest letdown for me, as I was really hoping to see that theme constantly being portrayed in practically every single sentence in the film.

Although I have to say that the acting is quite good. Fann easily slipped into the personna of a crude, “Ah-Bengy” technician, while Gurmit just became a very docile female. None of it was really over exaggerated, and it proved to be quite funny for practically everyone in the cinema. It’s not often you see Fann searching for a male’s privates by digging into her pants and then, upon finding it absent, simply saying, “Nah Bei”. And Gurmit’s very “Ah-Guaish” acting fit in quite well I think. The humor was basically just the “in-your-face” type of humor, instead of sarcasm or satire, which is what I was hoping to see.

However, the parts that portrayed bureaucracy and the like in Singapore really cracked me up. From needing to write in to switch on the air-con, and then CC-ing it to another person, her boss, HR department, Finance department, etc. to a security guard putting a wheel clamp on a fire engine because it had parked in the VIP lot. These were really the more entertaining parts of the movie for me. However, such scenes are really too rare and few for a movie whose title is “Just Follow Law”

At the end, if you were to ask me which movie is most like this one, I’d have to pick “Freaky Friday”. For those of you who have never heard of it (I’m quite sure a huge number of you haven’t), it’s this lame “Made for TV” movie that is constantly being re-run on the Disney Channel. The basic plot is that a girl and her mother switch bodies, and they get to experience each other’s life first hand. That’s basically the main focus in this movie too, which is a really lame plot in my opinion. The only difference in the overall plot of “Just Follow Law” and “Freaky Friday” is that Gurmit and Fann don’t manage to change back unlike in “Freaky Friday”. But that’s basically it. The plot of the movie just really really really outright sucks. No doubt about it.

What’s going to save this movie (if you can really ignore the horrible plot) is it’s really “in-your-face” humor that is really quite funny at times, pretty good acting (though most characters just had to play the typical Singaporean role), and the rare moments when the film takes a satirical look at Singapore’s inflexible laws and its civil servants. Most importantly, many Singaporeans will be able to identify themselves with the characters of this film, it being a Singaporean production. However, I really doubt it’s going to be even a moderate success overseas.

In a nutshell: Bad plot and overall theme (has the words “Channel 8 Production” written all over it), but the acting, comedy and satire partially saved the film (for me at least)

Overall score: 6/10

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