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Well, I just officially became a writer over at Darkzero.co.uk, but it’s a non-paying “gig”, but still a pretty fun experience to be part of a game site. I mean I’d love to belong to any blog network, but seeing as how games is probably the area I’m most familiar with and thus the area in which I can talk the most cock about, it’s a pretty suitable thing for me to do to pass time.

Well, now it means I’m writing on 4 different sites.

  1. This blog
  2. My other personal blog, link is on the right sidebar
  3. College blog
  4. DarkZero

Somehow I’m barely managing, but my other personal blog even managed to break through the 4 million mark on alexa.com 🙂 Which means my site is now the 3,601,154 most frequently visited site on the internet 🙂 Not bad for a personal blog that receives no advertising whatsoever after just a few short months. My visitor spike after getting featured on the front page of N4G definitely helped 🙂

Alas, school starts tomorrow and we’ll see how good I am at juggling so much stuff to do. Well, for the first time in years ever I’m not dreading going back to school that much.

We’ll see how it goes 🙂

Oh and went out with Excelerate Clic group today, finally after almost a year, we managed to use our Jack’s place voucher and spent 2 bucks on a meal at Jack’s place. Ha. Cheer competition we went to watch for awhile after that near Zouk was pretty cool as well.


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