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so I’m just blogging now to wish everyone a merry christmas and happy new year 🙂


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Finn FTW.

Can’t believe I actually went to bowl again… Then again nothing much else for me to do (except probably stay at home and play Devil May Cry). Woke up late again so couldn’t go back to school to help the juniors out… They keep holding training in the morning, and my biological clock for the holis is to fall asleep at 4am and wake up at 11+ (I’ve slept till 2pm once recently :/).

Anyway, bowled like shit as usual (I’m just not a bowler), then enjoyed pool A LOT more (:D), then LAN with alvin, nich, KX, yu hung was not bad. (while poor collin had to sit out of LAN or else he’d get giddy from CS). Turns out my CS skills haven’t got TOO rusty, maybe I should start playing again… Alvin kept getting pwned by a bot (the ultimate embarrassment in CS, especially since it was only a Normal bot) named Finn, hence the title.

Anyway, I can’t wait for tomorrow so that I can continue playing Devil May Cry. I’m only 8 missions into the first game (which is 6 years old btw) and I’m already crazy about it…

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how monotonous.

I wake up at around 11 or 12 everyday nowadays, go play the piano for maybe an hour, then I just stick to my computer for the rest of the day until I sleep at around 2 or 3am. That’s basically my daily routine, with a few exceptions like yesterday when I went for the GA1 gathering. Less than 10 ppl showed up… some gathering. Had lunch at the Village, then watched Hitman (wasn’t as good as it coulda been) before going for dinner and talking cock till like 9. At least I got to play a few rounds of CoD4 when I got home.

Anyway, I’m busy gaming practically all day long, either that or doing random stuff online. Oh and my Razer Diamondback is completely screwed up now, the side buttons aren’t working properly. Must be ’cause of the years of neglect.

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Ok, I’ve realised that it’s impossible to find proper sheet music for contemporary pop songs at the durian. The only decent sheet music you can find are those of classical music, which I’m honestly bored of already. Then the pop songs I found were either too simple (ie. sounded boring) or sounded plain weird. Ah well, back to the internet for decent arrangements, I mean, they’ve even managed to get Numb to sound pretty good…

back to bleach for now I guess… hungry btw.. 😦

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Title makes no sense? That’s cuz the RGS play really did make zero sense, which is probably what made it so damn hilarious.

Was too lazy to blog last night (with Bleach beckoning to me) but I finally got out of my house (my kave if you want) to go have dinner at orchard with a few GA1 ppl (or rather celine, victor, jerrold, cindy and me were eating while chrys and ely decided to just stare at our food.. must be on a diet or something…) before heading out to RGS for the play Naomi was acting in. The play itself had next to zero plot (or rather there was SoMe plot in the middle, but the ending made practically no sense) but it was hilarious throughout (SO COOL) what with street fighter scenes (SO COOL) and lines that were completely made up (No Kyrgyzstan) (SO COOL). If only it made a little more sense (NOT COOL, NOT COOL)

oh and song slapped alfred’s ass during the intermission, then decided to slap victor’s ass later on and go “your ass isn’t as hard as alfred’s”… wth.

Couldn’t go for supper after the play (but gay walking was fun enough huh ely?). Train ride back to the kave home was fairly uneventful (thank goodness song got off at bishan). ended up sleeping at 3.30 (thanks to bleach) which would account for this stupid running nose now. Unfortunately can’t go to vjc in this state, it’ll just get worse. Hope jun hui, manfred and whichever sec 3/2 is with them now are doing well. Good luck guys.

Alright, back to episode 49 of bleach (take it easy on me, i just started episode 1 two days ago!)

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